Lee Jong Seok and Jung Yong Hwa to Guest on Happy Camp Episodes Set in Busan Korea


The Korean cross-over into Chinese entertainment projects has fully hit the trifecta of movies, dramas, and even variety shows. With Yoon Eun Hye doing the fashion program Muse Dress 2 (The Goddess’s New Outfit), that caps a long two years worth of Korean entertainers going on Chinese variety programs as guests, to promote their latest project, or just to keep on expanding their name and face recognition in that huge market. Chinese variety has also been nonstop licensing Korean variety programs for official remakes, with so many I’ve lost count but the most high profile has been the Chinese version of Running Man called Hurry Up, Brother.

The Chinese version of Running Man actually filmed multiple episodes in Korea, which makes sense to introduce the new version with familiar faces from the Korean Running Man cast. Now popular and long-running Chinese variety show Happy Camp is taking a page from the RM play book and heading over to Korea for a multiple episode arc. The show is doing a Busan special, sending two of the hosts Hito and Wu Xin to Busan for a location shoot. The show has confirmed that two popular young Hallyu stars will be guests on the Busan special – former Happy Camp-er Jung Yong Hwa of CNBlue and actor-model Lee Jong Seok. While Jung Yong Hwa is a Busan boy introducing his hometown, it’ll be entertaining to see what Lee Jong Seok brings to the table since he’s from Gyeonggi-do up North.

The episodes have already been filmed, with the post topping picture showing Lee Jong Seok with the two Happy Camp hosts, while the pictures above are official stills from Jung Yong Hwa’s Busan led expedition. The episodes will air on Hunan TV’s Happy Camp next month in September.


Lee Jong Seok and Jung Yong Hwa to Guest on Happy Camp Episodes Set in Busan Korea — 28 Comments

    • lmao… can’t wait. If PSH and YG are really just friends, then they’ll be friendly and get along fine, if they don’t, then I guess he is a ex-bf now…

      • Lol, I think Yh isn’t SH ex b/f. If it is true, I don’t think one of 2 will accept to join the show, though they r professional, both Js n YH is still human, they can’t hide their feeling. And SH is still support YH now, go to his program, FNC concert, high five in Beaksang. Somehow, I guess YH, and maybe JS use this chance to clarify the Relationship between YH and SH. And fans is really overacting at all.

      • same here! the fact that she didnt say anything about that simply means case closed

      • If you believe psh’statement then you will believe that she ever said she will keep not going public even yes she is dating that person

    • Only their shippers are under the delusion that yonghwa and shinhye dated. How can she date him when she only get so much hate everytime she is associated with him?

  1. the same day Lee Jong Suk and Jung Yong Hwa filming Happy Camp in Busan… Park Shin Hye also in Busan for CF filming.
    it’s so funny if you follow the shipping fans twitter

  2. I’m sure Yonghwa and PSH never dated, if not they wouldn’t agree doing this show together. Shinhye was in Busan that day too. They seems to really love traveling together, from Thailand, London, Hawaii and now Busan.

  3. Wah can’t wait!!!
    Lol guys if you follow jongsuk and shinhye shipper forum (of course dispatch), they are obviously dating, lmao…with shinye’s appearance in busan also it shows that the dating ‘scandal’ didn’t affect her…she doesn’t care if dispatch will attack them again..seem that they are ready to admit it?
    For yonghwa..I don’t know..if yes he was her bf, it’s good then because it means jongsuk and yonghwa are so professiinal

  4. it is funny that when you follow accounts you will know that shinhye and jongsuk are happily dating. if only i can post photos here. i have some taken by saesangs

  5. @pull
    Yes, pls upload it on imgur/photobucket/twitter.
    Or maybe you can sign up at soompi forum, there’s shipper thread. Lol

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