Seoul Drama Awards Lands Lee Min Ho, Lee Young Ae, and Lee Jun Ki to Attend Along with Many Drama Stars

The Seoul International Drama Awards enters its 10th year today, a milestone definitely but not yet long enough for this particular award to vault into legit cred territory. It’s not the worst one out there, and with this year’s attendee list the SDA is gunning for broader appeal by shipping in popular stars. The biggest two has to be Lee Min Ho and Lee Young Ae, which makes their presence at the same awards show like old Hallyu meets current Hallyu. It helps that Lee Young Ae is still as classy beautiful as she was ten years ago during the Dae Jang Geum heyday.

Last year’s big winner Lee Jun Ki is also attending the awards, along with a crop younger actors like Park Hyung Sik, Seo In GukUEE, Yeo Jin Gu, and Lee Sung Kyung. From overseas, popular Hong Kong actor Wallace Chung is showing up thanks to the widespread popularity of My Sunshine, and TW-actor Bolin Chen will also be attending even though he hasn’t done a drama in god knows how many years. Word has it Ariel Lin is also coming but I’ll believe it when I see her on the red carpet. From Japan, Odagiri Joe and Kamiki Ryunosuke will be coming. Awards night is this Thursday September 10th so those living in Seoul can go check out these stars walking the red carpet.


Seoul Drama Awards Lands Lee Min Ho, Lee Young Ae, and Lee Jun Ki to Attend Along with Many Drama Stars — 58 Comments

  1. After seeing Lee Young Ae, I suddenly realized that chinese actress Zhao Liying looks like a uglier (or rather, tragic face) version of LYA lol

      • No, definitely not, they don’t even look the same. @Alt – you seem jealous of ZLY. ZLY Is cute and pretty at the same time. Pretty enough that Qioung Yao cast her in the new Princess Returning Pearl. seriously wtf….

  2. LMAO.. koala is the definition of being bitter and envies.. why do always LMH get the worst pics of him on this blog.. stay pressed koala as if it changes just shows the bitterness in you which I’m starting to love

  3. Koala is just fighting a lost war against LMH.. this mouse and cat game with him and her never stops and the funny thing is you can even post pics of LMH in his toilet or even shittin outside.. the fans will still love him! he can come as the fat eddie murphy if he wants ppl will still love.. ”LOVE IS NOT FOR COST OR ANYTHING ELSE BUT these deserves it gets it” period stop obsessing over him. it will make you look bad further

  4. Great, here come the cockroaches again. ….. koala you should invest in some bug spray. If there can be bug spray for a blog that is.

    • The only cockroach I see is this blogger perhaps she should spray her hurting between her legs where there many cockroaches coming out.. jokingly

      • OMG, u are crossing the line, this post isn’t even about LMH & his looks!!! I can’t understand why some people just make a fuss over some minor things like this! There are more valuable stuffs in the article to make a comment about but it seems u should be iron man to bring LMH name in ur posts in any other cases other than complementing him!!

      • @Yuupi, you are prime of the example why LMH’s fandom is so fucked up!. It’s a decent photo of LMH and koala never mentioned about his look. gezz
        Suzy should be proud.

    • @Alt. She is a blogger, not a newspaper. She can write what she wants and be as pejudiced and subjective as she want’s. If people don#t like to read that, they shouldn’t read it.

    • I’m not even sure I know what’s going on, but when a news article about some drama awards makes you start talking about cockcroaches (??) and vaginas (?!), it may be a good time to step away from the internet for a bit, chill for a while. Just my thoughts. Peace.

  5. Oh look a post about Lee min ho has first 2 comments talking about his looks…how original haters. I wonder how much envy Lee min ho could get in a day if he showed off his wealth like many of their favorites instead of being humble and low key. I’d take a good person inside like Lee min ho over the most stereotypical handsome face you haters think he needs to process.

    P.S. Find a hobby which releases some of your pent up stress rather than hating on people you don’t even personally know (or care?).

