Real Life Friends Yoo Ah In and Jung Yumi Adorably Pal Around at Fashion Show

There’s a new odd couple in fashion town and it’s none other than real life very good friends Jung Yumi and Yoo Ah In. I don’t mean to write very good friends as some sort of wink wink implication that they’re more, I genuinely between opposite sex folks can be platonic good friends not to mention this particular friendship is well known and long standing in K-ent so I doubt Yoo Ah In and Jung Yumi would be so open if they were secretly dating. Not that I would have a problem with that either, it would be super cool if some day they ended up realizing they were in love all the years, which would totally be straight out of the pages of a K-drama rom-com script. Seeing them together blasting so much adorable chemistry kinda makes me wish Yoo Ah In was cast as the second male lead in Discovery of Love, if Yumi was picking between Ah In and Eric then it would have been a real choice of impossibility. Even Yoo Ah In’s cameo at the end of DoL was enough to confirm that, but seeing them goofing around at this fashion show more than convinces me these two need to do a drama together soon.


Real Life Friends Yoo Ah In and Jung Yumi Adorably Pal Around at Fashion Show — 15 Comments

  1. You certainly don’t see people acting like that at fashion shows. It’s so adorable though. They are like a couple of elementary school kids.

  2. I have ship this couple for very long time already.
    Yumi is an noona in real life but Yoo Ah In seems like an oppa ^^. They are such a great friends to each other. Always support each other’s project openly and in a sweetest way possible.
    They have known each other for so long. Acted in two movies in the past, namely “Skeletons In the Closet”” and Tough As Iron”.
    Yoo Ah In decide to join voice acting as Yumi’s suggestion for the Korean animation called “THE SATELLITE GIRL AND MILK COW”
    He cameo in her drama ” Discovery of Romance” and she supports his studio by being an model for his very first photo shoot awwww.
    The story behind the cameo is so cute.
    “According to Dispatch, Yoo Ah In just agreed right away after he got the call from the PD to appear in Jung Yumi’s drama, even before he knew what character he would play.
    There was only one condition he asked the production, that they had to keep it a secret until the day of shooting, including from Jung Yumi.
    So, the lead actress Jung Yumi didn’t even know he would have a cameo appearance until he showed up on the set! When she saw him, she was like, “What are you doing here?” Hee 😀
    The shooting took place on his birthday, 6th October. This is a surprise present from a birthday buddy to his very best friend!”
    They have attend lots of events together ( fashion shows, shop premiering, movie premieres and so on )
    Also have a couple photoshoot too

    They openly share their pictures taking together in twitter/instagram ( for e.g. his birthday, her birthday awwww)

    Despite there were/are many rumours about them secret dating (hopefully YES), they don’t mind showing their closeness and affection for each other.
    I am glad that the rumour does not affect their relationship even one little.
    Just look at them smiling like two adorable kids . The natural skinship. So perfect <3
    So whether they are dating for real or not, I adore their friendship so much. Hope it lasts forever.
    Ah In is going to army soon. For 2 years. Maybe that 2 years could be a opportunity for them to realise that they might be more than friends hehe.

    • very nice info. thank you ^^

      both arent my fave, but i adore their friendship.. i seriously grin ear to ear while reading your comment.. very nice one.. ^^

  3. Ha-ha. They are so ease at each other at an event where most people’s faces are poker face and serious. Still remember the photos of them spending big holidays ie. Christmas, birthdays together and curious how their friendship blossomed. Hope they star in a drama together. They’d be so cute.

  4. Yumi has very out going, child-looks like and extrovert personality which is rare in k-biz industry. She has very close relationship with almost all of her co-stars. Even Yoon Hyun Min (Do Joon Ho said he had crush on her). And she never shy to show her affections. I don’t mind seeing her dating Yoo Ah In because they’re so adorable and very cute together but still it’s wonderful if they’re just pure friendship too. I always thought Yumi has ‘unspoken feelings’ for Eric in real life especially after seeing some fancams on youtube when they received KBS drama award. The girl always steal looking at Shinhwa leader secretly whenever she has chance. But again, we don’t know exactly someone’s feelings. Even when we are in relationship, we could have crush on someone too lol….

  5. I thought it was an open secret in K-Ent that Yoo Ah In is gay. But probably I have read it online somewhere and forgot about the source. It doesn’t matter either way since he totally won me over in Sukyungwan Scandal. I have never seen him in anything else (Fashion King got bad reviews and I didn’t have access to his ahjumma romance drama).

    I too agree that it is possible for opposite sexes to be friends without anything else going on (regardless of their sexual preferences).

    • He has denied the rumor. I recall there were some recent articles about him being upset with that rumor because he said it was groundless and only based on people’s perception.

  6. Yoo Ah-in let rumors roll off your back like water off a duck’s back. Yoo Ah-in (Libra) and Jung Yumi (Capricorn) are a good work/business match, which is why they work well together. As a couple in love, no. This would not be a successful couple in love match.

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