Moon Geun Young and Yoo Ah In are Adorable in Movie Talk Segment for The Throne

It’s been a smashing summer for the Korean box office, with three domestic movies doing gangbusters business. That would be Northern Limit Line, Assassination, and most recently Veteran. With summer wrapped up, around the corner are the fall releases and one of the first to arrive is sageuk The Throne (Sado) with Yoo Ah In, Song Kang Ho, and Moon Geun Young. The big sageuk this summer with Memories of the Sword tanked at the box office despite the big names attached in Jeon Do Yeon, Lee Byung Hun, and Kim Go Eun.

It’ll be interesting to see if The Throne breathes renewed audience interest in the glossy sageuks. The cast sat down for a cute interview with Movie Talk and it’s quite a who’s who of great Korean acting talent to see them all sitting in a row. The cutest bit for me was Moon Geun Young’s interview, it’s short since she’s just a supporting character but the segment is adorable for how Yoo Ah In stares at her with admiration and playfully interacts with her. Maybe next time they can do a happy drama together with a story that doesn’t involve him ending in a box.

Moon Geun Young The Throne Movie Talk Cut:


Moon Geun Young and Yoo Ah In are Adorable in Movie Talk Segment for The Throne — 24 Comments

  1. Aww, looks like someone has a wee bit of crush. Hope it doesn’t end up like kimbum though. He looked at her like that during their drama and look what happened.

    • I don’t think it would end up like Kim Bum.. YAI looked at her like that, but it’s more playful than romantic. He teased her and stared at her when she said she likes him as an actor..
      I do ship them onscreen and I wish they’ll do movie or drama together as romantic leads.

    • IDK I feel like KB was the one to dump MGY, she wouldn’t confirm a relationship like this and break up so soon. It must be because he had a chinese drama and I felt like MGY really didn’t like the spotlights when they came together to korea, KB was all smiles, MGY was not happy at all, she seemed bothered by all the media…

      • Even before I found out about the rumors, he seriously pinged for me. I mean, there’s nothing wrong with it either way and it’s all just rumors and feelings anyway. I seriously would want to be his friend though, I just love what i see of his personality and he’s just so adorable, look at him! I imagine they are good friends in real life at least.

  2. So adorable thems two… I thought they looked really comfortable around each other…YAI gazing at Moonie made me smile. Can’t wait to see the film ?

  3. So sweet! I like these two individually and hope to see more of them. Yoo Ah In hasn’t exactly proven himself to me as a complete actor but he definitely has potential and I’m excited for his new historical drama. 🙂

  4. They were soooo cute, kinda flirty. I saw the whole video on Naver and there’s a comment from a Netizen that said that at 40:58 YAI takes deliberately a sip from MGY cup ;))) But I also noticed that he repeated that action at 29:30 he did it first. He was drinking from both cups his and hers. Also at 40:30 he touches MGY leg muscle while leaning towards her. ;DD
    Hahaha forgive me. MGY is an actress who can have amazing chemistry with anyone, so I tend to ship.

    • Oh shit ** I hastened to go watch the video in Naver since you say that Khamza i laughed like a crazy now ,thanks unni for updates keke

  5. Awww…so sweeeeet. They should definitely act together again in a drama. ?. Need longer hours to see them both flying sparks and oozing chemistry. Time to get a new beau MGY.. Ahahaha

    • Couldn’t agree more. I love these two individually. And seeing them play on the same screen together is such a dream come true for me

  6. They are so cute:) eventhough mgy just a supporting role…im so happy to see her acting again. It will be nice if they had another movie/drama together. Hope it will premier in my country also. The trailer look awesome. Guess i need to bring a lot tissue along with me.

  7. They were so cute, I could not stop watching their video haha
    Oh myyyyy MoonGeunYoung’s giggle ♥ Yoo Ah In :p
    There is no doubt that the film ‘Sado is more centered on the relationship of father and son,but i’m happy to see Moonie in this even if it’s course!!
    Could we see them again from comeback ‘Yoo Ah-in’ of the army with a drama lol

  8. Awwww Queen of hearts ? is back so glad I could see moonie again like this. Can’t wait for this movie and her upcoming drama. Wish her the best of luck ? in her upcoming movie and drama and may they be both Smash hits in ratings and box-office

  9. I remember during kbs awards 2010, YAI is seating in the same table with Moon and JGS. A cam capture YAI sneeking a look at Moon like he is really staring at her! hmmm..admiration perhaps? hi hi.. Well now, me thinks YAI is so happy to finally work with her and get even flirty. hahaha

    Looking forward to this movie.

  10. Why is sunjae the lead, gosh what’s wrong with people nowadays, he is good but not as a lead yet what happened to lee jong suk, ji chang wook, kim hyun soo none of them are doing dramas now, gosh i was wishing for her to act with someone good, now my mood is down with this drama, the village. Her agency is a joke or she just has a bad faith in picking dramas that casts idols as leads, the drama after her is rumoured have kang dong woo

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