  6. I’m seriously starting to think LMH fans are really trolls, since I’m starting to dislike him based on what he’s fans are doing.

    But I like Suzy so he’ll get a pass until they break up.

    I’ve never been really into Seoul Awards since it really did seem like a many of those countless awards that China churns out year after year but if Ariel Lin is coming…I hope she brings Vic with her.

  7. koala didn’t even say anything bad about LMH in this entry , why are his fans making huhas just because of the picture posted ?? well ..that’s definitely lee min ho’s pic what’s wrong with that ?? oohh ..some of lee min ho’s fans are sure scary and sarcastic . these kind of fans are giving lee min ho a bad name. tsk tsk tsk.

  8. on another note .. since lee jun ki is going to attend SDA .. i wonder if he would have the time to attend the scholar who walks the night wrap up party ..the party would be incomplete without him since he’s the main star of the drama …… i really hope he would make some time to attend it.

  9. I’m sorry on the behalf of other minoz koala. Please don’t mind the crazies. They are not true fans. They are just trolls giving our fandom bad name on every article posted here. And if they are truly fans, I hope they shut up.

    • Be patient! By the time he’ll be discharging from the army, these angry fans will be high school seniors and most probably very busy with the entry exams. Besides, from what I’ve noticed before, the most obsessed fans are the least loyal to the object of their fascination. When a new face comes in, the old one is kicked out really, really fast…or the girls just grow up and get a life, LOL!
      On a serious note, this is very poor service to any actor who’s not an idol. He debuted as an actor and acting has no expiration date; so, someone as young as LMH must have an ambition of a dignified and long-term career without keyboard warriors…at least, that’s what I think!

  10. Let’s be honest,if kWB were to be in this article,koala would have posted a picture of him all smiling and handsome,but since she doesn’t like LMH as much as she loves kWB,she decided to post this pic of him.koala is always biased

    • Do you like who everyone else likes? You don’t, right? You have your own list of biases. Well, Koala is like that too. She likes who she does. Everyone is entitled to her own opinion. We all should grow up and learn to respect other people’s preferences, especially when they do not align with ours. So what if she doesn’t like LMH (or any other actor/actress) as much as we do? If you find her LMH posts offensive, feel free to go elsewhere and stalk other blogs where LMH is worshiped for the god that he is.

      • @Alt: I hope you realize that whatever comes out of your mouth (or leave online) reflects poorly on who you are. You accuse Koala of being disrespectful of LMH, but your choice of words in much, much worse. I respect that you just want to defend LMH, but this is not the kind of defense that you should put out. You will not win other people over to your side. Also, I am sure LMH will not approve of you (and the others here) going rabid in his name.

  11. I find that pic of him really nice actually, he looks nice and spontaneous in that pic. It makes me google Mt Hood after looking at the pic, and that’s a good thing!
    Seriously ppl, stop being so rude and immature, no decent human in this world should behave that way towards such a benign article. I’m sure even LMH wouldn’t mind having that pic of his posted.

  12. came here to support Lee Jun Ki~ kkkkkk☺ I’m hoping for him, one of the nominees in Korea Drama Awards 2015 but sadly his not 🙁 then, glad his attending in SDA ☺ best of luck oppa, loveyou♥

  13. Wooohh people really need to slow down .. What the ruckus is all about ? It’s koala’s blog and she can put whatever pic she wants and she did not talk about the so called looks of lee min ho, I think some people just have verbal diarrhea.. Take some medicine and relax your tired self pps

  14. These pics are their latest pics from an event or a press conference, well for LJK and for LYA I am sure, but I don’t really know about LMH but probably his pic is probably the latest too, so what is the problem? He looks like that and that’s it.

    I am happy that LYA is back and looks better than ever.
    I am also happy for LJK, but what about his wrap up party for SWWTN? I hope he’ll be there in time or is it going to be on friday? Do you any of you know anything about this? Thanks.

