Ha Ji Won Denies Rumors that She’s Dating TW-actor Bolin Chen

This news is totally an “excuse me but come again?” reaction goldmine, but also may have a secondary benefit of assuaging the disappointed and/or angry feelings of certain drama fans watching a K-drama remake of a popular TW-drama. Korean and Chinese news is off with a bang this Monday with reports that K-actress Ha Ji Won is categorically denying rumors that she’s dating Taiwanese actor Bolin Chen, with whom she is starring with in an upcoming C-movie. For those who didn’t even hear of the so-called rumors until hearing of this denial, go ahead and have a moment to take it all in.

Yes, Ha Ji Won, who is currently starring as the female lead of The Time I Loved You, the K-remake of TW-drama In Time With You, is denying that she’s dating in real life Bolin Chen, who of course is best known as the male lead of In Time With You. The dating rumors have been percolating for a few weeks now and actually didn’t materialize out of thin air as some sort of fan fantasy. Bolin recently signed with the same Korean agency as Ha Ji Won for his foray in Korea, while she signed with the same agency in China that reps Bolin for her entry into the Chinese entertainment pool. In addition, Ha Ji Won and Bolin have been spotted posting updates to their respective SNS accounts that are eerily similar in topic and shot selection. Take a look for yourself below.

Sure, Ha Ji Won and Bolin could both love their cats and tend to pose the same way in doing cat selfies. I’ll have to defer to the cat lovers out there. They also like glowing planets and shots of the solar system and that could just mean they are enamored of the vast universe beyond our little Earthly existence. And who doesn’t love Gustav Klimt, right? Too bad Ha Ji Won is denying the rumors since it would be insane, ridiculous, perfect meta moment if the K-version of Chen You Qing ended up dating the TW-version of Li Da Ren.

C’mon people, it’s not like the TW-version of Chen You Qing the married Ariel Lin ever did or will have anything going on with Bolin, but imagining super intense gorgeous Bolin with incredibly awesome and charismatic Ha Ji Won makes me happy as a loon. As of now she’s denying it so chalk this one up to either (1) a series of coincidences that are just that, or (2) they are totally dating but won’t admit it. If it’s the latter then the C-netizens will be happy to snatch a Korean goddess over to the Chinese side after losing Tang Wei and Crystal Liu in rapid succession to the oppas.


Ha Ji Won Denies Rumors that She’s Dating TW-actor Bolin Chen — 41 Comments

    • sadly although I approve as well…the article is misleading. Those pictures were not posted in succession but a long period from each other.

      Like the last two pictures were a year apart.

  1. They are so totally dating! Even if they are not, they must be “very close friends” who share the same interests…hehe.

  2. As much as I like this pairing (sorry Binnie, but please get a move on it, if not I’m totally fine with her and Bolin), the posts are totally coincidental. They posted the pics soooooo far apart from each other you can’t even count them as “something more”. I’m pretty sure I’ve got A LOT of pics on my IG that are similar to pics found on a lot of other people’s accounts.

  3. Wow those are super similar that I’m doubting HJW’s claim lol. But the dates they are posted matters too. They’ll be gorgeous together if it’s true though. Love them both so I’d be thrilled if this was true!

  4. man there just too many similar between these two. there might be a big chance that they both dating in real life. what are the odd of him singing with HJW company and her singing with his company in taiwon. if they not dating.

    HJW is getting old like SSH so she might want to start dating like him.

    if this rumor turn out to be true then c-net might not be as mad cuz they got a beauty in HJW.

  5. not only those things, but Ha Ji Won and Chen Bolin shared the same interest like Audrey Hepburn, Castle in the sky, Luffy (One peace) and more… Too many coincidencesss

  6. check the dates, and you will know it is really just a coincidence. The posting date matters, the date is so far apart, some of them are even as far as a year. HJW’s agency is also very firm in denying this.

    • the way she/him sign with each other company is way too odd. so chance of them dating in real life is very high. as for denying. their company might want to keep it secret till they both closed to getting married or got photoshot like SSH/LYF.till then there no reason to not lie if their no photo of them getting in a car togther.

    • I think it’s not just the dates matter. The number of coincidences too. Add the fact that she chose ITWY remake and will make a movie with him plus signed on their respective agencies. You can also sense in her interview on Hallyu World that there is something there. Too bad, they denied it.

  7. wow, this news seems so hilariously random I sort of want it to be truth. They’d be gorgeous together (mostly cause they’re gorgeous individually). But, well, if they’re denying it, that’s all there’s to it I guess.

  8. The pics they posted are way to similar that even if they are not dated the same or near, I feel like they could be soulmates. Though that is just wishful thinking on my side cause i super super super love both, Bolen Chen is probably my fave of faves in TW while JiWon unni is in my top 5 faves for K-celebs….
    And even if they are not dating, this could be the case like Yoon Kyesang and Honey Lee where they started dating after the scandal broke out, especially since it ms pretty obvious that they have so much i common and could definitely makes gorgeous and awesonetastic babies together…

  9. If they are dating, then I hope they’re happy. I’m much more interested in Chen Bolin than HJW anyway, he comes across as all kinds of interesting and cool. So if he likes what he sees in her on ap eronal level, then I wish them well.

