K-ent Discusses the Eight Hallyu Stars Who Still Deliver Solid Drama Ratings in Recent Years

I feel like there are a handful of Korean drama actors and actresses who maintain success in the industry despite the declining ratings across the board, and the group is definitely larger than the eight being discussed here. K-news portal Osen recently published an article discussing the current four actors and four actresses who remain a lock in delivering ratings. For the ladies the group includes Gong Hyo Jin, Lee Bo Young, Hwang Jung Eum, and Moon Chae Won. The men is the expected foursome of Kim Soo Hyun, Joo Won, Lee Jong Seok, and Lee Seung Gi. I don’t disagree with this picks, but like I said above there are probably more than just these eight that are still able to bring in solid ratings time and again. And by solid it would mean 10% and more, rather than years ago when one needed to bring in 20% ratings on a consistent basis to be considered a reliable ratings champ.

I won’t go into a spiel about the ratings recent dramas ratings performance of these eight stars, other than pointing out that the article discusses how their dramas consistently generate buzz on top of delivering ratings that is solid for this day and age, they are also CF kings and queens so are beloved in that other television medium, and also they all have varying degrees of international appeal.


K-ent Discusses the Eight Hallyu Stars Who Still Deliver Solid Drama Ratings in Recent Years — 125 Comments

  1. Smiling with mouth open and showing their teeth is a better smile. It lights up your face and shows your honesty. LJS and LBY smiles are in sync. That’s why they’re the best OTP.

  2. yeap i actually watched all the 4 actresses recent dramas and they were really solid. same with the boys. some of them have under their belt some failed dramas but it’s one or two and doesn’t count when they have list of buzzy dramas instead..

    interesting that i don’t see LMH or PSH here. well maybe because LMH hasn’t done a drama for almost two years but i think PSH can be here too. LJG is not here too and i guess it’s due to SWWTN?

    • oh please don’t mention LMH and PSH here cuz their FAN- atics will come swarming and accusing koala for creating a fanwar.

      • Really, even here at Koala? I thought the immature readers will keep to Allkpop pr Scoopmi etc. I guess, you can find antis anywhere…

    • Its mediaplay because LSG hasen’t done a drama in two years and his last was bad as well not gu family book.. the other one after it..

      PSH absolutely deserves to be here. there is no criteria or anything they just put out very poor mediaplays.. I myself can report a better mediaplay to the masses

      • So if your fav isn’t on it it’s media play? LSG’s last drama did well regardless of if you liked it. Double digits throughout and #1 in the time slot even with the delays it suffered. Better avg ratings than PSH’s last drama too btw. I like PSH, but she hasn’t yet proven herself as a leading lady.

    • PSH dramas haven’t delivered good ratings. Only Heirs and Pinocchio… Her previous dramas were popular internationally but they had weak ratings.

      • well she had Heirs and Pinocchio so you can’t say her dramas haven’t delivered good ratings

    • shin hye has just started 😉 and no the ladies above brought higher ratings n consistent in the past years.
      koala can you do cover for shin hye appearance in Chanel Airlines Show SS collection in paris? being the only kceleb attended, irony tht she’s much happy n comfortable in foreign country with foreign celebrities rather than the Chanel Cruise FW collection last May in seoul even with the alledgedly ‘boyfriend’ ahaks!!! love the girl

  3. I absolutely agree with the females discussed however for the males, I realized that those males do bring in rating, but I don’t like them that much with the exception of Lee Seung Gi. My favorite male actors right now is Ji Sung and Jo In Sung. Can you believe it, I haven’t seen anything with Lee Jong Suk yet.

  4. Where is Soo ae and Kim hee ae ??? And there are week-end drama queens such as Kim hyun joo, Yoon jung hee and Kim eugene ???

    And for the men, not to forget Jo in sung, Kim rae won and Yoo ah in..

      • His cable drama, Secret Love Affair (JTBC) with Kim hee ae had high ratings > 5% that he even was nominated for Best Actor ( Drama Category ) in Baeksang Art Awards 2014. I think his new drama, Six Flying Dragons will success too.

      • I think she still counts because thr case for thr actresses are quite different with the actors. I mean, they are not as many who made it big? In fact, there are always articles discussing about how S.K ent is lacking or the successor for actresses in their 20’s as major big actresses are all pass 30s. That’s why we see a lot of noona-dongsaeng romance.

