Kim Go Eun and Nam Joo Hyuk Join Park Hae Jin in Cheese in the Trap

One casting was confirmed last week and the other just dropped, but since I didn’t get around to writing about the former then it’s more efficient to just lump it with the latter for the purpose of this post. Upcoming tvN drama Cheese in the Trap gets more mouse in its clutches with the addition of a leading lady in Kim Go Eun and supporting actor with Nam Joo Hyuk recently of Who Are You: School 2015¬†joining long confirmed male lead Park Hae Jin.

Movie actress Kim Go Eun will make her drama debut as leading lady Hong Seol, a character that fans of the webtoon talk about as if it’s impossible to portray correctly unless said actress has Baeksang quality acting chops. We’ll see about that, but at least the fans are allayed with Kim Go Eun’s casting, one that she initially turned down only to be persuaded by the production to accept. It totally sounds like the casting of Shim Eun Kyung as the female lead of Tomorrow’s Cantabile, doesn’t it? I have solid hopes for Cheese so I hope the writing lives up to the acting caliber.

I’m going out on a limb and admit that I like Nam Joo Hyuk thanks to his turn in School 2015, a performance that paled in comparison to his other leads Kim So Hyun and Yook Sang Jae, but nevertheless was very endearing and pleasant to watch for me. He has his own charms and I felt it, even if his acting is quite raw still. For Cheese in the Trap, his role is not as the second male lead but as a supporting character who is the leading lady’s hoobae in college. His character is described as tall and strapping, with a very cute talking style, but when push comes to shove is as reliable as any man should aspire to be. So far Cheese in the Trap is three for three in picking cast members I like to watch onscreen, so please keep the great casting streak going in filling out the second male and female leads.


Kim Go Eun and Nam Joo Hyuk Join Park Hae Jin in Cheese in the Trap — 16 Comments

  1. i confess i’ve been stalking him since WAY2015 and i find him a sincere and hard working person. although i know his acting has along way to , but i see the potential. glad he picked this drama as supporting role coz it good for him to improve his acting while not feeling too burden.

  2. I’m glad to hear about more casting decisions! And the character description for the hoobae is spot on and I believe the acting can deliver. But I too worry about the writing but more so I’m curious of how they will translate it into an action drama. Like how they will manage the flashbacks? Will we get one big long flashback or just quick teases like in the webtoon? I feel that there are just so many possibilities that the director and writer can take and still have it be true to the original. I’m really excited to see how it all comes together!!

  3. I wish School was his breakthrough drama since it was his first leading role but Sungjae stole his thunder with that one. Not that I’m complaining since Sungjae owned his role but it made me feel bad for him. Glad he decided to go back playing supporting role & polish his acting skills. Practice makes perfect after all

  4. At least CiTT is not being adapted by Group 8 (of Boys over Flowers/Playful Kiss/Cantabile hot mess fame)

    Nam Joo Hyuk’s acting sucks but the role is supporting only so at least that is tolerable. Kim Go Eun is really good though. And she is Baeksang-worthy acting talent as seen in her movies, which required more complex acting than just being some pretty first love role and then getting a lot of cfs.

      • Cant wait to see who the rest of the cast will be~ Especially Bora. Im reading the webtoon and shipping these Bora and EunTaek already

  5. NJH Is totally charming and cute. His acting wasn’t great in SP, but he was just so adorable as Big. This role sounds really perfect for him from what I’ve read about the character. Good thing he’s doing supporting roles as well.

  6. Think he will be absolutely adorable in the role. The character itself is cute and endearing much like his last role. Continue to look forward to this one.

  7. I don’t get why people say they trust the Coffee Prince PD. Coffee Prince was your run of the mill rom com, just with lovable leads, so I doubt his directing will be all that great. Seems like the broadcast delay says the same thing.

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