K-movie Version of Heirs Underway and Kim Eun Sook Prepping Next Drama Involving Folklore and Monsters

Who’s ready for another serving of Heirs? Based on the latest development news, it’s more likely than not that the whole crew will be reuniting for a shorter second go-around in Kim Eun Sook‘s version of rich kids and their love and inheritance woes. Production company Hwa & Dam Pictures, who produced the original Heirs, has inked a production contract with a Chinese studio financing company to jointly produce the K-movie version of Heirs. If this was an overseas remake then the cast would be different, but a Korean movie produced by the same production company naturally leads me to think that the point is to have the original Heirs cast back for a two hour walk down memory lane. Otherwise why bother, right? I hope to god there is a massive time jump, straight past college and into late twenties territory, if you please. The project is currently underway with an eye towards a late 2016 release in movie theaters. I don’t know if Kim Eun Sook will be involved in the Heirs K-movie, but she has upcoming KBS drama Descendants of the Sun hitting the small screen in 2016, and she’s now working on her next drama aimed at late 2016.

Kim Eun Sook’s next drama, the one after Descendants of the Sun, will also be produced by Hwa & Dam Pictures. All I know so far is that theĀ setting is Oriental folklore and monsters, which is a loooooong way from her early days of doing melo like Lovers in Paris or soul swapping hijinks in Secret Garden. She’s currently prepping and doing research, and plans to write the script in early 2016. She’s known for her detailed research and early writing of scripts, in fact her script for DotS is completely done already and the reason that drama hasn’t aired yet is due to fully pre-producing it for simultaneous airing in China.


K-movie Version of Heirs Underway and Kim Eun Sook Prepping Next Drama Involving Folklore and Monsters — 19 Comments

  1. Yeah, I really didn’t care for the story in Heirs but I did like the cast so I’ll probably watch, even if it is just for Kim Woo Bin.
    I am looking forward to the one about folklore though, we need more monster dramas. Lol Done well, I mean.

  2. Hmm Kim woo Bin has a drama at the beginning of 2016, so IDK how he’ll manage to film both that and the movie, unless his appearance in the movie is very brief. LMH has to enlist in spring and even if he didn’t have a drama, there’s no way he has time to play the main guy for a movie as well. As for the girls, if the writer gets involved, I could see Kim Ji Won in the movie since she’s already in one of KES’s 2016 dramas, but otherwise idk. And PSH is filming a movie right now or about to film one and then she wants to return to college, so she might take a break. And the others were pretty much all idols, so it depends on their music promotions. All in all, don’t get your hopes up about a full cast reunion.

    • shin hye already started her final semester in september and will graduate early next year around february i think but can she put her hands of the movie… unless cha eun sang transforms 360 to a bitchy kickass lady

  3. They really disrespect his skills as an actor and think all of his fame and large fans is just a fluke or freak accident. I have never in my life seen an actor get disrespected this much which is a knife to heart since its from his own people.

    But the things he can do with his characters is amazing that is what is drawing ppl emotionally to his characters and you will start to like his characters by default because he puts so much emotion into them. He appears real when he acts and sometimes you would think its not acting thats how much realistic he appears and this kid being loved so much around the globe is not a fluke and never been a fluke and some might say well he looks good but I disagree there because lets be honest his not the must handsome actor out there you have people like Jo In sung, Wonbin, Hyunbin, SSH, etc etc who are far superior to him in looks. its more like his way of being his moves, smiles, acting etc etc and his personality is drawing as well.

    He can put alot of emotions into his characters especially his eyes and thats what is mostly drawing him to people. people are really satisfied with his acting but these in the industry are not willing to give him his due and take him forgiven. If he was from any other country like china, japan, india etc etc he would have been appreciated accordingly. His sadly caught in the DMZ-zone.. at this point his only viewed as sacrificial lamb to mediaplay with and gain something from his association.

  4. thank u very very very much for saying that.believe it or not most people love him for his acting and personality.wheather people think he can act or not but the fans he has now know him through his dramas n that speak for something.he has the skills, so i hope he get a good script for his next drama.

  5. Well, I don’t see a reason some of the people would come back to Heirs. Seems both leads could move on to bigger and better things now. Though I guess a really nice paycheck could get LMH and PSH back. Not that I really see the reason to retell such a terribly dull story to begin with.

    • Me 2 I wish that but sadly think Kim tan is going to bounce on his bitch eun-sang in this movie and perhaps get kids and stuff like that

  6. I am more insterested with the folklore drama than k movie ?? I hope the quality of the costumes are just like what I see in Chinese and Japanese dramas ?

  7. Oriental folklore and monsters? I hope they pre-produced it too.. and why do I suddenly thought of Kang Dong Won?.. lol.. nevermind me, I’m still obsessing him and I thought KDW have a lot of supernatural going on to him..

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  9. There is no reason to watch if Lee Min Ho is not in it. I can suffer through bad Kim Tan acting as long as I can look at him! LOL! Giving Woo Bin only a cameo appearance would be the final nail in the coffin of reasons to not watch the movie version!

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