Ji Sung Turns into a Vampire for Black Comedy Short Film Premiering at the Busan Film Festival

This is such an unexpected treat, one wonders who new daddy Ji Sung found time to pull off filming a short film in the time between Kill Me Heal Me and the start of changing diapers. I’m teasing, of course, becoming a parent doesn’t mean the end of all time spent outside parent duties. Plus Ji Sung has remained relatively visible in the public eye since finishing his big breakthrough drama earlier this year, following that up with guesting on Three Meals a Day and doing interviews here and there.

Turns out he also filmed a short feature film that will be premiering at the upcoming Busan Film Festival called My Neighbor is a Vampire. It’s a black comedy about a vampire who lives in the morgue and the dead girl who gets wheeled in to be stored there. Oh this I gotta see, mostly to understand how it can be funny, and then be impressed if it manages to sneak in some romance as well. Check out the first stills of Ji Sung as a vampire, looking like a cross between Shin Se Ki of KMHM and a Wall Street banker from the 80’s.


Ji Sung Turns into a Vampire for Black Comedy Short Film Premiering at the Busan Film Festival — 23 Comments

  1. I watched a 3-minute trailer and I’m thrilled! SJ is such a delightful vampire while sucking the dead girl’s throat. She revives and his faithful servants who(apparently)provide him with “food” are left speechless. And yes, Shin Se Gi does meet Edward (whomever Edward we might think of, LOL).


  2. He’s got to be one bloody hell of a sexy asian vampire, not à lot of asian can pulled It off… The vampire look with the sexiness.. he’s welcome to be my vampire neighbor anynight…

  3. OMG! I totally see the few personalities from KMHM show up in trailer. Washing white shirt and accidentally hitting himself – Perry Park. And then, OMO Yona throws rag at moving gurney. ???

  4. Thank you so much for this great news Koala.. i love you for always sharing about Ji sung…
    and thank you thank you SW for the trailer, i have to watch this short film!!!
    actually marathoning all his works since KMHM (currently on Royal Family) he’s always amazing
    my latest and ultimate k crush!!!

  5. Why Ji Sung didn’t get awarded in the seoul .. Award?
    Anyway I am happy he’s back in the acting scene. Sure look forward to watch your Neighbour Vampire!

  6. oh my god this is so my thing black comedy, man, how I have been dying for something like this! and vampire, and death, and make up and JI SUNG!!!!

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