C-media Wonders Which K-actress Will be the Next Jeon Ji Hyun to Hit it Big in China

The K-media is taking note of a recent Chinese newspaper article discussing which of the younger generation actresses will be the next Jeon Ji Hyun. Ms. Gianna Jun’s combined popularity domestically in Korea and internationally cannot be arguably unparallel, and thanks to You From Another Star got a stunning second wind that any actor or actress bend over backs for. The C-media is curious which of the next-gen K-actresses will hit the same popularity jackpot, not necessarily because Jeon Ji Hyun is on her way down or anything like that, but just mulling over who her successor may be.

The article focuses on six young ladies in particular РSuzy leading the way, Sulli formerly of f(x), Kang Sora, Kim Go Eun, and the three Kim teens Kim Sae Ron, Kim Yoo Jung, and Kim So Hyun. The article discusses breakout hits for each star, such as Suzy for Introduction to Architecture, Kang Sora in Misaeng, or Kim Sae Ron from The Man From Nowhere, and potential upsides in their careers such being a critical darling for acting (Kim Go Eun), fan favorite for looks (Sulli), hardworking ethos (Kang Sora), and childhood star appeal for Kim Yoo Jung and Kim So Hyun.

I’m not going to discount any of the ladies named in the article as having potential to be the next Jeon Ji Hyun, and really that is a good question to consider since it’s a high high bar to reach. Park Shin Hye is really building her popularity domestically and internationally at the same time, but I think her fans think she’s more popular than she really is at this time. Not saying she’s not popular, and she definitely is laying the foundation now that could vault her to Jeon Ji Hyun level one day.

I think it’s too early for the the Kim teens to be in consideration, let’s talk in five years after they turn twenty, I don’t even know why Sulli is currently even included for discussion, and Kang Sora and Kim Go Eun are solid actresses but I’m not feeling the indelible spark that Jeon Ji Hyun has which sets her apart from other top K-actresses like¬†Ha Ji Won and Jeon Do Yeon. In that way, Suzy does have that indescribable “it” thing which underlies her insane levels of popularity, and it’s just too bad she hasn’t demonstrated the acting chops that Jeon Ji Hyun has to back it up.


C-media Wonders Which K-actress Will be the Next Jeon Ji Hyun to Hit it Big in China — 56 Comments

  1. Why is Sulli even considered in here? She is mediocre in singing, dancing and acting. And she havent done anything recently. Its really amazing the amount of attention she got from doing very mediocre stuff Do u think she is being considered because SM is big in china?

    • MTE!!!

      instead of Sulli, it’s better to put Yoona’s name.. at least, she still has some ‘projects’ in or outside of SNSD.

      but honestly, none of them above can replace JJH.

  2. Funny when people make it like PSH and JJH are in the same generation.
    And PSH is above and beyond everyone in that list and more, no matter what you think of her or her fans

  3. In terms of charm and the it factor Suzy takes the prize by a margin. Her popularity is already incredible in Korea. She needs to act more to improve however.

    Park shin Hye has been in the game for a long time and she works hard enough to reach Gong Hyo Jin’s level. She is a great actor but I don’t know she is a bit reserved and goes for the traditional roles which JJH does not. PSH likes the girl next door roles and I wish she would play an assassin or maybe try a doing a historical drama. She is just so consistent and safe.

    Kant Sora now there’s a girl who shows some acting range. She’s played a doctor, an office worker, the girl next door. I have no idea how she is not as popular as she deserves but I hope she get a breakout role soon. Right now I definitely don’t see her getting at JJH’s level. While she has some charm, it doesn’t ooze like it does for Suzy and JJH.

    No words for Sullivan

    The Kang teens: one has oozing charm and another is a serious actress. Not saying KYJ isn’t serious but she’s just not as serious as KSH. For a girl her age her level of acting skill is going to be far more incredible than JJH. In Asia however I don’t think what win JJH’s popularity is skill but rather it’s charm. And KYJ like Suzy is a cameras dream come true. She has charisma and the it factor.

    Therefore the next JJH will most likely be Suzy and Kim Yoo Jung.

  4. Why Suzy? Well in terms of popularity yes, she’s popular. But JJH is also good acting. I prefer the younger but more talented actresses KYJ and KSH.

  5. For the romcom, no one in these list including PSH can beat her. She just played this borderline cute and ridiculous to the right amount. I don’t know how many times I’ve watched My Sassy Girl, cried with Il Mare and Windstruck and watched her scenes in my love from another star. Maybe someone out of the list would completely come out and hit it big.

  6. Suzy definitely. She may not have proved herself in acting yet, but she has IT factor. No wonder she get casted in Lee Kyunghee drama.

  7. The successor perhaps Suzy & Kang Sora merged into one.
    Suzy’s popularity, KSR’s acting chops & both are good looking.
    Maybe a Suzy-Kang will do the job.