  5. There are definitely more than these eight actors who can carry solid ratings. For female, soo ae and kim tae hee also should be here. For male, SJS,JIS,JS,KRW and LMH deserve to join these foursome.

  6. Lee Jong-suk dosen’t belong on the list as well..

    He has had 4 leads in his career which 3 of them was medoicre and one successful rating that is I hear your voice..

    School 13: pinocciho: and doctor stranger was mediocre nothing special rating wise.. There are many ahead of him on this list people like suji sub, jo insung etc etc.

    If you look back on LSG, Joo won they have actully decent numbers compared to LJS who has nothing except one I hear your voice

    • Jongsuk survived the terrible slump of 2014 though. You can’t compare people’s ratings from years ago to his of last year, that wouldn’t be fair. Barely any 2014 dramas could stay above 10%. School 2013 did good and IHYV was a hit. Doctor Stranger and Pinocchio were hits for 2014 too. That’s why he’s considered a pull for ratings by the industry, his dramas are always #1 of its timeslot.

      If you’re to compare. It’s Okay It’s Love, which aired in 2014, didn’t do better than Pinocchio and DS. Nae Il’s Cantabile obviously did terrible. Jisub didn’t have a drama last year but IHYV did better than Master’s Sun in 2013.

      See how that works? You gotta be fair.

      • I’m being fair here.. There is nothing called the 2014 slump Yong-pal put that theory to sleep.. at the end of the day the people weren’t interested in watching these dramas for many reasons but one thing is for sure the number criteria always remains the same. If many dramas failed to build hype around them in 2015 its their problem but the TV-rating system is the same and people still has TVs in the living rooms but they decide to watch something else..

        School 13 did 12% average Rating, while Pinoccio was only 10% where DS did 11% all medoicre.. If you look back at LSG, Insung, Joo won, LMH, Yoo ah in etc etc will have better ratings then him by far.. It’s okay that’s love did better then Pinocchio on ratings..

        Medoicre is medoicre

      • @Calsaw

        Yongpal is not from 2014, it’s late 2015 now. If you’ve been following ratings, it’s been progressively getting better this year. Domestic movie sales are a lot higher than last year too. It was a huge slump last year. 2013 ratings and 2014 ratings were so staggeringly and abruptly different, you can’t just chalk it up to coincidence.

        I guess the industry disagrees with you seeing how he’s considered one of the most popular and in demand actors right now, and a huge hallyu star. And there’s a reason for that, he brings in the most money. In advertisement revenue for being #1 in his timeslot and export price.

        “It’s okay that’s love did better then Pinocchio on ratings..” – No it didn’t. Look it up. If you’re going to compare then compare compare dramas from the same time frame and take into considerate the turning tides of ratings. Would you compare dramas that got 40-50% ratings in the 1990s and say that makes the dramas that got 20% in recent years not hits? Of course not.

      • excuses and excuses your now saying one drama changed everything so all ratings are good cuz that was not the case for the scholar who walks the night

      • @Calsaw

        Just because ratings are progressively getting better doesn’t mean every drama is going to do great, there’s still going to be duds. And I said “getting better”, not that it’s full fledged back. How does that negate my point?

        Why is it that you ignore LSG, Jo Insung and Joowon’s slump ratings in 2014, but for some reason only try to invalidate Jongsuk? Jongsuk’s still made the most money, in the millions (usd), you can’t say the same about the guys you listed.

    • Duhh jongsuk’s drama were always at 1 for its time slot…he even could save DS, and korean just watched it for him…he is consistent, enough said.

  7. The readers are to be reminded that, koala only interpreted of what has been discussed in the K-ent news. She was not one who came up with the lists. If you think your biases deserve to be on the list, blame K-ent.
    On the other hand….
    Lee Jong Suk sshi !Please choose your next project ASAP. I miss you so much.

  8. This list is mostly spot on. Sure there are other people, but these 8 usually do deliver ratings. I think it’s a bit see for LJS though.

  9. Joo won had two dramas flops which were very bad in rating and storyline. At least LJS was able to save DS which is terrible in every way. Koreans watched DS because of LJS. It was around 11% rating. He deserves to be here.

  10. this type of mediaplay is disgrace to korean journalism and media. I don’t even read there media anymore… Mediaplay everywhere and everything is mediaplay

    • because they know people like some people here believe in every thing in Korean media and their bias. They never realized money laundering is used just to write rubbish article like this.

