Choi Ji Woo is a Cute Co-ed in Drama Posters and Filming BTS for Second Time Twenty Years Old

Green is a color best associated with concepts of life, renewal, and positive energy, so what better way to promote upcoming ahjumma returning to college drama Second Time Twenty Years Old than with a background of a rich green lawn. I wouldn’t say tvN is impressive or original with the official drama posters, nor is it visually stunning enough to call it eye-catching, but what it does right is impart a warm happy vibe to the viewer.

Whether it’s leading lady Cho Ji Woo‘s charming smile, casual laying on the grass form, or still beautiful looks that don’t scream 39 years old (in the drama) but rather “still got it who cares what her age is” vibe, I find myself smiling at the posters while getting more excited about watching her story unfold. Choi Ji Woo’s character got pregnant in her final year of high school so got married and had a kid instead of going to college with her peers. When her son grows up and becomes college bound, she decides to restart her life at the same spot and gets accepted to the same college to become his classmate.

The drama is described as funny and warm, dealing with the foibles and hijinks as a 39 year old ahjumma with a lot of family life experience but veritably limited social interactions hangs out with college classmates 20 years younger than her. Not to mention her hoity toity husband is a professor at the same college, and her high school classmate who used to have a crush on her is also a fellow professor.

Adorable Filming BTS of Second Time Twenty Again:


Choi Ji Woo is a Cute Co-ed in Drama Posters and Filming BTS for Second Time Twenty Years Old — 3 Comments

  1. I get a Soulmates vibe from those posters – I think Soulmates was the first to use the lying on the grass theme, although in Soulmates everyone was unclothed so my guess is the comedy here will be a bit less earthy 😉
    I have to admit, I am looking forward to a college comedy, as next week we take daughter #2 off to college for the first time. I will need some laughs to cheer me up!

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