Kim Kang Woo Joins Moon Chae Won and Lee Jin Wook in Goodbye Mr. Black

Casting is coming along nicely for upcoming SBS Wed-Thurs drama Goodbye Mr. Black, otherwise known as Moon Chae Won and her hotties. The network hit ratings gold with currently airing medical revenge drama Yongpal, it’s likely hoping to retain the same audience for corpse mystery The Village, and after that dish out another serving of revenge with Goodbye Mr. Black. Or maybe The Village will have revenge in it as well, LOL. For now Goodbye Mr. Black is revenge set in the world of navy underwater demolition, or maybe that’s just the starting point setting to get the ball rolling.

The titular Mr. Black will be played by Lee Jin Wook, who is certainly indefatigable with drama roles after recently wrapping up weekend drama The Time I Loved You, while Moon Chae Won makes her much awaited drama land return as the plucky leading lady. Song Jae Rim is in talks as a supporting male lead, and even before he’s confirmed the production has just added Kim Kang Woo to the cast. Kim Kang Woo and revenge drama sounds like a match made in heaven, regardless of him playing the good or bad guy since he excels at both equally. Here he’ll be playing the director of a resort, while Song Jae Rim is up for the role of newspaper editor.

Directing Goodbye Mr Black is veteran SBS PD Lee Chang Min who helmed Giant, Midas, and Birth of a Beauty, while adapting the original manhwa story into the drama is the screenwriter Moon Hee Jung who wrote Missing You (I Miss You), Can You Hear My Heart, Glorious Day, Last Scandal of My Life, and Stairway to Heaven.


Kim Kang Woo Joins Moon Chae Won and Lee Jin Wook in Goodbye Mr. Black — 31 Comments

  1. So, Song Jae Rim still not confirmed yet? Who will be the villain and the second female lead? I just think this drama a bit messy with the casting. We knew female lead long time ago while the male lead (which is the most important part of this story just revealed few weeks ago). Then, we still didn’t get the one who’ll play the villain, who will be another key of this story, then suddenly we got Song Jae Rim and Kim Kang Woo.

    Somehow I think Kim Kang Woo is better as Mr. Black instead XD.

    I like the novel. Not read the manhwa. So, I will be so disappointed if they ruin the story. They already put fake marriage. I hope it will ruin the whole story TT TT.

    • i don’t think so i like the casting, they didn’t choose just pretty n popular actor as the cast,i like it, male lead doesn’t always have to announce first

    • I see Kim Kang-woo as Mr Black as well. I like both actors though, so I’m glad they’re in the same drama. And it’s always nice to have Moon Chae-won back.

      • Forgot to add. The casting is not messy. They are just trying to keep things under wrap. They don’t have to spell out from the caharcter description about who is going to be villain. And I see there won’t be exact same copy between the novel and the manhwa since from the novel itself, Swan didn’t even exist. Can tell that they will stick closer to the Goodbye Mr. Black, the manhwa not the novel.

        And for why we already heard about the female lead.. it is to attract public interest for the drama. This is always how they usually do with casting announcements. Someone with bigger starpower will get their namea announced first.

      • Makes sense.

        I didn’t realize that about hiding total character descriptions, but you’re right. This is a drama that will benefit from surprise twists.

        I think it’s 80% clear that LJW is the lead, KKW is the grey-but-almost-black evil guy, and SJR is a side character for the pretteh. And uhm… to add some nice people in the story, I guess.

        I love all casting news so far. 🙂

  2. i don’t think so i like the casting, they didn’t choose just pretty n popular actor as the cast,i like it, male lead doesn’t always have to announce first

  3. Casting is strong, which should mean this isn’t Writer Moon’s ‘on the fly’ type of script. She hasn’t come out with a drama in a couple years, so this may be a bit of redemption from the I Miss You fiasco. She got quite a bit of heat for her writing in that one.

    I have loved many of Writer Moon’s works, so I’m hoping this script is one of her most memorable ones. She does, however, usually write better male characters than her female characters, so hopefully this one will be a bit different. I’ve always loved the way she’s penned the relationships with the lead male characters in her stories. Please let this be true of Chae Won’s character as well.

    Hopefully, Chae Won has pulled Writer Moon aside and talked about her role. Chae Wonnie has always loved internally-strong female roles – I hope this character is the same.

    • Good thing is the writer doesn’t have to come up with a plot all by herself. I enjoyed watching “Smile, You” but that was a long weekend drama and a different genre. But again with a lovely cast – especially Jung Kyung Ho (still crying he wasn’t cast for the lead role in this one).

      Let’s not talk about “I miss you”… xD

      I can only hope that the writer can focus on penning out the characters well – especially Chae Wonnie’s. 🙂

  4. Can they switch KKW’s role with LJW’s? Then again if KKW is playing the villain then LJW wouldn’t really have the depth to play one. I secretly wish he accidentally breaks a leg so he can opt of the drama. I know it’s evil and I will be punished but I’m honestly not crazy about his acting.

    • lol That is HARSH! But I do agree, I, too am secretly hoping he somehow drops the drama. No reason needed. 😉 Just kidding. I am just not impressed with him. He already ruined one drama for me (the one with Ha Ji Won) and I just… do not want him opposite Moon Chae Won. So I hope Lee Jin Wook is the evil friend. lol

      • Oh c’mon the fall down of TTWWINL was not LJW’s fault..if you’re saying that its his acting that is to blame, it’s more appropriate to point fingers on HJW (she overdo her OA).. Oh well that series is just plain boring but I blame the writers for it, not the actors.

      • I didn’t say he was the (complete) blame for it. I just said he ruined that drama for me. lol Calm down, people!!!! Anyway, i still hope he plays the evil friend/antagonist. 😉

  5. people could be really overate blaming one actor becauase the drama fail in rating,the great casting couldn’t save bad story. honestly i see some kim kang woo projec n he always as villain so i couldn’t said is he could be good in sad n dramatic role n ljw also never act as villain so asking switch is something uncertain just accept the casting n drop it if you don’t like it. for me i believe ljw could take this drama, if many bad actor but popular could take lead role why the one who can act but not popular can’t take the role

  6. Oh… My conclusion is people are just jealous to LJW because He has a chance to act with HJW & now MCW. Why? Because they wanted their fave Oppa to work with these good actresses. Because LJW is not popular bla bla..because their Oppa is Oscars actor. Poor them. You did a big sin in previous life, that’s why your wish never become true 😅😅😅 And now even pray him to break his leg /out from this drama. People are just become silly, horrible, mean.

  7. Agree with you. It just because LJW unpopular and his previous drama is low rate. It’s funny when someone who just and only watch one of his drama critics his act. For someone whos hope LJW got accident, you should becarefull because sometimes if we hope bad happens to another people, it could turn to ourselves or our family member ‘watch your words girls its not something you can joke around’

  8. Given that people are free to express to their own judgement, but please do learn to filter what you are going to say. Can just some people learn to respect and give the actors a benefit of a doubt and trust what the production team has decided?
    You can seriously see who are immature ones based on the way they leave such rude comments.

  9. For Lee Jin Wook’s fans, don’t need to be angry. Some viewers love to see their OTP dreams or their favorite actors. So, don’t take it too serious. It always happen when the casts came out. Always positive and negative comments involved.

    For the people who don’t like Lee Jin Wook, you don’t need to say non sense things like wish him to get accident. It just show how immature you are. And nope, I’m not a fan of Lee Jin Wook or other actors in this drama.

    I just need good drama whoever the stars I don’t care since I love the original novel and movie.

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