Yoochun Drops Final Mesmerizing Marie Claire Pictorial and Prepares to Enlist on August 27th

It’s so perfect that my favorite picture from the recently released Yoochun pictorial in Marie Claire Korea is the one where half his face is hiding behind a turtleneck. The picture slays on the power of his piercing eyes alone, enough to identify him for me even with just the nose on up visible. He’s not the best looking idol or actor, but his maturation in both paths of his entertainment career has been a joy to watch. I’ve always liked his singing in DBSK and JYJ, and am a late-comer to liking him as an actor courtesy of his organically calibrated acting in The Girl Who Sees Smells, toggling between slapstick and intense seamlessly. This pictorial is his last hurrah before enlisting in the army next week on August 27th, joining both Jaejoong and Yunho who enlisted earlier this year. Goodbye for now, Chunnie! Give your military service the same hard working effort you’ve put into your entertainment career and then come back ready to pick up where you left off.


Yoochun Drops Final Mesmerizing Marie Claire Pictorial and Prepares to Enlist on August 27th — 8 Comments

  1. Yes, serve well. He is one of the few idols that have made a successful transition to acting, which is not an easy feat. Hope his time away makes him an even better entertainer.

  2. HaHa altho international viewers might not think he is dat good looking compared to the other flower boys but apparently his type of look is what considered good looking in Korea! A lot of koreans surrounding me, including males, think yoochun is good looking and pick him as the best looking one among db5k… guess people from different countries share different views in beauty:) Anyway i have always liked yoochun and will continue to support him in the future! i’m glad Koala likes him too!

    • Yes…I agree…I’m from New Zealand. ..I hve seen so many actors. .but Yoochun remain unchanged in my heart ..bcs he is special. ..simple person.

  3. I only watched two of his dramas.Sungkyunkwan Scandal and The Girl Who See Smells.He’s not the most good-looking actor out there but he’s quite charming and darn likeable.Best of luck yoochun.Go serve well and come back safe & better!

  4. By the way….he may be not 100% handsome..but he is adorable, his voice is amazing, he is simple, he is down to earth, he loves his family,he is humble, he knws when to rise and down with honour and glamor as a star…he is a person who knew himself well..so for me…he is a perfect man, lovely person.that’s why i love him.He gave his youth to us now..he is leaving f long misson.I wish you good health and courage always…and will be waiting until u come….fighting yoochun. ..

  5. am sad and happy for him at the same time, chunnnie will remain as the best for me in terms of dbsk and jyj. with my liking to him opens me up to idols and boy bands. never bothered with others before and that was during SSK and loved him after Rooftop Prince.

    good luck and godspeed chunnie!

  6. Wah he’s looking so good. He doesn’t seem like a stereotypical flower boy, with almost unattainable levels of prettiness. Instead his handsomeness seems very natural, like an upgraded version of the good looking guy next door, and it’s definitely getting better with age.

    (P.S. Koala, I think you accidentally tagged this as Yunho instead of Yoochun. Although they’re all going to the army so it’s an easy mistake to make ;.; )

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