    • I think that’s an older picture, I watched her recent interview last week and she’s seriously gotten even more beautiful.

    • Perhaps because his drama rating formula has been hit-miss-hit-miss-hit that doesn’t show a solid status. So, he is out of the list. Even The heirs with good rating couldn’t help bring this guy some acting recognition.

      • Heirs had good rating but it didn’t give impact anything to lee min ho especially about his acting skill and even gangnam blues failed to give him acting awards…
        not to mention he had mediocre drama aka pers taste and failed drama aka faith…
        Above are the reasons he is not in the list

      • The Heirs was also lucky Secret ended since it was getting owned before. LMH overseas popularity is no joke, but he doesn’t have a great domestic track record.

      • What miss are you talking about??

        LMH has had 5 leads..

        1. Hit
        2. Medoicre
        3. Hit
        4. Mediocre
        5, Hit

        Where as LJS


        and KSH

        1. Hit
        2. Hit
        3. Hit
        4. Medoicre


        1. Hit
        2. Hit
        3. Mediocre
        4. Hit
        5. Medoicre

        Joo won has 2 flops in his list LMH dosen’t have but however has 2 medocire where as LJS drama 75% mediocre rating wise..

        On the other side.. LMH’s 3 Hit dramas were Mega Hits and went beyond the borders and became international phenomomens while BOFs and Heirs still going strong on DF and other portals..

        KSH may have had 3 hits but only 1 mega hit..

        LMH is the true king of dramaland and you all know it.. No has ever achieved more then LMH on that small screen

      • Medoicre ratings such as Personal taste and faith actully did better overall internationally then all Joo won, LGS, kSH(except his mega hit) and LJS ratings hits

      • @calsaw
        It’s not a popularity contest about how big the number of the ratings duhh,,people here have already explained it to you…read the article correctly

      • @Nugya

        the article dosen’t state any specific except CF king and queens.. which is far more false because all them has poor cf domistic then lmh except KSH and LSG even add the females.. the article is poorly mediaplayed and has no evidence to back up its claims

      • @Cheki

        You who came from the stars was a mega hit drama but TMETS has had the best domisitic ratings but far from a mega hit

      • I just checked, TMES won best actor and best drama at baeksang awards and got over 40% ratings for the finale. And it’s far from being a mega hit? Talk about harsh criteria.

      • @Calsaw

        I agree that LMH’s averages were far superior to some local hits overseas. not to forget that Boys over flowers, City hunter and Heirs caused craze overseas and has each over 1.2bil viewers in china and went latina america to many places all over the globe.. it would be moronic to claim anything else as the dramaland king except lmh

      • @Calsaw

        YAAS was not mediocre for LSG. You keep using ratings to reflect everything, when that’s not how it works. Faith was mediocre for LMH because it aired 4 years ago, wasn’t the #1 drama in the timeslot and had shitty ratings. YAAS was #1 even if the avg ratings weren’t amazing. I don’t know why you don’t get this. Say with Dr. Stranger, School and Pinocchio being hits. They were despite the lower ratings.

  11. Ha Ji Won should be on the list too since her only failed drama was the time bla bla bla *dont even remember the title*.

    She had solid rating as well, why nobody mentioned her?? just bcuz of one failed drama doesnt mean she didnt have great history 🙁

    Actually, in my opinion, Hajiwon is better than hwang jung eum in this list, but then, hwang jung eum picked good scripts for this past years..

    No Song Joong Ki?? 🙂

  12. right or wrong it depend on since when they count the rating, ex if the rating count start at year 2010 the highest rating average is ksh n joo won but if you counting in just 2 year the result could be different, it’s also de pend on how many project, if you do more drama there’s higher chance you get lower rating, you just doing 2 drama get high rating, it’s could be your luck but yo do 6 drama it’s really impossible all your drama get high rating

  13. The actors only depend on a good script for the ratings remain good so these items it’s only bla bla , only Gong Hyo Jin can save dramas others dropped with good scripts

  14. Joo Won should not be in the list? LOL.THE JOKE OF THE YEAR.
    All his dramas had more than 20% except 7GCS and TC.

