SM Confirms that Lee Seung Gi and Yoona Have Officially Broken Up

Welp, another one bites the dust, and I’m not talking about idols abruptly or inevitably leaving SM Entertainment to pursue so-called other interests. News just broke that K-ent acting-singing star couple Lee Seung Gi and Yoona of SNSD (Im Yoo Na) have officially broken up, or more accurately SM has just officially confirmed the long running rumors that they’ve broken up. The more widely spread breakup rumors have been around for a few months now, though I first heard it in late 2014 that the two broke up due to the really sad but true relationship killer of being too busy to spend enough time with each other and the romance just sputtered to a halt

Lee Seung Gi and Yoona were one of the high profile Dispatch outed couples from 2014, or more accurately they were outed on December 31, 2013 mere hours before the arrival of the new year. They were snapped by Dispatch on covert late night dates by the Han River and both sides quickly confirmed the relationship. But since then they haven’t been in the media at all for their relationship, instead continuing along just fine with their own careers and deftly dodging questions about their romance when asked. I love Seung Gi and started liking Yoona after her last drama so their dating was great news to me, but sadly it’s not meant to be.

I’m not finding the official reason given for their breakup, that they just didn’t spend enough time together to grow that romance, in any way suspect. Both always seemed like they had a good head on their shoulders and were both quite ambitious with their careers, and in the case when a romance isn’t prioritized over career is never going to overcome all the other hurdles in life so it’s best to part ways on civil terms.

SM is confirming that Seung Gi and Yoona broke up awhile ago, without providing an actual date, but this does make more sense now that Yoona could have spent months in China earlier this year filming the period C-drama God of War with Lin Geng Xin and not have issues with her boyfriend back in Korea missing her. This breakup news officially puts both back on the market, good news for ahjummas dreaming of Seung Gi as their son-in-law, and for all of Yoona’s male fans to resume dreaming of a chance with her.


SM Confirms that Lee Seung Gi and Yoona Have Officially Broken Up — 38 Comments

  1. Its bound to happen anyways… even if its not now, it will be when Lee Seunggi enlists. Most entertainers seem to marry late, mostly with partners they date after the army…

  2. They just look and feel so cute and right together! But there’s a chance that the initial spark of interest they had for each other on shows could’ve faded on getting to know each other on a personal level, but somehow I doubt that. Rather seems like the stated reason could be correct, just no time to date!

    Oh well, hope we at least get a few couple pix of them together now that they’ve broken up, they made such a cute couple (though don’t think we’ll be getting any seeing as how they are private about their umm, private life)

  3. From the beginning I always think that Lee Seunggi lovesYoonA much more than she loves him. Anyway, just wish all the bet for them.

  4. I’m surprised, but then I’m not. They are both too career orientated and he’s going to the army soon. I doubt the two ever got to really date like normal people either. They are too young as well. If they were older and it was after his MS they might be more open to taking risks (being seen in public together), but right now it won’t work. When you spend so much time trying to hide your relationship so not to upset anyone it’s going do some damage.

    Anyway, I’m a bit sad since I know he liked her a lot. Then on the other hand I’m kind of happy there will be no more silly gossip anymore.

  5. thats y im not that excited reading news about dating between stars before they reached 30. because of of busy life,they dont have a chance to date properly…

    err it might be out of topic but that is the reason why i dont want my Solim to date now.. i know jaerim is 30 y.o but he should wait Soeun to become 30 first. only few years left. 😛

  6. he will go to army, and they need time to think about their relationship. i really like this couple since i like both of them. but yeah, they are still young.
    i hope, they will reconcile after army, hehe.. i keep shipping them. just like sooyoung and kyung ho. ah, this couple doesnt follow each other on IG, i wonder what happen with them. while some couples show off, they keep calm.. im curious

    • yeah, that’s obviously. it’s not a tough prediction to make. lmh/suzy will break up soon too. he has army duty as well and she’s like 20 years old.

    • IKR it’s pretty much the norm for people their age and especially in the industry. Hope they ended it with no bad feelings because baggage sucks.

  7. What a ridiculous reason. ‘I have no time’ means ‘I have no desire to find time’. Basically, not ready for relationship.

    • in their case it kinda works. she wasn’t even in the country for 6 months out of this year. he was busy and it’s not like he can fly to China to date her. Well, I do guess he could if he wanted to. So, you are right in a way.

      And his agency declined the reason for the breakup. SM is the one who said no time.

  8. Tiffany and Nickhun’s break was announced before “Party” was released. And now Yoona and Seungi’s before “Lion Heart” release….hmm,hope its not a reoccurring pattern. 😛
    Fingers croosed for Sooyoung and Taeyeon’s relation to pull through.

    • my guess it will be taeyeon next or yuri. sooyoung bf is in his mid 30s. so they might last a little longer.

      feel bad was hoping seung gi/yoona will last longer.

  9. Well, I did kind of expected this to happen. Both are still young and they are still career-oriented. So, I’m not surprised that the relationship ended. Good luck to both of them in their career and their love life. I’m sure they will find that someone special. 🙂

  10. Since LSG is going for MS soon, it’d be better for Yoona if they break up now. She is still young. Noone knows whats gonna happen in 2 years. if someone else comes along, it wont look good on Yoona.

  11. Lmh won’t be going to the army because, he’s the only male in his family so i guess his relationship with suzy will last long

  12. Girls’ Generation‘s Yoona and Lee Seung Gi have broken up and SM Entertainment has now confirmed the news, stating to X Sports News, “It’s true that the two are no longer a couple.

  13. Why do soon after these entertainers advertise their relationships they end up breaking up? Are these really publicity stunts?

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