Bubblegum Finalizes Drama Leads Lee Dong Wook, Jung Ryeo Won, Lee Jong Hyuk, and Park Hee Bon

The main cast is all lined up for upcoming tvN Mon-Tues drama Bubblegum, which will take over for the latest season of Rude Miss Young Ae and be followed at the end of the year by Cheese in the Trap. Bubblegum is giving me similar vibes to Heart to Heart, what with a cast of drama veterans and a story synopsis about mutual healing through relationships. Already confirmed last month with leads Lee Dong Wook and Jung Ryeo Won, the drama later added Lee Jong Hyuk and Park Hee Bon to the cast.

The drama will be directed by the PD behind Nine: Nine Times Travels, while the screenwriter is doing her first screenplay but is an author in her own right. Lee Dong Wook plays an Oriental medicine doctor, which immediately makes me miss Yoon Kye Sang‘s character in Best Love, while Jung Ryeo Won is a radio DJ, and the drama will be set primarily at their respective workplaces in the hospital and radio station. Lee Jong Hyuk will play Jung Ryeo Won’s boss at the radio station while Park Hee Bon is a dentist and fellow medical professional to Lee Dong Wook.

Bubblegum already has the first four scripts in the bag and will start filming in mid-September, with an end of October airing date scheduled. This is a really solid and charismatic cast, without any trendy airs by casting idols or shaky acting talent. I just hope the leads are likable characters so I can root for them to overcome their emotional issues and find love through the usual drama tropes.


Bubblegum Finalizes Drama Leads Lee Dong Wook, Jung Ryeo Won, Lee Jong Hyuk, and Park Hee Bon — 29 Comments

  1. Kdramaland has gone even more south and at its lowest point.. the only drama Inetz are looking forward to is the Suzy-KWB drama and I doubt even Knetz are watching anything else except Yongply which has gone down as well..

    overproduction is what is happening

    • “the only drama Inetz are looking forward to is the Suzy-KWB drama ”


      I know lots of “Inetz” who are excited for this Drama, especially the return of JRW. Please don’t presume to speak for others.

    • Who told u i-fans are only looking forward to KWB/Suzy pairing…
      There are so many dramas i-net are looking forward to such as,6FDs,she is pretty,bubblegeum,the inn keeper and many more…just becos they don’t have “Hallyu” attached to their names does not mean people aren’t intrested in their dramas

      • The plurar is a euphemism, right? Suzy is more as a “freshman” in an Art University. She happens to date the polular boy and she has very good looks. Who said she can act as well, right?

    • Excuse me! You should think before speaking for the whole I-fans community. I’m least interested in that KWB and Suzy drama and totally looking forward to Bubblegum… Especially for JRW 🙂

      • Agreed . KWB/SZ drama will not spend a minute to watch it . Waiting for The InnKeeper, D-Day ,Bubblegum and I want to check out the drama that the PD from Misaeng will make .

    • Bwahahaha as an Inetz, I don’t care about that Suzy Woob upcoming drama, even with a great writer in it ???? I’m so done with this kind of overhype

  2. it really seems solid and i like the cast but still waiting to know more about the story/ teasers.
    i agree it has the same vibes as H2H and i hope the chemistry will be similiar, CJM and CKH just nailed it. let’s see how they will be.

  3. I really like JRW and cant wait to see her on small screen again but I really really really have problem with LDW’s acting -__________-

  4. I could barely finish ‘Medical Flop Team’, but the “darling” (Jung Ryeo Won) kept me going. I have missed her so much and I can’t wait to see her on cable. I wish all my darlings would go to cable eventually. Well, 3 have now, 1 remains and 1 will never do drama, but a girl can hope.

    I hope ‘Bubblegum’ will be good. And not lose its mind by the end like your mentioned ‘Heart to Heart’. TvN needs to relax on the conformity a bit. Its shows are falling into some ratings-hungry traps. We don’t need more like public tv. They should maintain the good they have going for them.

    I hope this one will do well enough (but not too much) for them to leave it alone.

      • I call my “favorite” actors that. I just don’t like the word ‘favorite’, since I do not consider my darlings the best actors I have seen and I am not emotion-blinded to their faults. And ‘bias’ is frankly a stupid word (and incorrectly used).

        Jung Ryeo Won aside, they are Lee Si Yeong, Lee Beom Soo, Kang Dong Won and Kang Ji Hwan. I love plenty more, but these somehow hit the sweet spot in my liking. Their work choices, characters portrayed and/or acting style have been very much to my liking.

        I was so sad to see Jung Ryeo Won wasted in ‘Medical Top Team’, so I am half terrified and half excited to see her on tvN and in a show with this premise. I hope they can use her well, because she is a great actress. And while Lee Dong Wook has his issues, I think he does have a unique appeal in the right characters, so I am looking forward to seeing if the chemistry works and if cable inspires him and enables him to do better as well. It’s a fresh approach and fresh cast.

      • @Orion, and that’s why they are our “precious”. We love them beyond reason and reasonable explanation. You’re absolutely right!

  5. This drama and main couple should be awesome. I really pray for writers and production to do the best from the very beggining in order to attract knetizens attention. If they will do it, I can be sure that drama will work well. Regarding main lead’s acting and chemistry I’m 100% sure that they will be awesome. And both my fave Lee Dong Wook and JRW deserve successful drama.

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