    Baker king was 50%,Bridal mask was more than 23%,Good Doctor was 22%.If you want to count Ojakjyo brothers,it was 30+%. Yong Pal was 21%. STILL YOU GUYS dare to he doesnt deserve to be on the list?

    Even his flop 7GCS had ratings around 9% or 10%. It is only Cantabile which the rating was around 5.8%. Please. Dont anyhow accuse that JW doesnt deserve it because your idols are not here.Dont anyhow pull JW name. Leave us(Jw and his fans) alone.

    • eventhough i’m not a fan of JW,i have to admit,i actually watched all of his dramas expect Cantabile compared to the rest. he does deserved to be in the list.

    • IKR?! Joo Won delivers and is a really good actor. He definitely deserved to be on the list. He just really needs to boost his fanbase by more fan meetings maybe? Like someone said here, when an a-list actor only acts in 2-3 dramas in few years and it happened to garnered high ratings, it’s definitely luck but we forget that it’s a job for them and they need to keep going, there’s pressure of sustainability to have consecutive projects every year so there maybe projects w/ less favorable results than expected that can’t always be entirely their fault but at the end, what matters is that their loyal fans enjoyed it and they gained experience. There’s always next time to try better luck on projects.

      Lee Min Ho needs another City Hunter-type of impressive project again. I’m sure he’ll find the right project again next time.

    • Honestly I don’t get why people are confused by this list. he was on the highest rated list behind KSH I think. But because he’s some dramas that didn’t do too well he wouldn’t be on here. This is a list of people are have consistently solid ratings. Doesn’t’ mean every drama has massive ratings, but they don’t have flops (Nodame for example).

    • i don’t understand king hallyu fans why look down JW always

      if his drama flop 2 but hits drama never less than 20 % until now!
      in 2015 yongpal pass 20+ SWP 18 producer 17

      he hasn’t more fans but can win every king lol

  15. joo woo should not be on the list. he have two flop drama. LMH should take his place. all his drama is a hit. only down side to him is his acting is not on par with joo woon.

  16. Really? I will not watch a drama with most of them. The only ones on this list I will watch a drama with is Joo Won for the guys. Lee Bo-Young and Moon Chae-Won for the ladies. I pray that Joo Won is never in a drama with either Hwang Jung Eum or Gong Hyo Jin. The other guys on the list, I will watch if something else about the drama captivates me, such as the leading lady or the story, or another cast member. But I will never watch a drama for them. They do practically NOTHING for me. Not acting, not even handsome or sexy.

  17. though I prefer joowon than lmh, I also think lmh deserve to be on the list than joowon, though joowon past drama had very high rating, still, he has 2 fails while lmh isnt have any fail yet since bbf.. we dont talk about quality of drama or acting, we talk about how consistent the success of the drama of these actors… lmh definitely more deserve than joowon to be on the list.

  18. It’s not about how big the number of the rating, it’s about consistensy people…
    All lee jong suk drama were 1st for its time slot, DS and pinocchio àhad rating 10%+ which were hit in 2014 slump…
    You can’t generalize the number of ratings every time, the situation at that time affect it:
    1999=50% hit
    2000+=20% hit
    2014=10% hit
    So, the number of ratings is not the only factor to measure the success of drama, kill me heal me was a success althouht it had average rating 9%.
    Joo won and lee min ho should not in the list if you look at the consistency tbh because they had failed drama in terms of rating of course and budget (not to mention suck storyline).
    Joo won had cantabile 4% in 2014 (flop) and his other drama in mbs was also a flop
    Lee min ho had faith 9% in 2012 (flop) and his pers taste didn’t create buzz or anything
    But if you want to choose between them to be in the list, lee min ho deserves it then than joo won
    DS was a mess, everyone knows it but jongsuk amazingly could save the rating until the end…

    • LJS fans trying hard here by using timelines and what not.. when saying on the up the times changed again bc of Yong-play kekekeke.. 3 medoicres thats alot of averages on Lee Jong-suk we should call him Lee Average-suk

      • My dear, yongpal was in the end of 2015, and yes nowadays the rating of drama is getting better again,
        Ok then, you can say jongsuk had 3 mediocre rating numbers which were 1st for its time slot though…and all the drama were 10%
        at least he is better than joo won who had totally flop drama and had 4% for its rating, he couldn’t save cantabile alone

