Misaeng PD’s Next Drama Signal Signs on Lee Je Hoon and Jo Jin Woong as the Male Leads

This upcoming cable drama doesn’t interest me but is certainly screaming quality fare. tvN has lined up its dramas starting in 2016, with the first one to drop being Signal in January after Answer Me 1988 wraps up. Signal got loads of attention even before casting began as the drama is the first directorial project from the PD of the critical hit drama Misaeng (he also directed Monstar and Sungkyunkwan Scandal) collaborating with the screenwriter of investigative thrillers like 3 Days, Sign, and Phantom.

I was on the fence about checking it out but for now will comfortably park myself on the not watching side after learning about the casting of the two male leads. Lee Je Hoon and Jo Jin Woong are confirmed to headline signal, the formerly playing a flower boy criminal profiler and the latter a weary murder investigation detective. The signal part of the title comes from them communicating via a two way walkie-talkie to solve cases together. I don’t dislike either actor but neither interests me to give this one a go unless the female lead turns out to be one of my faves. For those looking for something different or still have the warm and fuzzies from Misaeng, this might be worth keeping an eye on.

The drama is based on a real life South Korea unsolved murder that director Bong Joon Ho made into the hit movie Memories of Murder. The two way radio conceit in this drama has an addition twist of crossing the time continuum in that the present day criminal profiler will be able to communicate with the past murder investigation detective to help crack the case, which is a cold case for the young profiler but an active case for the cop.


Misaeng PD’s Next Drama Signal Signs on Lee Je Hoon and Jo Jin Woong as the Male Leads — 17 Comments

  1. Its the Misaeng PD, will catch it for sure plus I like both male leads. Doesn’t matter who is the female lead for this type of drama. Signal fighting!!!

  2. This is one drama I am definitely watching, and the reasons for doing so just keep getting better and better. Misaeng PD + Kim Eun Hee + Lee Je Hoon and now Jo Jin Woong? Wow! Love Lee Je Hoon and Jo Jin Woong individually, and their bromance in My Paparotti, though with Jo Jin Woong playing the detective from the past, I guess they will never show up on the same screen together… sigh. Either way, can’t wait for January!

  3. Daebak!!!
    I was already ecstatic and ssoooooo happy to have lee je hoon with pd kim wonseok in this drama. But to have jo jinwoong. I am so game.
    I was hoping for lee sungmin, but jo jinwoong is also super awesome… so so so happy!!!

  4. I have watched Memories of murder and loved it. I am going to check this out based on that.Coming from the pd of Misaeng is a plus point and I dont dislike the leads too.

  5. With this non-popular-oppar starring duo and crew and the very Frequency-like premise, you couldn’t drag me away from it. All the yeses to this. I can’t wait to see what this writer does on cable. ‘Sign’ was a mess, but it really looked like the filming system ruined everything there. ‘3 Days’ was really good for what it was, so just imagine the cable-fueled goodness she can pull.

  6. i like the PD because he is quiet versatile based on his selection for drama directing. He already direct period drama,music drama and office drama. He never fail and produced them really good. I love quirky but charming sungkyungkwan scandal, lovable monstar and emotional, heartwarming misaeng. This time is thriller drama! I believe he is gonna do well too.

  7. Two of my favorite actors! I don’t really watch cop procedurals, but I shall be tuning in. I really hope this one is actually good. Lee Je Hoon passed on Misaeng and look what happened to that drama. His dramas have always had promising casts, but the dramas themselves have so far been lackluster. I hope this one is a hit…please!!

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