Song Joong Ki Oozes Military Officer Gravitas in New Stills from Descendants of the Sun

The go-big-or-go-home aspect of fully pre-produced K-drama Descendants of the Sun actually gets me even more excited, on top of it being written by Kim Eun Sook and starring one of my faves Song Joong Ki. The whole industry feels haphazard these days, with most dramas doing single digit ratings and on top of that being boring which is just the death knell for a slow demise. Hopefully Kim Eun Sook will inject some of her buzzy magic to get audiences talking again, good or bad she’s someone that always writes dramas that generate feedback.

The fact that she’s going so large scale with pre-production and the disaster zone military and medical aspect of the drama gives the entire project even more stakes, and I certainly love keeping up with something that can wildly succeed or become an epic fail. I’m leaning towards wildly succeed thanks to each new still of the two leads in character, Song Joong Ki looking badass as a military commander and Song Hye Kyo actually giving me warm engaging vibes rather than her typical emotional dissonance.

It’s a testament to Song Joong Ki being a great actor because the still of him in character wearing fatigues is no different than the pictures above when he was serving in the military in real life. Yet in the drama still he’s commanding and intense, whereas the pictures of him as a solider in real life emanates this boyish sweetness from his real personality.


Song Joong Ki Oozes Military Officer Gravitas in New Stills from Descendants of the Sun — 18 Comments

  1. Please please drama gods. Please help Kim Eun Sook write something moderately worth watching and logical for once. SJK is my fave, and I’ll watch him no matter what, but so was LMH, and now I wouldn’t come anywhere near his projects after Heirs. Nevertheless, I trust SJK’s acting skills, and I hope it’ll at least be as entertaining as Dr. Stranger (hope even this won’t be too high of a bar…)

    • haha i understand your fear, but the second female lead (Kim Ji Won) is actually not bad at it. And this writer made her speak 3 different languages in The Heirs already so i’m sure she won’t pass up this opportunity. As for the others, god knows how good they are at it, but if they aren’t, at least we’ll have some laughs.

      • That is the problem. I want to laugh with SJK, not at SJK.
        Not all actors can save bad writing, but SJK is not lacking in talent, so there is hope.

  2. OMG I am overflowing with expectation and since I love Secret Garden so much, I hope KES will deliver a story that will gasp my Kdrama soul and make me dying and drowning in it’s ocean of dreamy romance and beauty.. Song couple is an OTP that like a gift from heaven to me because I love them individually and now they’ll be my OTP of life! SJK to me is the perfection in a man and in an actor, he’s clean and charming like nobody ever and the fact that I used to date military officer when I was young is kinda giving me that oldies memories back… OMG I am so exciting!!!

  3. This drama has been long awaited Since I was almost on hiatus from viewing any K drama and stuck with Kpop instead a long while ago. It just has been such a boring year that I couldn’t walk through a drama with much excitement nor any expectation. I hope this one with one of my favorite K actors SJK will land well.

  4. Well I don’t believe in KES. But I do believe in SJK and SHK. They would not choose this drama if it weren’t good. They’re typical actor and actress who’d rather be a good actor than a popular one.

  5. Where are the still shots? I miss seeing SJK, I really would like to just see his face now. And his voice to hear him would be an added bonus.

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