    • I agree
      Many people don’t understand the article and keep saying hit or not based on the big number of ratings, lol…yes lee min ho and joo won had massive rating but they had flop drama, they shouldn’t be in the list

      • Name one Lee Min Ho drama that failed? out of the 5? He has not flopped with a drama go and check the numbers for yourself

      • @calsaw
        you keep talking about the numbers of rating, lol
        we are talking about how success the drama at that time not based on the numbers

    • As I stated before Faith has never flopped.. over 10% is medoicre and no faith didn’t have 9 as you stated which is false infos.

      over 10% is safe and secured average numbers. flops are below 10

      • @calsaw
        Okay its 10% my bad, but it was still considered flop in 2012 my dear, not to mention it was also a flop based on the budget…

      • LMH has alot of haters who will sing about his mediocre ratings as even flops but that was far from flop regardless of the budget because the numbers are there even in 2012 above 10% was never a flop or at any time….

        While Faith did wonders overseas by breaking records in Japan.. Decent drama overall

      • What is worrying is that Lee Jong-suk having average account as successful.. there most be low expectations on him..

        School 13 louded as success where it is as clear as day mediocre.. two faced mediaplay from even the timeline they say dramas were decent and now they want to use timeline as excuses.. lame ass excuses

      • @inAirs

        Numbers are numbers you know and the fact that he has 3 mediocre won’t change and the 2 last of them being mediocre.. the populations is the same and if they failed to draw interest to there shows its there shortcomings but no slump or anything can be used as excuses out of it.. Yongpal being a clear example here

      • @Calsaw

        It doesn’t matter what YOU measure as a hit because the industry and the Korean public/knetizens consider Pinocchio and Doctor Stranger hits. It’s funny that you’re still arguing this when it’s a consensus.

      • @forgetmyusername

        Hits? oh woow thats all I can say to this.. the numbers are against him they have to concede this in one way or the other

      • Pino&DS hits buahahahaha thanks for the laugh even LSG’s You’re all surrended and KSH’s Producers did better then both who are both rightfully considered mediocres on domisitc ratings

      • @Calsaw

        Why would they need to concede when those dramas really were hits in South Korea? You know, the place they live so they would know best lol. Let’s be honest, you’re the one that doesn’t understand how this works.

      • @forgetmyusername

        There is no way korea consider these 2 tv-shows as hits when they have seen more hits thru the years.. they are not unintelligent and they pretty much know whats bc they have database on things such as numbers.. I’m out peace

      • Seriously you went to far there for me to take this convo serious anymore.. whatever floats your boat

      • Thinking you’re mad would make me sleep better? What kind of a comeback…

  19. Lol, so much fun to see fandoms keep fighting for a rating poll.

    KSH should be left out of this fight because even his mediocre drama has much higher rating than other actors’ “hits”, and none of them are below 15%.

    LMH is definitely NOT king of dramaland because of his non-SOLID ratings, but if I were his fan, I would undoubtedly disagree with LJS and JW being in the list, but not him.

    Can’t understand how SK media could consider LJS’s 15% and around 10% “solid rating”.Must have been solid average rating, not solid hit rating, and of course can’t be compared to LMH’s.

    JW has a similar rating formula as LMH’s : hit-miss-hit-miss-hit, while hit rating is similar, but miss rating is even much lower to LMH’s. So the reason why he is the list probably because his acting is considered much better than LMH, and he had two other dramas before then that had high ratings to support?

    LSG is the past.

    • Come with something realistic? You said LMH has 2 misses? then where are these so-called misses? and wanting to justify 3 mediocre ratings shows by LJS as solid rating.. its like cartoon writing for kids.

      Stop forcing the issues Lee Min Ho has never had any flops let that sink.

      Faith: 10.1% average rating
      Personal taste: 11.7% Average rating


      Pinocchio: 10.7%
      Doctor stranger: 11.7%
      School: 12.4%

      JW: had 2 flops one around 5% and the other 8%or9%

      LMH’s both average drama has done better Internationally then all of LJS dramas except perhaps Pinocciho doing good in china only?

      Now tell me where are the flops? come with hard evidence or stop posting nonsense

      • I tend to agree here and just think that its very hard to mediaplay LJS results and JW’s flops and make them come across as something real even tho I like them both but its hard to agree with them being on this list

      • LJS’s dramas were RECENT. LMH’s were not. It’s not that hard to understand. And no, Youngpal does not mean everything flopped before. Faith if I remember also had a rather big budget/high expectations and was not only a commercial (domestic) flop, but didn’t do well critically.

