The Woes Continue for Goodbye Mr. Black as MBC Might Pass on the Drama

OMGosh, just what is wrong with this drama? I haven’t been agreeing or disagreeing with all the recent fan bitching about SBS passing on revenge melo Goodbye Mr. Black with Lee Jin Wook and Moon Chae Won, it’s hard with so little information to ascertain who is at fault even if it’s really one-sided. Chances are that the incompatibility came from elements stemming from both sides, so I was just happy with the news last week that MBC picked up Goodbye Mr. Black. Having a network and broadcast time slot is way more important than which particular network, agree?

Looks like I was counting my eggs too early still as one more delicate eggie just went kaput – MBC has reportedly nixed airing Goodbye Mr. Black, though the network quickly countered the first article saying it hasn’t decided yet. Two suitors passing on the project points more to the drama being inherently problematic, whether it was on concept or execution. The story was about a male lead who is a Navy deep sea diver betrayed by his best friend and comes back from the brink of death to plot his revenge, which entails a fake marriage with the plucky female lead to help pull off. Whatever the problem is, I still like the leads along with supporting male actors Kim Kang Woo and Song Jae Rim, so let’s see now if KBS or perhaps a cable network bites on Goodbye Mr. Black.

Goodbye Mr. Black is actually an adaptation of an 80’s manhwa set in the Victorian era that was influenced by The Count of Monte Cristo. The drama was going to modernize the setting, but one wonders if the whole set up was simply too convoluted to sell via a K-drama setting? If this drama really dies in the water now, I have no worries that the leads will end up in solid projects in the future, whether dramas or movies – if two major networks chose to pass on Goodbye Mr. Black, perhaps it’s wise to call it quits and have everyone move on.


The Woes Continue for Goodbye Mr. Black as MBC Might Pass on the Drama — 52 Comments

  1. :(((((((((

    Too bad. I was interested and curious how they’d modernize Monte Cristo (even before they announced Song Jae Rim will be in this).

  2. MBC has already denied this although they’ve also curiously neglected to confirm the time slot.

    This is the only drama announced for next year that is remotely appealing to me :/ Praying to the drama gods that this drama gets made!

  3. No. KBS has full of drama schedule Mon to Thurs from today to May 2016.
    I hope it can bring back SBS and change male lead, LJW.

  4. I do agree that if this behind the scene drama continues.. maybe it’s best for all the cast to move on.

    Somehow, I do think that the setting is probably one of the problems. It will need quite a bit of budget to film this story esp if they want to follow closely to the original story (whether it is the novel or the manhwa) as it set in the old days outside of Korea.

  5. hope it’s just the rumor? because this is the only drama that i’ve beeb waiting for n no change for the lead because i want ljw in this role

  6. sbs??? really???? i think miss koala should be patient to write an article n not write base on the rumour, thisis not the first time, the latest one you write article that lee jong suk getting offer to lead in remember then suddenly you write again that yoo seung ho got the role, i’m sorry just state my concern because i read your blog often

      • Lol you’te trying so hard as well as at dramabeans, lol…
        If you read some fans of ljs talking about sbs dropped this drama because ljs being courted for remember, you know that’s just a joke among us, because we miss him so much,..what’s the problem then?lmao
        if koala is horrible writer just don’t waste your time here

    • AAAAAAnd butt-hurt fangirls once again shoot the messenger. Why blame Koala when she is reporting what appears in the Korean press? Some of us here want to know all of the casting ins and outs and about the sometimes rocky road dramas travel to make it to the screen. Believe it or not, not everything drama-related in this world is about your beloved oppa. My guess is some serious script issues with this one.

      • it’s not blaming, just reminder to be more carefull for better, i don’t comment about bias opinion or fanfic because this blog is miss koala view

  7. The actors should just leave and move on. There is such a mess behind the scene already. Just like The Time We Were Not In Love where so many times PD and writers mess up.

  8. Just to make that clear:

    MBC denied the rumors right away.

    GMB stays there but will most likely air later. Probably to avoid competing with dramas like DotS.

    • Ikr. I have no idea what good about him. The first of his dramas I watched was Three Musketeers. I quit after a few boring episodes. Then I tried The Time We Were Not in Love thanks to Ha Ji Won. Again, I gave up after one boring episode. Why did he always pick bad script or perhaps he’s the reason why the plots were so boring?

  9. No wonder people have left this place to Dramabeans for a long time ago. the reporting is not up to bare and have turned into controversial. God bless these 2 girls of Dramabeans without them we would have been doomed there efforts must be thanked

  10. Peace out folks! you know very well what happened to the last drama which went through pre-production mess (Kill me, Heal me) So lets just sit back and relax, ok?

  11. I wonder if it has anything to do with the negative response with the leading actor. If so, I am not surprised… hope this continues on for Moon Chae Won’s case but it seems that she may need to move on from it if this continues on.

      • The negative feedback is that same reason… his ‘acting’.

        I’ve seen worst, but I’ve also preferred and seen better.

  12. LJW is the only one best K actor for me, I love his acting much, he can portray any genre of roles very well, I hope this drama GMB will be aired smoothly on MBC , good luck!

  13. This drama got all my fav actors and actrees, Moon Chae Won!
    I hope it will be airing soon, can’t hardly wait!
    I hv seen LJW’s Nine and TTWWNIL, he is awesome, good acting!
    Hopefully this gonna be the best drama in the new year 2016!Fighting! Fully support!

  14. LJW and MCW, you both are perfect couple, i am waiting for GMB !And KKW also other supporting casts are great actors, fighting man!see you soon in March 2016!

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