Handsome Ji Chang Wook Charms His Fans at Taiwan Fan Meeting

Ji Chang Wook is one of those K-actors I’ve recently grown to like. He was a delight in Healer, dropping a performance perfect for a stellar role. But his recent popularity in Asian as a newer Hallyu star is not credited to Healer and is all thanks instead to Empress Ki. That’s one performance and character which almost turned me off him forever, when initially I was just indifferent to him. Thanks to Healer it turned my opinion all around and now I’m looking forward to him in whatever project he squeezes into his busy schedule before his military enlistment deadline sometime next year.

Ji Chang Wook was in Taiwan this past weekend for his fan meeting, looking mucho adorable and super generous with the fan service. He selected lucky fans to come on stage and re-enact famous Healer OTP moments, and also gave away personal stuff of his such as clothing, accessories, and household items. He also sang and I’ll leave it to his devoted fans on whether he’s a good singer or not. He definitely looks fantastic these days!


Handsome Ji Chang Wook Charms His Fans at Taiwan Fan Meeting — 40 Comments

  1. Thanks Koala!! Yes his popularity is because of Empress Ki, not Healer. Healer was only popular on dramabeans, not much in Korea, China or other asian countries.

    • Hello, it’s yet to be shown in our country, but not yet airing now! Super duper Excited! Really love JCW. He’s not all about flashes &glitz, he’s just really down-to-earth incredibly talented and sincere guy. He deserves to be really famous someday, cant wait for him to get in/out of that military stuffs in S.Korea then get back to action.

    • lols.. healer was only popular on dramabeans.. 😀

      but i think, it was popular on myasiantv and other sites too since it was always number one.. but the rating wasnt good, only 8 something..
      i read an article, forget where i read but healer was popular in china too.. correct me if im wrong 🙂

    • Yeah, it has been shown in other countries yet and already popular everywhere.

      Number #1 on dramafever through its run and still popular.

      Ridiculously popular in china. He couldn’t go to his planned Dolce & Gabbana event because there were fans everywhere that was not safe for them, so he jad to cancel it.

    • Actually Healer was internationally popular (agree not so much in SK), not just on drama beans, drama fever too and Healer soompi thread, which has over 1300 pages in span of 6 months and more than 3 million views, soompi has a majority of Asians and international viewers. besides Healer was more popular in China rather that EK (it got more than 400 million views on Sohu channel only, and I’m not comparing with other shows like Pinocchio which got more views)because the Chinese didn’t like the liberties made to the show (though its just a TV fiction not historical show IMO, but I think they disagree), its already being broadcasted in Japan, Taiwan and Hong Kong, and to be aired nest in the rest of Asian countries, I heard its airing in Ukraine too.
      I saw EK because of Healer, and I like both shows, About what got him popular I say it started with EK but was exploded with Healer, with his IG followers to increase from less than 300K to 800K during Healer and now more than a million after it ended, his Weibo was open on Jan and has more than 2.3 million
      wish him all the best in his future projects

    • What the heck is this dramabeans? What are you referring to? I have no idea of whatever dramabeans is. But I’m definitely smitten by JCW because of Healer. As I went back to watch his old dramas including Empress Ki, I still favor Healer the best. I don’t like his character in EK although I think he did a good job playing that complicated role.

  2. Sidebar – what is up with the pants on Korean actors…that fashion has been around for a min and it really needs to leave along with the hot pink and baby blue pants.

  3. I couldn’t finish Healer and haven’t watched Empress Ki (yet) but what really won me over is that beautiful, genuine and disarming smile of his. Geesh, just look at it. And that last picture where he’s biting his lip…good lord man…

    I agree he seems like a chill, genuine, down to earth guy. I truly wish him luck in his career. He deserves to be a household name in Asia.

  4. I opposed. Honestly, I don’t know Ji Chang Wook before Healer..Healer is popular in China. Please read any article if Empress Ki is popular there,too.Bye!!

    • LOL…that media is known to be the least credible news source in Taiwan…I mean on political and serious topics. But who cares? This is entertainment. No one take tabloid report seriously.

  5. Very happy for him, he’s very hard-working actor. 1st knew him as the youngest son from KBS Drama, The Sons of Sol Pharmacy in 2009. And now he becomes one of the young generation of Halluyu Prince, he deserves it.

  6. Hi ockoala, i remember before, the first time i made a compliment comment regarding JCW here, i didn’t expect you to reply with an obvious dislike about him. I was like, ok, you’re pretty transparent about not being a fan. Later on , i noticed you’re featuring some of his works. I guess you got curious with all the ‘ promising’ feedback right after he finished the ‘ healer’. Anyways, thanks for the post.

  7. i like him a lot and it’s nice to see that he’s worked his way up – he’s been around for 10 years – i love his acting and enjoy his singing

  8. Healer was not popular internationally,and neither was it popular in china.do u guys even know what popular International is?Healer is not the most viewed kdrama in youku or tuduo.JCW is popular in china becos of EK and not healer

    • Nice try, but it was and is popular. Given the drama is starting to air in Japan, taiwan and it is already popular there before the tv airing. Thailand and Philippines is next and it already popular there. In the US it was the most viewed series during its run in all the korean stream sites (viki, dramafever, etc).

      It whad the most comments in dramafever with over 30,000 comments and growing still!!

      Congrats to the cast and crew! You guys worked hard!

  9. Ah, my beautiful man. He blinds me. <3

    While I am certainly happy for his thriving career, I just really, really miss him in a drama. It's been 6 months since Healer and I can only rewatch it so many times… (Well, there's also Empress Ki, WBDS and Smile Donghae, but those dramas I can only bear to watch once regardless of my love for JCW).

    Idk which is more popular internationally, EK or Healer (honestly, does it even matter?), but one thing's for sure: JCW got a tremendous boost in popularity and recognition for his talent because of both shows. And I couldn't be more happier for him.

    Thanks Ms. Koala for the update!

    • woohooow, define ugly? when he’s got one of the best looks for an Asian Korean actor. but his looks doesnt matter, first it’s his charm and acting prowess that gets you hook, aside from his down-to-earth really humble guy attitude and very hardworking too, sports oriented visible in his body physique, abs abs more abs pls. hehe,lol!

    • Bitter much? If you’ve never heard of him what do you care about his military service? And why bother to comment in first place. Nice try, though.

  10. It don’t bother me much what really boosted his popularity. All I care is that he’s getting some much deserving love all around. And I don’t even care how popular or unpopular ‘Healer’ is but it sure hits what I’ve been craving for.

  11. I ‘ve seen some of his drama but it was only in EK that I became his fan and noticed that he is very handsome.Love him in Empress Ki the baby emperor.Started The healer couldn’t seem to finish.Definitly started with Empress Ki.

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