Charming Drama Previews for J-dorama 5-ji kara 9-ji made Premiering this Monday

This Monday night October 12th is the premiere of Fuji TV J-dorama 5-ji kara 9-ji made (From Five to Nine), starring a full cast of well known Japanese acting stars who each can and have headline their own doramas. Ishihara Satomi is the English tutor modern female lead being set up on a matchmaking date with Yamashita Tomohisa‘s Shinto monk female lead. She’s clearly not keep on marrying or even dating a monk, however secular the modern ones are now, not to mention she has plenty of other male attention in the form of good friend Furukawa Yuki and colleague Mokomichi Hayami. Fuji TV finally released substantive previews for the dorama and all I can marvel at is how perky and cute Satomi is playing this role, with a great balance of screwball energy and strong personality self-awareness. When she says “Excuse me?” is pitch perfect, not to mention her gorgeous package makes it understandable that so many guys would be buzzing around her wanting a chance.

Drama preview for 5-ji kara 9-ji made:


Charming Drama Previews for J-dorama 5-ji kara 9-ji made Premiering this Monday — 15 Comments

  1. satomi-chan does look good but i think yamapi’s acting irk me.he looks so stiff, for me at least.i was waiting for the drama bcause i read the manga.but the trailer doesnt really appealing to me.will wait for review

  2. awww..I really look forward to this. Missed those Jdorama heydays. Remember Long Vacation, Love Generation, Hoshi no Kinka..sigh.

  3. The last dorama I watched was Rich Man, Poor Woman so you know how long ago that was. Honestly, as much as I have a soft spot for Yamapi because of his Nobuta and Kurosagi days, I’m watching this for Ishihara Satomi. That girl is so adorable and talented. And on a shallow note, can I just say how beautiful she looks at the first photo? Her makeup and her face are so perfect. T__T

  4. I started watching the first episode.. It’s hilarious..hearing so many Japanese Actors speaking English! HAHAHAH. (It’s a good thing they picked the actors who can at least speak decent English..)

    Plus I’m so jealous of Satomi that she’s got 4 guys after her.. The other female students and teacher in the school are also very good looking. They definitely picked some great looking actors and actresses and also have other well known female actors and actresses to be in this drama. This is quite the stellar cast!

      • I watched it online with no subtitles.. (I’m fluent in Japanese) If you are looking for the episode in English subtitles, I’m not sure where you would be looking..possibly youtube? Viki? If you can understand chinese, I think Maplestage has it with chinese subtitles.

        I’m sorry I’m not much help! 🙁

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