Two Flavors of Song Joong Ki: Military Man in Descendants of the Sun and Boy Next Door for Elle Korea

The work week is wrapping up with two Song Joong Ki‘s for the price of one, which makes me want to buy a lottery ticket for the heck of it. Song Joong Ki has been deep into the filming of upcoming KBS drama Descendants of the Sun and the production released a really super duper direct good look at him as a military commander in the drama. He’s wearing army attire accessorized with a gun belt, aviator sunglasses, and rakish beret. The glower is all in character without any hint of the sweet boy-next-door smile that’s become his real life trademark.

If I saw that Song Joong Ki walking past, I’d turn into Song Hye Kyo in that still as well and take a double look (and triple, maybe quadruple, who’s counting right?). The guys behind him definitely look more field duty ready, but maybe wuri commander is all about the brains and less about the brawn, yes? While he’s selling me on the military role in this latest still, Elle Korea released two new pictures from an upcoming pictorial featuring Song Joong Ki in his natural habitat, aka looking boyishly charming.


Two Flavors of Song Joong Ki: Military Man in Descendants of the Sun and Boy Next Door for Elle Korea — 27 Comments

  1. Oooooooppaaaaaaaaaaaaaa…! ~faints~

    The man is my ILU for a very good reason. Mmmmm, mmm! I hope SHK doesn’t ruin this drama for me, because I’m going to watch every last minute for my oppa. (Not that I don’t like her, I loved The World They Live In, but I haven’t enjoyed her recent forays.)

  2. In surprised they didn’t go for the gruff, tortured look for Song Joong Ki.. Don’t get me wrong, he’s looking fine, just not ready for a war zone.

    • I don’t know whether to be amused or dismayed with the Kim Eun-sook fixation. The co-writer Kim Won-seok (who wrote the synopsis for DotS) worked with directors Ryoo Seung-wan and Kwak Kyung-taek in Chungmooro before switching to the small screen, and while his dramas (Friend the Legend, Queen’s Classroom) never enjoyed big ratings, his writing shows heft and grittiness that make it difficult to relegate him to small potatoes. Will this be a great partnership, I have no idea. But nor is it ‘same as before’ with KES, and she knows it.

  3. The drama is freaking 5 months away! By then I would be dead by SJK starvation. This tiny trickle of pics is not enough to keep me alive. Just saying.

  4. Can’t wait to read his interview. It’s been too long since he sat down for such an occasion (he declined all photoshoots & interviews before his enlistment) and I’ve always liked to hear him speak, from where he’s at, where he’s going to his thought process and working approach to his roles. I’m just sorry I don’t get to hear him SPEAK because I’m starting to forget what his voice sounds like. *cries into cereals*

  5. Teenage boy? Nope! He slays in that uniform and looks extremely manly. Obviously his body has gone through real vigorous training and clothes can’t hide any slight hint. I’ll just keep my fingers crossed. Definitely will watch the drama for this man’s sake. It would be worth squandering my time even the other parts of the drama suck. Heir nightmare is still haunting me though. LOL…I hope SJK’s charisma will override all the doubts about this drama.

  6. First drama I could live without the love story… I just hope SHK won’t mess it up.

    SJK looking good but how is it he still looks like boy!? 😀 But I know he will totally rock it like he did in TWDR and Nice Guy.

  7. What did you say? All’re wrong ..about Descendant Of The Sun’s lead casts in negative thought! They’re amazing screen couple who’re beautiful, attractive, chemistry and very good acting. They will bring to everyone….suprise….then…suprise, SHK and SJK…………..will make the viewers “glue with the screens”

  8. SJK is very much manlike in appearance with a young face. The voice is tantalizing. To my surprise watching TV and never noticed CFs, I watch and suddenly the cutest face appears. I stare wondering if it was wishful thinking, but I hear the voice and immediately know that it is SJK… Thrilled!

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