  8. only reason suzy is even popular is cuz of her face/jyp. not her acting. kang sore just need to do a school drama cuz chinese/japanese fan love high school drama. she dont need to worry about acting cuz she already good actress. she also look way hotter then most of those people too. guess sulli is there for her face too cuz it not for her acting like suzy.

    • This is accurate. Suzy is in no way even close to an early Jun Ji Hyun for acting skills, the more appropriate comparison for her (considering her total lack of acting talent) is Kim Tae Hee. And even that is a stretch.

      The Kim teens all have the It factor in spades, and they are talented too. All it will take is one hit movie or highly-rated drama from them to render the current It girl irrelevant. They’re only 15 and 16, I would be very surprised if it didn’t happen by the time they were 18-20. Though Kang Sora also has the potential. She’s well-regarded as an actress and for her beauty, but one hit role that exploits it will really solidify her status at the top.

  9. The adult all lack of something. I’ll vote for the Kim teens. They hv years to harness their already outstanding skills while the adult…I am not sure. I’ve read somewhere that talent can only be as big as a room. Once it is occupied it could never get even more bigger. For the adult I think..just my opinion, they have occupied theirs.

  10. Kang So Ra has loads of potential to be the next ‘It’ girl, both talent and appearance-wise. She just needs a breakout role that will elevate her status.

  11. Jun Ji Hyun is the icon of her generation because she’s not only beautiful but has charisma and talent, she’s not just a cf queen. The only ones on this list who even have the potential to be like that in the future is Kim Yoo Jung and Kim So Hyun – they have the beauty, talent and public recognition to make it. All it will take is one more hit project for them.

    Suzy shouldn’t even be compared to JJH, if u absolutely need to compare her to actresses from that generation she is more like Kim Tae Hee in terms of cfs/popularity/talent. You can’t be the next JJH by just looks and popularity, JJH is quite a well regarded actress.

  12. Also, Kang Sora has the beauty, talent+charisma but always ends up picking wrong dramas on public broadcast. She was amazing in Sunny and Misaeng which were huge hits.

    But probably because Sunny didn’t have a “pretty” image for her (at least she was styled well in Misaeng and looked good there), she didn’t get the levels of media play Suzy etc did. (speaking of media play, why is Sulli even there? ! Is this article a joke, who even thinks of her as an actress)

  13. Miss koala the numbers are talking about shin hye’s popularity and her fans meetings so we as fans think by that those facts tell us about her popularity before and after yes she is still building her self and of course she isn’t comparable with anyone bcz every one has different factor make them differ on each other.

    • park shin hye can just be herself. 9M followers in weibo, 2.3M followers in IG say something koala… not to say she’s an actress who able to hold her own solo fanmeeting around asia.

      suzy is one of the top kpop idol of course she’s more famous as kpop fever is more worlwide than kdrama

      • yeah she is the only kactress that have that many followers in IG…
        Her projectes are one of the highest saling prive too.
        Yup she isn’t that popular LOL

        I don’t think anyone have as big fanbase as hers in Korea AND internationally

      • Kang Sora has been acting for six years, how is that ‘new’?

        I agree with @Paige that she is talented and doesn’t let even a horrible script defeat her, she deserves way more attention and success than she currently has.

      • She’s new because she hasn’t had that many works under her bell yet… But she is taking over leading roles and have a lot of potential to go farther

  14. Not a big fan of Park Shin Hye but she’s the one that would shine as big or even bigger than Jun Ji Hyun. Every of her dramas/ movies accepted well and she’s been paired with almost all of high profile young celebs. She’s also very smart girl (in terms of academic) and lots of volunteer works which makes her more special.

    I would say Park Shin Hye might be the next Lee Young Ae or Jun Ji Hyun.

  15. I would say suzy is really rising at the moment and has the potential. PSH is right now more famous then her but as she is rising right now PSH will be surpassed. PSH is older then suzy while suzy is just 20yrs old have been CF queen for 4 years already in SK and moving her CF queen-hood across asia now. Lenovo signed her to become there SE ambassador.. her Hallyu level drama with KWB is right on the corner when it comes then it brings the bank.

    Someone on the comment section said kpop is more worldwide then Kdrama that is absolutely false its the other way around. a hit drama is the biggest thing that can happened for a korean celebrity to become an international star

      • Exo or SNSD being more popular then actors/actresses who achieved mega hit drama is an illusion and shared by non then perhaps some fans who don’t use logic..

        Exo’s DO lost paeksang popularity poll to LJS who dosen’t have many fans himself while getting the help of PSH fans for the votes and united EXO fans got out-voted.. as some mentioned shin-hye has more fans on SNS the SNSD and exo but the difference is that there is more hardcore fans in kpop but not more fans bc kdramas are more worldwide.

        forget about bringing LMH and KSH to this because they are obvious global and if you were at the IKON awards you would understand how big KSH really is and its really hard to beat him on legit poll awards except LMH fans do that from time to time and not always because they lose to KSH fans as well and I’m not talking about small polls from some websites but legit chinese polls with awards on the line like paekseng or seoul drama awards etc etc.