  15. award sux we all know who going to take home the award. it going to be LMH/YC. while really actor like ji sung going to be left out.without a award.

  16. Whoa, it seems that the looney tunes seems to crawl out everytime there’s a LMH post and they take their oppar “defending” jobs very seriously at what they consider a “bashing” even when theres none.

    Seriously reminds me of some Kpop fandom where they can spin “conspiracies” against their biases out of thin air. I can somewhat tolerate it cos kpop has quite the amount of delulus but when did this blog became infiltrated by delulus??

  17. i dont think people r behaving like this because they r delulu.because of these i actually read certain posts on lee min ho n comment on this blog and it is sad n quiet bad.i get he is popular so his news r always on the internet but there were certain post of him that was not necessary,it give people way to bash n creticise him for no reasons at all.i get he will be critizise since he is an actor but the way some people comments on his post really guys really,it like they pick on him,u can actully read post of him on this blog n you will understand why n read the first n the third comment really some of us r really shallow n some have had enough.and yes koala is subjective and baised ,u can tell by her posts n there is nothing wrong with it since most of us r baised with these actors and actresses.

  18. Good lord! Some fans can be just freaking insane! I don’t always agree with Koala but I don’t give her hell over her views. She is free to say whatever she fancies and I can always choose to disagree with her. There’s always a much better, more civil way to state our disagreements; we don’t need to stoop so low as to call people disrespectful names.

    Also, LMH looks fine in the photo above. In fact, his was the crispiest of the three. I know of Koala’s adoration for LJK, but his photo is of low quality you could practically see the pixels.

    Koala did not even say anything about LMH aside from being mentioned alongside LYA. Is that so offensive? I don’t think so!

    • This koala blogger has a bad bad obsession with LMH and borderline unhealthy relationship.. she uses her blog for every chance and opportunity to lash out against him and do basically everything anti-him in the book.. this blogger has been extremely unprofessional and hooligan like.. I even wonder why some artists put up with this and just not sue her ass. This is not a forum or comment section its a blog and should have some type of rules. she dosen’t respect LMH as an individual who has emotions and breaths like everyone else since she has put extrem scrutiny on his head..

      Sue this Blogger and shout this hell hole down. the way she uses her words is even worse then street langauge.. LMH is not the only target but alot of young innocent Idol-actors/actresses come under heavy unwarranted bashing

      • I have been following this blog for 4-5 years now and I disagree with her opinions about some dramas and some actors/actresses. But I let them slide because as much as I expect people to be mature and respectful as not crucify me for liking what I like and not liking what I don’t, I am compelled to extend the same courtesy to everyone else. We cannot help how other people feel about our biases and vice versa.

        I feel like this is a case of reading too much into what is being said, as what happened in this particular post. LMH was not being attacked but some people are reacting as though Koala burned LMH’s effigy or something.

        Seriously, we all should chill and not overreact whenever people speak ill of our biases. Instead, let us pray for that moment when our biases would put forth a performance so sterling they would convert even their harshest haters.

  19. In my Honest opinion I question this bloggers mental stability. I don’t think she is quite stable and has arguable gone GaGa few years ago

  20. i agree with claudine but i dont think people r worked up because of this particular post it more of what we read through out the blog that is why some of us r saying what we see,the way she says what she sees.n i dont agree with the insults sorry about that.

  21. It seems someone should redefine the meaning of blog for some people! It means that as much as I dislike KWB but I should shut my mouth up even though she writes about the size of his shoes and adore it!

  22. Gosh, I am hating Lee Min Ho now because of his annoying fans. They’re spamming other sites too where he not praised to the sky, which is pretty much all of them.

  23. jezz fans calm down, for someone as famous and as successful as Minho is, he will have haters,is just the way it is,envy and jealousy is part of the package,just ignore it and move on.

    He looked great at the show,he is back to his normal weight,and got two awards, the most important one,they awarded him the award for the hallyu wave Representative, which he totally deserves.

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