First Intriguing Preview for Attack on Titan Web Dorama Featuring Ishihara Satomi’s Character Hans

Hallyu may have hit the US stage this past weekend with yet another installment of KCON, over in Japan this was theĀ opening weekend for home grown monster battling apocalyptic adventure movie Attack on Titan. An adaptation of the popular shonen manga of the same name, with already a wildly popular anime season 1 under its belt, the live-action movie has huge expectation and excitement shoes to fill and I’m waiting to get a smorgasboard of reviews to decide how the domestic audience reacted to the flick. The movie released this weekend was also only part 1, with part 2 coming next month as a one-two punch.

In between will be a short movie caliber webisode series called Attack on Titan: Beacon for Counterattack with the headlining character of Hans Zoe played by Ishihara Satomi. Intended as laying additional foundational background, the webisode series follows Hans and her fellow soldiers during the period of the development of the vertical maneuvering equipment after her scientific team captures a titan and does research on its weaknesses to create the ideal weapon. The first preview is out for the webisodes and actually looks even more interesting than the action-heavy movie trailers – the mythology is dense in the AoT universe plus I do love great pathos-building backstory features. The web dorama streams over DTV starting on August 15th.

Preview for webisodes of Attack on Titan: Beacon for Counterattack:


First Intriguing Preview for Attack on Titan Web Dorama Featuring Ishihara Satomi’s Character Hans — 4 Comments

  1. Hmm you’re right it looks more polished somehow.

    I don’t know the source material but this trailer gives me more feels than the movies. It seems the captured Titan is crying… Does that mean they have emotions too or something? I imagine that would make the conflict more complex than just “find a way to kill the giant evils”.

  2. I did not realize the Titans had tear ducts…..Hans is one of my favs from the anime so this series will be checked out. She built gigantic Titans for fighting…each other. Anyway, this looks good.

  3. Hilariously the director has been having hissy fits at critics that have reviewed the movie. One critic even said can’t the titan just eat the kids so that the movie would end.
    Satomi’s Hans has been so over the top that apparently she’s the only highlight of the movie.

  4. Koala,

    Previously I couldn’t copy and paste your content. It annoyed me because sometimes I wanted to google an actor/actress that you mentioned and I had to manually type the names out. But I understood keeping your content safe from moochers. Just wanted to let you know in case the change wasn’t intentional!

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