Suzy and Lee Min Ho Break Up Rumor Rocks K-ent, Turns Out to Be False as the Lovebirds are Still Together

I’m all about the young and pretty living life to the fullest, and looking fabulous while doing it. That’s basically what just went down the last six months with popular Korean stars Lee Min Ho and Suzy‘s whirlwind romance. K-ent is buzzing with the breaking news that the couple has ended their relationship, with an acquaintance of theirs citing busy schedules interfering with maintaining the relationship time together. It’s basically the same explanation given earlier this summer by Lee Seung Gi and Yoona when news broke that they broke up. Too bad it’s not true – both sides agencies have checked and turns out it’s a false alarm, the dynamic duo have not broken up!

This might be a good fire drill though, because much as I adore them together it’s most likely not going to last. If the break up rumor had been true, Suzy’s Korean uncle fans would have been thrilled to welcome Suzy back to single gal status, and same goes for some of Lee Min Ho’s ardent fans who either didn’t like him dating or didn’t like him dating Suzy in particular. Either way, both appear to be having a great time dating each other, so hopefully if and when they do break up they gracefully call it quits and revert to simply being friends. But for now they remain comfortably ensconced at the top of the K-ent dating star couple totem pole.

Lee Min Ho is currently vacationing in Europe and posted updates on his SNS accounts, which would have lead me to think it was a solo post-break up trip of sorts if they did break up. He looks chill and happy, as does Suzy in her recent public outing attending a brand event, which provides visual clues that all is well in their little cocoon of love. I’m a little relieved this young love didn’t go down as fast and furious as Moon Geun Young and Kim Bum‘s six month relationship in last 2013. But even if Lee Min Ho and Suzy do break up later on for reals, it’s still all cool with me as long as they made the most of going public with their romance so they can date without looking shifty, and enjoyed the relationship even if it didn’t go all the way. Romance doesn’t have to be forever for it to be worthwhile or memorable, sometimes the most alluring memories remain on the one that got away.


Suzy and Lee Min Ho Break Up Rumor Rocks K-ent, Turns Out to Be False as the Lovebirds are Still Together — 47 Comments

  1. Lee Min Ho does look happy, but Suzy not. She looks like there is a black cloud sorrounding her, very ,very heavy aura.depressing to look at her.

  2. Maybe they broke up and get back together again? Who knows? Or they really broke up but for the sake of their popularity, they’re hiding it. I believe no fire without smoke. But, it’s good if they’re still together. I don’t know, I just get the feels that Lee Min Ho is kinda guy that easy to flirt around.

  3. Lmao what kinda mediaplay. It’s as if their agencies leaked the break up news just so they can deny it and be like’ Oh look our two lovebirds really love each other, not like those other couples’.

    It`s not like they are gonna last, the moment he is to go to military they are over.

  4. lol romance doesn’t have to last forever but it’d be unfortunate if it ended due to public pressure and hate. I’m sure people who are date in private are making best of it as well… And most of them last longer…
    So I’m sure if they had a choice they would choose to date in private as well

  5. Call me a skeptic, but I sort of don’t believe it. Or they might be an on/off kind of couple. It looks better for couples to date longer than 6 months too. He was getting negative comments for all his exes (which is stupid) as well. Anyway, like you said it’ll happen eventually even if it’s not true now. This couple don’t scream lasting to me.

  6. I don’t know but I think the media flare up with dating and break up news today is there anything happen in Korea or what ???
    YYS and KJW the media said they are dating and agencies denied ….
    Seriously I hate the media playing to cover politicians .

  7. First the mess with Melon yesterday and today not only do they say these 2 broke up, but Kim Ji Won and Yoo Yeon Seok are apparently dating? WTH is happening in Korea? What are they trying to cover up with 2 dating/break up rumors and a sajaegi one?

  8. LMH looks chubbier by day, may be due to tension in a relationship and start turning to comfort food. They will deny for now as breaking up after just 6 months does not look good on LMH behalf.
    He would seems to get bored very fast.

  9. LOl why Koala you removed psh and suzy article after creating fanwar. KOALA IF YOU DON’T HAVE GUTS THAN BETTER DON’T WRITE SUCH SHIT. SOME HOW YOU ALWAYS TRY TO PUT DOWN PSH. write about someone else to grab attention. pathetic.
    about this couple they never been good at first place.

