Hans Zhang Publicly Confirms His Romance with Leading Lady Gu Li Na Zha with a Kissing Picture

It used to be that stars denied relationship rumors to the death, even in the face of photographic evidence to the contrary. The last few years has seen a seismic shift with Chinese and Taiwanese stars admitting to relationships and even outing themselves. The advent of social media likely makes it even harder to keep romance away from the public eye when the public is everyone and armed with a cell phone camera, so I think it’s smart for the stars to control their own personal narrative.

With that said, now the watch is on how the couples are embracing public dating acknowledgments, and in that case C-actor Hans Zhang may have just set a new bar. With rumors swirling for the last few months that he’s dating C-actress and drama costar Gu Li Na Zha, the two have stayed mum until this weekend when Hans posted a picture on his weibo of him and Na Zha kissing in front of a passing train. This marks Hans second public relationship since he dated his Let’s Go Watch the Meteor Shower leading lady Zheng Shuang for close to five years.

Hans’ weibo post didn’t have any text but did have a symbol of a rat (his Chinese zodiac sign), a heart, and a monkey (Na Zha’s zodiac sign), following by tagging her official weibo account. I find it all so simple and sweet. Congrats to the pretty couple!


Hans Zhang Publicly Confirms His Romance with Leading Lady Gu Li Na Zha with a Kissing Picture — 11 Comments

  1. I hope this is not a publicity stunt for their upcoming drama. Congratulations to the new couple.. They will make beautiful babies if things go that far.

    PS: Who took the picture? Very professionally shot.

    • I never admired him. He seems flaky and unkind. We admire actors who project that they are decent human beings. Good luck to the unlucky lady who is being used as a prop by him. She is a super-idiot. She will be an ex-whatever pretty soon and will have to move on with her life. What a set of losers.

  2. Pretty gal. Cute couple. Congrats. I’ve only seen him in one movie (“An Inspector Calls”) and I hated that movie (poor remake with horrible actings) and found him quite cringe-worthy, unfortunately.

    • Considering how the relationship went sour and the eventual ‘blame game’ from the fans, I’ll think their relationship was real, else they’ve have gone with the ‘differing interest’ or ‘too busy to date’ route.

      I can’t get over how thin he is. But he sure got him a beauty.

  3. Honestly, looks like a pic from a drama shoot.. If it’s an actual public reveal of their relationship, it’s a cute way to do it..

  4. Nah it’s not a pic from his drama. It’s likely from the trip to France with his family and Nazha. It was also on that trip that someone outed them on weibo when they had a pic of him and her in the same vicinity. Although they only got a pic of her back.

    Antwan he had gotten a lot of unfair bashing on internet from the previous breakup. So I wish him happiness in this one. Hope it works out. They are certainly a photogenic couple

  5. You should see the backlash on weibo- a lot of Zheng Shuang fans are labelling them as “渣渣”- a pun on Nahza’s name lol. Well Zheng Shuang gave up a lot for Zhang Han but I really don’t think he cheated on her since they broke up in 2013. He claims that he started dating Nahza on 24th Dec 2014 (romantic much) but even if it’s earlier its still been a year since. I just think a lot of Zheng Shuang-Zhang Han shippers wanted them to reconcile. Plus ZH shouldnt have posted on his weibo that he would still love his “little fairy” and gave fans too much hope….

  6. I’m sad that another couple I ship just sunk T.T – talk about how delusional fan I am hehe..I was really hoping for a Feng Teng -Xue Shan Shan couple would eventually turn from reel to real..but then again I could only congrats them ..love love love!! ♥♥♥

  7. I really wish Feng teng with xue shan shan, actually I hope they’re couple in real life…
    However I feel happy for hans choice.. Congrats for zhang hans and Na zha’s! Always wish you for the best! 加油! Go! Go! Go!

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