Lee Jun Ki Cast in Hollywood Sci-fi Action Movie Resident Evil 6


Are those flowers for me, Jun Ki-sshi? Clearly not, as my man was looking mighty dapper recently attending the Korea Drama Awards to receive a prize. It has been an odd year being a Lee Jun Ki super fan, I loved that he was cast in Scholar Who Walks the Night as the role being perfectly suited for him, but the drama ended up just not working for me at all the longer it went on, to no fault of Lee Jun Ki doing his best.

It’s only been two months since the drama wrapped and I was expecting him to announce his next project, but this one totally caught me off guard. Lee Jun Ki is going to Hollywood, y’all! He’s been cast as a supporting role in the upcoming Resident Evil 2 opposite series star Milla Jovovich. Lee Jun Ki is already filming the movie in South America and below is the first snap of kickass zombie fighter Jun Ki with his beautiful costar Milla.


Lee Jun Ki Cast in Hollywood Sci-fi Action Movie Resident Evil 6 — 24 Comments

  1. Good for him! Hope he gets some good exposure from the role so he can flex his acting chops even more. Resident Evil 2 though? This is probably the 4th or 5th RE movie starring Milla.

  2. ah … so happy for him. Nowadays more and more Korean actors and actresses are getting Hollywood exposure. currently watching sense8 awesome drama starring Bae Donna. she is awesome!

    • Yes, right ? I was so surprised when I saw her!! After watching Gloria I really started to like her.. She is awesome in Sense8.

  3. He’s in South Africa, I wish it was in South America… And yes, Resident evil is not a great movie franchise but Hollywood is a very hard place for a foreign actor so they usually begin with what they can get. I hope he keeps doing more Korean dramas and seldom goes out for a project, I really don’t want him to move to LA.

  4. nt Evil film series is the highest grossing film series to be based on video games of all time, having grossed US$915 million worldwide.[1] It is set to conclude in January 27, 2017 with a sixth film, Resident Evil: The Final Chapter, written and directed by Anderson.
    I beg to differ ladies… Hardly a small jump for our dashing young man! Kick Ass! That’s what I would say.

  5. I think Nakashima Mika has also been filming as she was the “original” reason why the virus (or whatever) spread.
    She was featured in the flashback scenes.
    He might not even need to speak very much english.
    I wish Asian actors going to Hollywood would get better roles then the obvious Ninja, I’m surprised that Watanabe Ken has been able to not be typecast as much as others. Also Sanada Hiroyuki has done some more interesting work.

  6. OMGGGGGG I’ve been waiting for Resident Evil 6.
    I’m a fan of Mila (and Resident Evil, of course) and Lee Jun Ki oppa in it makes me even more excited!! I love them both!!

  7. Good for him. As to him being in a Hollywood B-movie, I believe that Rain also got into Hollywood B-movies as an evil chairman’s secretary-thug. And Jun-Ki is the better actor.

  8. Agree,Judy. Non-gamers are clueless. RE is global, literally and it’s certainly not Hollywood B cause it’s not meant for just the Hollywood audience. The exposure for Joongi sshi is greater than it’s ever been for Rain. LJG’s not selling sexy, he sold talent.

  9. Oh my…. Although I have not seen any of the Resident Evil series, I know he will do his best like always. I only hope that getting his foot in the doors of Hollywood will open more opportunities for him. This can only be a good move.

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