    • haha, it’s her blog. you are a guest in her ‘home’, it would be wiser to respect her decision..

      some artists/groups are disliked by others not bcuz of their own personalities.. but most bcuz of their fans.. let’s just respect each other, okay?just like i respect your opinion about this ‘beautiful’ couple 😀 peace yo!

      • “It’s her blog”


        “you are a guest in her ‘home’, it would be wiser to respect her decision”

        -Not really. This is internet, global open place. Everyone can see her words. since she doesn’t mind sharing her stuff, we can say whatever we want too.

    • hey @PSHforever, I am FSH fan also but I don’t think koala intended to create a fanwar. You and the rest of oversensitive fans who created that shit. She simply stated they look like a twin and what is wrong with that. this is her blog, she can discuss whatever she want. Now go shit on yourself.

    • As park shin hye fan I understand koala’s point of view she didn’the intend to bring fan wars but there are some ignorant people from both sides mis understood the actuall idea and jumping to coMarion games and relationships which is red zone from the start seriously I enjoyed the article but those intend to destroy the article .
      There are many articles beside koala brought both celebrities into one article .
      She didn’t put shin hye or Suzy down .

  10. @belp oh really? protecting our idol is called creating shit.. really clap for your though Duh! How they insult psh by reading all that it really hurts being her fan and you call it shit if you can’t protect her better not call yourself psh fan. True fan always protect his/her idol.

    • And you should as park shin hye to read the article before attacking the others @Belp and me who read the article don’t see in it a bad words or bad meanings toward uri shin hye so you should read it first to judge .

  11. I for one don’t really believe that distance makes the heart grow fonder. LMH is mostly filming in China and Suzy is also busy with her own activities so for this news to leak, there must have been trouble in paradise. The scheds of these celebs are really a romance killer. if they manage to make it work…. Good for them

  12. Shitty psh fans are always there in post related my oppa or about his bae. WTH is happening to korean media. @belp being a FSH fan go comment on her articles why shitting here they both are happy in relationship. stop dreaming your idol will be with my oppa.

  13. I can’t begin to imagine how difficult it must be for stars to date in Korea or anywhere for that matter. You simply cannot live your life under a microscope.

  14. Park Shin Hye fans always coming in LMH – Suzy articles to create fanwars. Leave them alone you dumbfucks. No wonder they call you PSHyco fans.

  15. LMH is being blackmail to continue this shit.! We all know there was never any relationship with Suzy. I pity both of them. But, same time admire LMH for the way he is sacrificing himself and taking the heat to protect the ones he loves , and Suzy unfortunately is not in that list as he has shown tons of time, and we all know. I hope LMH fans will stand by him and support him in this depressing endeavor he is going through that is hurting people close to him.
    Koala you sold your soul.

  16. How interesting that every time you put article about Suzy, Lee Minho and Park Shinhye, their fans (and antis) are coming out full force?
    The comment sections are always amusing, Koala!

  17. Seriously!!! PSH fans are so obsessed with LMH-Suzy article or love life,I mean GTFO,everything doesn’t revolve around ur PSH.Now I know,why I can’t seems to like PSH,even though I watch all her dramas(her fans make it difficult)And as for the PowerCouple,hope they enjoy their dating life to the fullest,both or should I say all the celebrities deserve to live their live be it dating or whatever!!!

    • Obsessed? Did you visit LMH weibo,facebook,instragam lately? Pictures of his vacation in Italy? I hope you know how to read and count. DOLCE & GABBANA.

  18. Am very sure they are still together, people just want to know the level they are now, some people are created and are professional in nosing around just to say something! negative/positive, on the other hand, some are not happy about this relationship, will want to do anything just to cause confusion, they started with men they thought date Suzy before, kisses on her movies and were real etc all is to not allow them to have peace of mind. Yes they are busy now but they have time for each other, are they going to be telling us when they want to visit each other? when charting BBM, What’s app etc on phones too!!.If they love each other, no rumour can shake them! They remain unshakable! !!!.I forseen this relationship leading to marriage and that is what LMH has been looking for hence he did not just jump into any relationship.Let us support them, encourage and pray for them if we are their fans Lmh or Suzy.

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