Lee Jong Seok Surprises Kim Woo Bin at His Fan Meeting Birthday Celebration

I love a good bromance, even better if the two dudes are both faves of mine. That’s the case now with super best buddies Lee Jong Seok and Kim Woo Bin, the two meeting on the set of School 2013 and not being shy with showing their affection for each other. Even the slightest sliver of shipper-dom for these two got an extra dose of cold water recently, with news that Kim Woo Bin is dating Shin Mina, on top of the earlier rumor that Lee Jong Seok maybe is dating Park Shin Hye.

Lee Jong Seok made a special visit to Kim Woo Bin’s fan meeting/birthday party this past weekend, returning the love from last year when Kim Woo Bin crashed Lee Jong Seok’s fan meeting. If these two keep this going then they might as well hold joint fan meetings, right? Two for the price of one with these two is a bargain, though I wonder how many are joints fans of both like me. Woo Bin is a tad dressed down for my taste, not to mention that hat must go, but Jong Seok looks perfectly adorable with the simple white button down and black slacks combo.


Lee Jong Seok Surprises Kim Woo Bin at His Fan Meeting Birthday Celebration — 18 Comments

  1. Plot Twist: Kim woobin and Lee jong seok are dating. News about Woobin and Mina are dating is just a covered up. lol

  2. I remember someone said, LJS doesn’t look good these days bc he doesn’t pay attention to his appearance during his break. but he looks much better with his Fuller face and his body Looks quite fine. or is it just me?

  3. I thought they met even before School 2013?… I am also a fan of both. Actually I felt LJS (though looking handsome) could’ve worn more casual instead of shirt/slack… seemed like a fun atmosphere!

  4. Anyone heard of rumor that LJS and PSH are in a contract relationship like 50 Shades Of Grey? That is why they didn’t confirm lmao

  5. It’s so sweet that they became such close friends after that drama, they can date/break up with anyone else, but friendship is for life I say!

    (that said, as a friend I urge Jongsuk to burn that thing sitting on Woobin’s head. I remember Tablo of Epik High saying he wore hats like those to look taller, but Kim Woo Bin is 6’2″ already, he doesn’t need that stupid hat to look taller!)

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