      • @mel

        Give it up, they’ll never understand how this stuff works lol. It’s interesting because international kdrama fans try so hard to downplay Jongsuk’s popularity, when the Korean public acknowledge that he’s very popular.

      • @Mel

        I really didn’t want to drag this out but its like you saying that Blue is actully not blue.. the numbers are the same despite the budget of faith.. you should rather concede this debate and take the road.. because you have evidence to back this up except saying it was this and that while the draw was the same

      • ”I meant you don’t have evidence to back this up its just blah blah at this point”

        You ain’t convincing anybody with these 3 mediocres

      • Talk about a career build on Mediaplay and lame Medoicre shows and puppets like Mel trying to tell us that they were hits. do we look like kids to you? ROLF anywayz nice try and still MR.Average

    • That and the fact that LMH is not as well liked in SK as the rest. His market is overseas. Whether it’s surveyed from audience or industry experts, LMH rarely makes the cut on any lists conducted in Korea.

      • just poor mediaplay nothing to write home about how korea feels about him or not.. LJS and JW as no place whatsoever due to poor results period

      • LMH is definitely popular, but it’s a curious case in which the Korean public tends to forget he exists half of the time. But he IS popular, he’s getting stickers from the public at the 2015 Korean Drama Festival too, see: http://i.imgur.com/ywiyxzQ.jpg

      • Sigh, mediaplay is always against LMH….. time to change agency. Other than that, I cannot think of ANY other reason why LHM is not on this list or any list!

    • Producer Avg was 12.5% and it aired against nothing. So think about about the whole 15%….

      And LSG is still known for delivering solid ratings. Nothing past about it.

    • LoL, anyone would wish his bias would flop like LSG, unless the others, you shouldn’t forget he was at the top since he debuted, still slaying as a singer/variety star and CF rankings prove everything, you chose the wrong person to argue with.

      Let’s talk again when whoever you’re praising keeps a top position more than 1 years into debut 😉

  20. well kind of agree tho. all of them basically bring good ratings, eventho some of their project kinda fail.

    just, i want to add Ji Sung on the list.
    he’s maybe not as popular as the others, but he kinda bring buzz in his latest project, such as protect the boss, secret and kill me heal me. i’m quite sure he’ll add more later.

  21. Joo Won until the end, hehehe, but i like other actors too but not on the same level of Joo Won oppa in terms of acting capability.:)

  22. I agree with the fact that LMH is the king of Dramaland. The only one who could come in this convo is KSH as mentioned the only one huge drama that sticks out is MLFTS where LMH has 3 really big heavyweight hits under his belt. No discussion for me there LMH ftw

    • lol no.

      BoF and Heirs – same basic formula. Dramas built on hype and nothing else.
      PP and Faith – crap
      City Hunter – his only good drama.

      • What is good is subjective if wasen’t good for you it did it for the majority of drama viewers which technically makes it most loved tv-shows..

        Why don’t you step inside the screen and see for yourself if you can achieve that feat making korean materiel that popular at the end of the day talk is talk and what is good is subjective let the viewers talk for themselves not one single bitter individual.. The Kdrama fans favorite is LMH by far because they love his acting and his projects.. which pretty much shows how popular and his SNS followers demonstatre that..

        You bitterness won’t change the fact that his pretty much the Kdrama king 50-million + plus followers gained from the screen.. you should rather start to appreciate what hardwork gains people

      • @Calsaw

        Jesus… You need to reel in the crazy. I have nothing against LMH, but coming in contact with his fans has been a trip. No wonder you guys have a bad reputation, I thought only idol fans were this rabid. Peace out.

  23. The bottom line is that they are nugus for a reason.. they didn’t do enough good to capture the fans hearts. so there little bitter fans should concede this fact and act accordingly to there status and stop labelling flops as desparately hits get a life nugu fans

    • I have seen that video for a long time ago and some others that are even worse from Airang they are pretty much anti-lmh..

      there is even a far worse one hiring panel of experts to only crap on LMH.. they are certified anti-lmh team.. search that one up write the 4 new hallyu kings of something.. LMH has his fair share of haters I concede that fact..

      but JW/LJS has no right on any list with ratings and thats the truth period

      • why do you think all these medias victimised LMH? Why not other actors…they are so many actors out there why only LMH get to be be played media? According to you he had solid rating, very popular bla bla and yet, they’ve never included him in their list. The fact he is currently dating ‘daughter of the nation’ Miss Suzy should make him well loved by journalists. I can’t think of any reason other than he is really THAT mediocre according to industry standard and does not belongs to top 4.

