Ji Chang Wook Sends Love Call to Yoo Ah In to Work Together, Yoo Ah In Responds in Kind

This might be a potential awesome onscreen pairing waiting to happen, and even if it doesn’t come to fruition is still too cute not to share. Yoon Ah In has been promoting his new movie Veteran on the media circuit and in a recent segment of Entertainment Relay, he was told that Ji Chang Wook specifically named-checked Yoo Ah In when he was on this show as the actor he wants to work with because he’s sees Yoo Ah In as a great young actor. The interviewer showed Yoo Ah In the video clip recorded by Ji Chang Wook sending him a let’s work together love call, and Yoo Ah In returned the overture with his own video response. Yoo Ah In thanked Ji Chang Wook for the compliment and expressed the same sentiment of wanting to work with Ji Chang Wook. He teasingly complimented Ji Chang Wook for being such a popular Hallyu actor now and if they get to work together then Yoo Ah In will liked to be carried along by Ji Chang Wook’s popularity. LOL, I think it’s double the fandom love boys!

I’m super onboard making this happen because I liked both actors and find them immensely talented of the type to get better when working with equally acting intense actors. Yoo Ah In definitely has a more thriving Chungmuro movie career than Ji Chang Wook, who has been gaining a lot more popularity through dramas the last few years. That’s why I’m rooting for a movie, one whether they play besties or cop/serial killer, either way it’ll be tons of fun to watch them match acting chops and make each other better along the way. It’s also really nice to see famous actors behaving like star struck fanboys, or in Ji Chang Wook’s case he’s just super impressed with Yoo Ah In’s acting and wants to work with him.


Ji Chang Wook Sends Love Call to Yoo Ah In to Work Together, Yoo Ah In Responds in Kind — 11 Comments

    • Agree! “Two talented actors” as the large print. “No female lead necessary” as the fine print on the bottom.

      • Add me in to the agreement party! I want them both and I want them both NOW!! (No female lead necessary, of course.)

  1. With the recent trend, what if they act as brothers who get separated from their small age, and one evolves to be a profiler and the other a murderer?

    …. A lot like a recent drama you say? Hmmmmmm…..

  2. Both are good with modern and saguek type material. It would be great to have both in an ensemble piece for sure. Love both actors.

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