Moon Geun Young Attends Alice in Earnestland Premiere Supporting Sunbae Lee Jung Hyun

Moon Geun Young made an appearance at the VIP movie premiere for Alice from Earnestland, marking the nth time this year she’s attended public gatherings such as premieres and weddings but still no word on her own next acting project. She finished filming sageuk movie Sado with Yoo Ah In and Song Kang Ho earlier this year and it’s nearing fall already and still no drama on her plate despite two possible opportunities earlier with High Society and Home Alone.

The talent involved in Sado will likely make the movie a critical hit but I’ve been impatiently waiting for Geun Young to do something light and funny, a non-stupid version of Mary Stayed Out All Night if you will. At least I got some visual assurance that she’s happy with her glowing look at this movie premiere – cool chic from the waist up, love the black and red plaid oversized shirt with the tight letter tee underneath, topped with youthful mussed long locks. Too bad the shirt was really a shirt dress that made it look kinda like a night shirt, instead of being shirt length and paired with tight jeans or leggings. Sigh, it’s forever hard for K-stars to get every fashion detail right.


Moon Geun Young Attends Alice in Earnestland Premiere Supporting Sunbae Lee Jung Hyun — 13 Comments

  1. What do you mean “agency unni”? I don’t think they belong to the same agency. (MGY is with Namoo; LJH is with AVA.) They became friends when they both guested on 1N2D.

    • They are not in the same office, they just became friends after being invited into the show 1n2D , Thanks unnie for updates ♥

      • I see she edited the title. Earlier it said “to support agency unni Lee Jung Hyun” instead of “to support sunbae”.

  2. I love her outfit and her baby’s face .. No headlines available for her in a future project? I hope she receives offers for the future Lee Kyung-Hee or Noh Hee Kyung drama ! Soon on 27 august she has a promotional event for the film “The Throne” to Naver Movie Talk with the rest of the cast(crédit to MGY int’nl) , can’t wait !!

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