      • I pity LMH for having a fan like you. Stop blaming other and pull JW or LJS names when they have solid evidence to show that their dramas have solid ratings for most.

        Well,if you want to defend your oppa,defend at all cost. NO need to call out for other actors. A fan like you only make LMH reputation bad. I SEE why mediaplay is taking place. Because of crazy fans like you that irritate reporters.

  24. mathematically no such numbers make any sense to be rated anything worth note and can’t be mediaplayed.. thats the bottom line truth

  25. V@mel: you don’t need to make yourself this stupid by saying “Producer Avg was 12.5% and it aired against nothing”. Since when has “solid rating” term meant “average rating”? About Producers: though it didn’t literally air against any drama competitors, it was still against some variety shows that have built a certain rating before during several seasons. Wasn’t it the very first Korean drama that used the variety-drama formula? Any new experiences have their own risk of failure and success. Btw, did any flops/ miss of other actors in the list have many strong competitors? I don’t think so.
    And LSG: FYI: Up to you. I don’t believe in his “hit-miss-hit-miss” formula.

    @HopesDD: do you think you are another example of idiots on this blog? People are talking about solid drama rating, then keep “slaying as singer/variety and CF ranking” for yourself unless you yourself mean those stuff plus “national son-in-law” title helped him a lot to get more attraction to his dramas. Some other actors don’t have this advantage. @mel: you don’t need to make yourself this stupid by saying “Producer Avg was 12.5% and it aired against nothing”. Since when has “solid rating” term meant “average rating”? About Producers: though it didn’t literally air against any drama competitors, it was still against some variety shows that have built a certain rating before during several seasons. Wasn’t it the very first Korean drama that used the variety-drama formula? Any new experiences have their own risk of failure and success. Its rating was said to be thanks to KSH, wasn’t it? Btw, did any flops/ miss of other actors in the list have many strong competitors? I don’t think so.
    And LSG: FYI: Up to you. I don’t believe in his “hit-miss-hit-miss” formula.

    @HopesDD: do you think you are another example of idiots on this blog? People are talking about solid drama rating, then keep “slaying as singer/variety and CF ranking” for yourself unless you yourself mean those stuff plus “national son-in-law” title helped him a lot to get more attraction to his dramas. Some other actors don’t have this advantage.

    • Okay, so I’m stupid, thank you for pointing it out. The thing is you -whoever your bias- downplay him as an actor saying he has the advantage of “title”, then go around saying he’s the past to which I said he’s still successful in 3 areas. Definetly not “past”. Now I hope it’s simple enough for you.
      I don’t even understand those claims about ratings and wars when the storyline is the most important (most of the time, don’t understand Heirs and Yongpal’s case), tho the first episode’s ratings depends on the stars popularity. To explain it better, LSG’s last drama had a start of 12% ratings, the story sucked but it still got better average ratings than IOIL that aired right after and was known for its great plot (and had both JIS and GHJ)
      Don’t call me stupid and try getting some sense instead. And I’ll repeat my last sentence, let’s argue again when the others stay at the top for more than 10 years.
      PS: Yoo Seung Ho got a national title and he’s just an actor, why can’t the other get one as well?

  26. lol seung gi is the past???wth.. Youre all surrounded had a rating of 12.5-13.5%+ rating..and its one of the weakest storyline of seung gi’s drama.. If you are a kdrama fan
    ,you know seung gi is one of the king of ratings in korea.

  27. Watching Korean dramas, more and more…………, seeing Korean medias and fans who control the news’ article, MOST of them are ‘faked’!
    So no focusing about NEWS’s LIST,…..LIST. Having own list!
    Not favor, all, both list!

  28. i don’t care that JW had bring down . he shouldn’t TOP LIST , 4 KING HALLYU ETC

    long time provide that ha can stand actor has high ratings in more dramas without hardcore fans support( he never win in popular vote) without media play .

    true actor not Celebrity who drama or movie is secondary

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