    As for “assuaging the disappointed and/or angry feelings of certain drama fans watching a K-drama remake of a popular TW-drama” I suspect that most of those who, like me, were “disappointed and/or angry” took the sensible step of NOT watching it, at least after its awful aegyo OD first 2 episodes. Its abysmal ratings suggest that is likely.

    I wish it were true. These two hotties would be awesome together. My shipping brain is going bonkers.

    • How so? They both denied it, if they were trying to rival ssh/lyf (which imo very immature and most unlikely as they are in their 30s), they would have confirmed it.

    • @moneymo Who the f… is ssh/lyf? Lol.. I don’t even know those people and i don’t give a f… about them. Stop bringing up names of irrelevant people to an article about a Top-notch A-list superstar actress like Ha Ji Won.

      • @thetruthhurts You’re embarrassing fellow HJW fans and herself. SSH/LYF = Song Seung Hun and Liu Yifei (Crystal Liu). Far from irrelevant people…

      • @Wendy I don’t really know those people. Just saying the truth. and mentioning names of people not related to this article is inappropriate and quite frankly stupid. Plus, moneymo is a loser that posts made up comments and BS in all Ha Ji Won related articles. He’s obviously a delusional retard who’s jealous and envious of Ha Ji Won’s achievements.

      • @TheTruthHurts FYI Crystal Liu is mentioned in the last line of this blog. People talked about them in this article, because some fans, especially C-Netz, may like it as a “fair trade”. I agree with @Wendy though.

    • I noticed @moneymo that everytime HJW has an article in here, he/she’ll always say something bad or always giving a nonsense comment to HJW… as saying goes haters gonna hate 🙂

  11. I don’t think they’re dating. Ha Ji Won seems not the type of lady that could be so easily fall for someone. I don’t know. But every time I see her, something feeling ‘cold’ towards guys even though she’s so friendly and believe it or not she has a lot aegyo. She has very ‘clean image’ and no dating scandal at all for years. How it could possible? I don’t know how she can maintain where she continuously act with handsome guys. I read somewhere that she wants to act with Gong Yoo and T.O.P. When they received an award about taxes (if I’m not wrong), I was thinking Ha Ji Won may have a bit crush on Gong Yoo. Or that was just my delusion.

    • It’s not that she is cold, she’s just extra shy + workaholic. So she’s rather focuse on work than paying attention to her male co-stars in a romantic way. Besides, she’s clueless when it comes to love, she can’t guess someone likes her unless he confesses to her.

      • All of you so naive, Ha Ji Won is shy type with guy? now I know the age of Ha JI Won fans. No wonder all we see, HjW the best, the amazing bla bla without knowing what so amazing is all about.

      • @Seoung desp Considering HJW has NEVER EVER been caught dating or had any serious dating rumours (aka rumours from trustworthy sources) after 18 years in the industry, I’m pretty sure she isn’t lying. One can’t pretend for so long. But sure, go ahead and believe what you want to believe.

  12. OMG!Hallyu Queen Ha Ji Won rumored to be dating Taiwanese actor Chen Bolin? Both have signed in the same agencies in Korea and China. They post the exact same photos in their in social media accounts. And They’re both going to star in a Daebak movie soon. So many similarities! OMO! If this is true, I would force myself to like Bolin even though i ship her with other more worthy guys because that’s how much i love THE Amazing Ha Ji Won! Lol.. Chen Bolin you are one lucky guy! Ha Ji Won is a highly respected Top-notch A-list actress and Majority of the male celebs declare her as their ideal type.

    • Do you read knet comments, it’s obvious she wants to make it obvious, but denied it. How you interpret that as not publicity.

  13. if this is true… Im okay with it. They might look like a cute couple. But I still ship Ha Ji won with Jo In Sung. heh

  14. ha,few years ago I read too many rumors for HJW dating her “Secret Garden” co star HB I was convinced those two were dating . I like her as an actress but not a fan of hers but if rumors are true this time I have to say she has a good taste and… Go girl have fun .

  15. just wait till the media caught them together. knowing K&C media it wont take long. unless they both talk on the phone only. there just no way they both dont date. with all the thing they both do.

    i wonder how HB is react to this new since she use to date him.

  16. I would LOVE this to be true. Holy beautiful babies.

    Isn’t it time for HJW to have some fun freely instead of having to hide? I don’t know if she is, but she IS human. She must be attracted to people.

    He reminds me so much of Gong Yu, it makes me ask did HJW and GY ever appear together in anything? CF? Video?

  17. Oh, they’d be beautiful together! That said, I was secretly shipping HJW with LJW since the latter’s crush is super obvious & adorable. Another coincidence, LJW will be co-starring with HJW & Bolin in their C-movie.

  18. Supposedly she thought HB needed to mature, I guess that is where the Army comes into play. I thought they were dating….but what do I know. Heck I thought the lead follow in Healer liked her? They seemed pretty chummy, he even indicated she was his ideal woman. How bout that for a rumor…yeppers we could have a lot of fun with this.

    She has never been one of my favorites…I do wish her well though.

    • pretty sure HJW/HB date before. if not why would HB left SHK.

      if i were HB i might try to date SHK again. that if she still single.

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