        LMH on the other hand is bigger then all Idol groups combined on fanbase..

        Thats why I said getting big mega hit drama is the best thing for a korean celebrity to achieve International stardom

    • I agree. JJH is the star she is because she has beauty, talent and star factor enough for ten people.

      And just being a cf queen isn’t enough to call someone the next Jun Ji Hyun, a cf queen is just a mannequin who endorses products. JJH is as well regarded as she is precisely because she isn’t just that and actually can act, even when she was younger than half these girls are now.

  16. Suzy and Park Shin Hye could be the top choices when it comes to popularity, but only popularity can make them (someday) as the next JJH but when it comes to acting skills, IDTS it takes million times to reach Jun Ji Hyun’s level, she is way way far~ ? and these two are known to be lacking/overrated! but glad that they cast/great choice of drama with popular actors esp. PSH ?

  17. Ohh..why? if koalas speak up related to shinhye always given many comment, people say that I hate shinhye act, I dont like bla bla etc but all of you still care of her, whatever you say.. i just say thanks to remember her as an actress

  18. ergh take shin hye out from this discussion. i just want her to build her own name and not being compared to the great celebrities…

  19. As for the three young kims, Its too early to even guess. Others on that list can never reach upto JJH’s level. The sole reason suzy is even popular is because of the face that koreans seem to like(or more like brainwashed by media play to like). I personally admire suzy’s looks but i feel the girl is just ridiculously lucky to be where she is now. Both acting and aura can be of no match to Jeon ji hyun. Maybe next kim tae hee. I also feel PSH who is already the most popular,can achieve an even bigger name for herself instead of being someone else’s second. No idea why sulli is there.

    PS: Now whose company is responsible for this mediaplay? Makes me wonder..!

  20. Park Shin Hye is a far more likely candidate for this than Suzy or Sulli (lol @her even being in the list, does she even have any acting skills), and even she is pretty unlikely to ever do it.

    I’m not a huge fan of her acting but she does have more weibo followers (Chinese market) than any other Korean female celeb so I doubt the numbers are lying.

  21. And I agree that PSH has made a name for herself. She isn’t the 2nd of anyone. I can’t think of anyone like her in the 1st generation that have quite big both in Korea and China at the same time in her age range

  22. well…acting wise, i love kim so hyun. She will be big someday. Suzy won’t get to the Gianna level in term of acting. She’s just famous but popularity won’t get u stay long.

  23. HERE:
    -Park Shin Hye’s popular by her fans, medias, agency ‘work hard’ …..go by her personality, honestly she not reach to her main career: actress=lack acting and bad in romantic’s scenes. AWARD? OVERRATED!
    -Jun Ji Huyn who’s popular by her image: tall, beautiful, sexy! But she’s normal actress, not very good in acting. OVERRATED!
    -Lee Young Ae, natural beautiful! Acting’s normal! OVERRATED
    -Suzy….so far….so good! She’s OK in Gu Family Book. Having a good future ahead…..
    -Ha Ji Won…involving action story…then her acting ..MIXED=tomboy in romantic scence=no feeling=no chemistry!
    -Kim Yoo Jung, awesome in Dong Ji but not ready for ……romantic scences.
    -Kimsoohyun, good acting! But not ready for romance story!
    -Comparing with…..Jeon Do Yeon?! No, forget about…..because allergy with ..ADULT film’s star/actress/actor. That’s Jeon Do Yeon, she’s luckily…..medias who ‘open one eye, close one eye” for her activities…..going smoothly!
    NO ideas for the rest of list!

  24. Why they want to discuss who wants to be next JJH? Why there is a need to compare each of them. They should success in their own way. I know JJH is so talented and successful actress, but she is not the only great actress in her age group.Maybe what differed her because of versatility. But I think she is a bit overrated. Her luck was because of My Love from Another Star.

  25. Why is sulli there??u guys are unbelievable….why????why cant she be there??why??u guys talk as if u knw everything..if she can’t act den can u???will it kill u to just say ‘sulli can make if she puts in some efforts’ without condemnin her..she did way better in to d beautiful dan park shin hye in u’re beautiful..lets not even talk abt d visual nd elegance…shinhye is just one short,big nosed monkey..nd always actin as d pretty girl…..well,yoo jung kim will probably be d next jjh…its not as if d so-called jjh is one perfect actress…i like her though

  26. my dear dont speak as if you are perfact,she is jeon ji hyun,she is not you,for people to say gud about you,you have to speak good of then,it not her they have ‘t goten to her level

  27. The comments that are asking why is Sulli there are ridiculous. She’s there because first she’s a great actress! Have u seen her in punch lady???? And second she’s beautiful, I also believe that she does resemble Jun Ji Hyun as well. And when are people going to get over Suzy, she’s so overrated.

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