Tang Yan is the Leading Lady Opposite Lee Min Ho and Wallace Chung in C-movie Bounty Hunters

C-actress Tang Yan is toeing the line big time on being over-exposed. But then again, in show business there is such a saying as no such thing as bad publicity, just no publicity. The upcoming Korean-Chinese joint production movie Bounty Hunters has finally revealed its female lead, and surprising it’s not Yang Mi as all the insiders have been declaring since the project was announced. Tang Yan has landed the coveted female lead role opposite Lee Min Ho and Wallace Chung, and in a comfy corner of the drama galaxy die hard fans of C-drama My Sunshine are screaming bloody murder. How can Tang Tang do another project with Wallace and not be the OTP, which is the case here as she has a love line with Lee Min Ho. But throw out a possibility after what just happened with the ending of Tang Tang’s last C-drama Diamond Lovers – maybe in Bounty Hunters she’ll give the treasure to Min Ho-sshhi and go home with Wallace/Yi Chen instead. LOL, stranger things have happened.


Tang Yan is the Leading Lady Opposite Lee Min Ho and Wallace Chung in C-movie Bounty Hunters — 9 Comments

  1. that silhouette of the women in the poster looks like black widow from the avengers lol. it reminded me of her captain america winter soldier poster.

    other then that this is the first i’ve heard of ths movie and of course heard all the drama around tang yan in diamond lovers.

  2. wow her again? how many dramas and movies does she has each year? I really want someone else as the leading actress. blehh~

  3. Tag Lee Minho also to this post please.. I’m competing with my friend who is a KSH fan on no. of articles they have in this blog 😛

  4. I really don’t get why Tang Yan is so popular. The two dramas I’ve seen her in she was either expressionless or trying to be overly cutesy. She just doesn’t seem like that great an actress to me.

    • A lot of times I find that the supporting ladies act better than the leading ones (especial the newer generation ones who are more in the league of idols.) Your Tang Tang description applies to Yangmi too. Liu ShiShi is great in tragic roles, but I find her not very believable/natural when she acts cute.

  5. she’s everywhere.. aish.. i think, the girl who played in Jerry’s new drama is good enough.. why didnt they cast her?? i like tangyan but this girl is everywhere.. daebak.. and her acting.. sigh..

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