Period C-drama Braveness of the Ming with Hans Zhang and Park Min Young Release New Drama Stills

I’m digging how not bad upcoming peroiod C-drama Braveness of the Ming looks. I know that’s hardly a resounding vote of confidence, but hear me out considering I see C-drama stills by the boatload and most make me want to rinse my eyes out. Some are too dour and dull, others too silly and bizarre, but Braveness of the Ming is striking the right balance of colorful vibrancy without crossing the line into cheap gaudy. It’s hard to reign costume designers in, and throwing a lot of visual embellishments doesn’t mean it’s all being used appropriately. Here we have girly and cheerful female lead Park Min Young decked out in all the right shades and styles, while male lead Hans Zhang does his usual stand straight and look serious period pose he’s perfected. I still have oodles of residual goodwill for Park Min Young since Healer so hopefully her next project since that cult hit will serve her nicely in broader career development.


Period C-drama Braveness of the Ming with Hans Zhang and Park Min Young Release New Drama Stills — 31 Comments

  1. this style PMY is one of the most beautiful lead actress out there but her healer style was bad just being honest and I guess its the hairstyle..

  2. Park Min Young really suits period Chinese clothing so well, she carries the entire look beautifully. Sometimes modern stars just don’t suit the ancient look, but that’s not the case with her.

  3. Hi Ms. Koala
    I think the best drama showing now is Lang Ya Bang. It’s really good…hope you are watching and enjoying it too. 🙂

    • I know right? Sad it’s ending in 4 days, but at least the upcoming drama seems promising with the same scriptwriter and producer, and starring Wallace Huo (and Wang Kai, the actor playing Xiao Jing Yan is also in it)!!! Man there seems to be no dearth of great CDramas this year!! To be honest, after watching this series of dramas, the above drama already seems too gaudy, but hopefully the script will be good…

      • Ivana:

        The only Cdrama I’ve watched this year is You Are My Sunshine, coz Koala recommended it. I enjoyed the drama quite a bit. I’m super selective with what I watch, since I only allow myself an hour a day of drama viewing. You seem to think that there are a lot of good Cdramas this year, which are your top 3? Maybe I can check them out over the next few months.

      • SY: The Disguiser from the same production team is excellent. The pace is even faster than Lang Ya Bang, the only thing is some people might not like the period that the drama sets in, as it also romanticized communist ideals, but is not as bad as some of the other dramas of the same genre. Nevertheless, if you ignore that, the acting, scriptwriting, directing, and production are all top notch. It should also be a very interesting watch after Lang Ya Bang, and might feel like it’s describing the afterlife of the Lang Ya Bang characters. I enjoyed A Journey of Flower before this, but the Disguiser and Lang Ya Bang truly elevated the quality of C dramas to another level. I’m also waiting excitedly for “Love Me If You Dare”, which again is from the same production team (and the same script writer as Lang Ya Bang), starring Wallace Huo.

    • Oh yessss. Lang Ya Bang is so good! I’m currently waiting eagerly for ep 45 and 46 to be out on youku. Its quality is on par with older cdramas like Tian Long Ba Bu, something that’s very rare in cdramas nowadays.

    • Lang Ya Bang aka Nirvana in Fire – Yes what a good drama! I will be satisfied by just watching normal daily activities of Méi zhǎng sū (the main character) and his friends & assistants. They are fun to watch. Also the poor ‘buffalo’ – when will he find out the truth?

      • I caught a couple of episodes over the weekend when my father was watching it. Intriguing plot and wonderful production value.

  4. I am so sorry but I am severely distracted by that seemingly detached portion of hair hangong off the side of her forehead in that first picture. It looks lile some sort of feeler… but other than that she looks gorgeous!

  5. Park Min Young the most lovable,alluring, and adorable Korean actress i ever admired…shes the best in all her craft.. Hope to see more of Healer and the Phenomenal Healing couple..

  6. I want to see the surgeon who made the surgery on Park Min Young so that I can also have a lovable, alluring and adorable face like her. 🙂 But i guess i wont since i am too afraid with those surgeries. haha 😀

    She is one of the actresses who suits to historical costume, and i guess not every actress will shine in historical costume.

    • Wow,what makes you so bitter? Well, you need money for the surgery but then you need first to overhaul your manners and attitude before you go find the surgeon.

    • Fake compliments don’t make your point valid; it just tells others you have lost your class and control. No matter how lovable, alluring or adorable you want your face to be, if you truly meant that, you wouldn’t be happy. Remember there’s nothing more beautiful than a person who goes out of their way to make life more beautiful for others. Inner beauty and Park Min Young has that naturally.

    • wait, you guys must be over sensitive. @Shannon @Eibhlin

      Fist of all, let make clarify i was not even insulted PMY in any way you think it might be. What is so wrong if I want to go to the same surgeon,because this surgeon definitely do the great job. They are plenty of actresses who did the surgery but not all turn out to be this pretty.

      PMY must be your bias that you cant see ppl even touch her PS even a bit. I do like PMY too regardless of her natural or not natural face. But even PMY herself didnt embarrased to acknowledge the fact that she did PS, what made you as fans feeling so insecure?

      • Aw come on, we can give compliments without side comments you know. Even if you meant well but with side comments destroy don’t need to brandish that PMY had a surgery because many knows that issue well and you’re right PMY herself admitted it so, it shouldn’t be an issue anymore. Let’s just give compliments setting aside old negative issues.

      • @Shannon.

        I don’t find it as an issue at all. If you find it as an issue, it is yours. For me, it wont be an issue. if you think, by saying she had a PS as a negative comment, well it must be you the one who are extra sensitive.

  7. Something difference for PMY on Chinese drama, but believe is a great drama too with Hans Zhang! But have to wait till next year to release?

  8. Koala, the still where Hans Zhang is kneeling and is surrounded by men is not from Braveness of the Ming. It’s from one of Hans Zhang’s older dramas, Heroes of the Sui and Tang Dynasties.

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