KeyEast Rookies Get Their Early Spotlight in BNT Pictorial

KeyEast Entertainment remains best known for two things, having Hallyu superstar veteran Bae Yong Joon as the founder and president, and being the agency of current Hallyu superstar Kim Soo Hyun. The agency actually has a sizable stable of actors and actresses outside of the blanket star power of Kim Soo Hyun along, rising actors Park Seo Joon and Lee Hyun Woo are among a handful of really promising talent are in the agency as well. Bae Yong Joon has proven himself to be a very savvy agency president, and having popular current talent doesn’t mean he can rest on his laurels and not pave the path for the next wave. In the latest issue of BNT International, ten of the current crop of KeyEast rookie actors and actresses are featured in a casual cheerful spread, clearly with the intention of getting their faces out there and hoping the public sees something they like.


KeyEast Rookies Get Their Early Spotlight in BNT Pictorial — 16 Comments

  1. one male is from school 2013, i don’t know his character name.. he acted
    with lee yi kyung as a bad guy at the beginning, then became good in the end..

  2. Second solo pic of the girls is Jin Hyewon, former idol member of Co-ed and f-ve dolls. Nice to see she moved up from her former agency.

  3. Bae young joon should be a role model for celebrities about how to plan ahead for rainy days. Clearly he knew that popularity won’t last forever, so he diversified, and explored other options of making money

  4. They all they have the same shaped nose?

    Still, nice pictorial. And as a commenter said above, I admire Bae Young Joons career path. With his kind of popularity, it was better to choose when to step out of the spotlight instead of waiting for his career to diminish.

    • In regards to the nose shapes, Key East probably gets one of those ‘buy two, get third one free’ deals from the plastic surgeons.

  5. People in this pictorial seem the same. Like, their faces have the same shape. The features are similar, it’s hard to differentiate each other. Bae Yong Joon surely has eyes for talent, he hits jackpot with Kim Soo Hyun. Given he stays since Dream High, they must have treated him very nicely.

    • and they resemble they senior such as park seo joon, i mean.. some looks like him.

      he’s like a diamond and will get bright and bright. he’s only 27 this year and already on top. i think, keyeast has a lot of good actors.

    • From what i can see, keyeast eyeing child actor to be their talent. So they have many talented actors n actresses like kim soo hyun and lee hyun woo. Both are very talented and they have been with keyeast since they still a child actors. Whoever company got talent like yeo jin go, kim so hyun and kim yo jung , there are very lucky. Three of them already have fanbase eventho they justa child actors n actresses

      • Kim So Hyun, Kim Yoo Jung, Kim Woo Bin, Jang Hyuk, Lee YooBi are all in Sidus HQ. Having Kim So Hyun and Kim Yoo Jung is really a huge success for Sidus along with Kim Woo Bin.

  6. the first girl in the solo pic looks like Lee Da In, sister of Lee Yoo Bi. I wonder if she’ll get as much hate as her sister once she starts booking more roles?

    I found her very charming in her web drama with B2ST’s Kikwang but I have no patience with MBC weekend dramas to see how she’s doing in the current one.

    • This Lee Yoo Bi online hating campaign baffles me, its one thing to criticize acting which she does fine(I’ve seen worst from the so called beloved idol actresses and compared to that she does more than fine) and another thing to bash a sweet girl with so much hate. Anyway, this is a fresh looking batch of rookies but I wonder how they will do acting wise.

  7. i do really think keyeast got eye on searching for talent and turn them into hallyu stars. And he treats them well from the beginning, so that’s why most of them didn’t change into another company. (kim soo hyun, lee hyun woo, park seo joon, kim hyun joong, joo ji hoon) He was there through their thick and thin (offer joo ji hoon even after drug scandal, protect kim hyun joong about his abuse case)He knows clearly star material. Btw, i predict that guy for 5th pic gonna be big.Plus, i know from beginning park seo joon would start be famous ever since that lackluster dream high 2(he should be the main lead like kim soo hyun at first) and bang yong guk mv i remember.He got star material.

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