Bazaar China Scores the Coveted Pictorial of Top Dating Couple Fan Bing Bing and Li Chen

China is definitely on wedding watch when it comes to A-list superstar acting couple Fan Bing Bing and Li Chen, and who can blame when they are both so age-appropriate to tie the knot and look so darn in love. Striking while the iron is hot, Bazaar China just landed the coveted cover and inside pages spread of the couple for the most prestigious September fall fashion issue. Those who want to see them in action can watch the season premiere episode 1 of the second season of Hurry Up Brother (China’s version of Running Man) where she guest starred but they hadn’t yet confirmed to the public the long running rumors of their relationship.

I’ve been a huge Li Chen fan since watching him on C-Running Man but that episode basically vaulted them to new levels of adorable hilarity. Fan Bing Bing looks like a doll but her personality is actually very dude-bro and in charge, with her industry nickname being 范爷 (Fan Ye which means Master Fan or Lord Master), while Li Chen is widely beloved for being a chill guy’s guy. So their pairing has this cool dynamic and so clear why they would like each other. This spread in Bazaar is so fun and gorgeous, with the two modeling with such playful synergy. Wish Korean dating couples would be more willing to do stuff like this, even if they broke up later I still think it’s wonderful to look back on as part of one’s life memories.



Bazaar China Scores the Coveted Pictorial of Top Dating Couple Fan Bing Bing and Li Chen — 10 Comments

  1. i love this photo shoot. its simply gorgeous… what makes it even more special is that we can see that they are truly in love.

    • Besides looking fabulous? Not really.

      They don’t really have that much in common.

      FBB is more successful than Jeon Ji Hyun on the business and acting side. IT doesn’t mean she’s a better actress, she’s just more powerful within her own industry than Jeon Ji Hyun is.

      But then that comes down to the difference between Korea and China film industry. Chinese and Hollywood stars can start up their own production house and actually make their own movies/dramas.

      Korean stars are less likely since their dominated by the Channels who reigns with an iron fist. Korean stars are more likely to open Talent Agentcy’s.

    • i think both of them are in the different level. not to mention who is better than whom. but i dont think FBB is C-JJH. in acting, i prefer JJH. I think, JJH looks more natural than FBB.

      but when it comes to income, i think FBB is more richer.
      im neither living in Korea nor China, in my country, JJH is more popular cuz of her movies and drama. For C-actresses, names like Vicky Zhao and Rubi Lin also Shu Qi are way more popular.

  2. i wonder how she looks without that heavy-barbie-doll makeup. but this couple looks gorgeous.. but in the 1st pic, i thought it was HXM in that angle. hehe

    • Ok good thing I wasn’t the only one who thought it was HXM in the 1st pic… I was like huh? I thought this covershoot was of FBB & LC. But ya good for the couple.

  3. I love love love the third picture of them in couples outfit gazing into each other’s eyes. All of the shots are great at showing their chemistry.

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