Lee Min Ho Becomes the Face of Korean Tourism to Help the Country Rebound After MERS

Leave it to the Korean Tourism Bureau to make lemonade out of lemons. The country was saddled with a major tourism blemish two months ago when a sudden outbreak of the contagious disease MERS unexpectedly hit. The outbreak was contained and this week the nation’s heath authorities officially declared the MERS crisis over, and what better way to open the doors for visitors than with a brand spanking new tourism campaign featuring Hallyu star Lee Min Ho.

I find the selection of Lee Min Ho as the face of South Korean tourism a perfect choice, he’s basically in the same spot Bae Yong Joon was in a decade ago, wildly popular overseas which makes him better suited to lure tourists than shilling for the domestic audience. I wish the first pictures from the campaign showed more of South Korea’s beautiful and fun sights rather than focusing on Lee Min Ho, but then again, maybe the subtext is that visitors to Korea has an chance of bumping into Lee Min Ho?


Lee Min Ho Becomes the Face of Korean Tourism to Help the Country Rebound After MERS — 28 Comments

  1. Even though I’m not fan of his dramas but I must say he’s the one that match with what Korea wants to get back their tourists. However, Korea government should thanks to idols which give income extremely higher than any korean actors/ actress combined. With or without MERS, there are still a lot of people come to Korea just wanna see their oppas and unnies dancing and singing. This is one of the reason why I feel unfair how korean treat idols just like trashy job in their society.

  2. Ahh so pretty! Yup he is perfect choice to attract visitors. They should have chosen Park Shin Hye also as a female representative. btw where’s she hiding since dating rumors?

  3. he sure is handsome, perfect guy for this, i like how even the government thinks very highly of him,overall he seems to be a very good person,so good you Min Ho.
    As for the focus, you should watch the AD, there wasn’t that much of him,mostly the famous spots of S. Korea

  4. I must be a weirdo then because I actually like LMH’s hair on him, and I’m not even a fan. He looks fresh and sweet so I dunno… I like it!

  5. I like the hair too… No other comes close when it comes to international appeal. The Korean tourism must have gone studies and proper deliberations as to who is the most fit to represent their country. I agree to some saying that he looks like a “crown prince.” ?

  6. Face of Korea? lol, come on. There is a different story between face of Korea and face of Korea Tourism Organisation only. KTO must have been so desperate that they had to choose this pretty womanly long-legged oppa to promote Korea’s tourism. They couldn’t choose, lets say, KSH cos this guy was once ambassador of KTO in 2012. They couldn’t choose Jun ji hyun cos this actress was chosen last year. Other hallyu stars like KWB, LJS ect are not that big overseas to be chosen. So they ended up with this puppy. Never ever have I found South Korea this feminine before.

    • What your purpose for saying that? Korea can choose whoever they want to represent their country. Let say kim soo hyun and jun ji hyun already being the representative, the next year they will pick another actors or actresses like lee min ho for this year. The other actor you mention like lee jong suk, isn’t he more feminine looking? Don’t get your hate towards a feminine looking guy..

    • who is kim soo hyun??
      Lee Min Ho is most famous korean actor..his weibo almost 28 million n his facebook almost 17 million..

      • Well you surely are a KSH fan who is bitter …tsk tsk .whycan’t you just be happy for the guy. If ever you’re guy was chosen I wil be holy for him too , but sadly (for you) he is not.

  7. coincidentally I just watch city hunter for the 5 times maybe..I don’t mind the hair but as I watch it last night, I was reminded why he is such a hottie and I was thinking how did he transfer from city hunter to be Kim Tan ..it’s like a
    backward..and I haven’t watch Gangnam Blues..

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