SBS Drama Remember Rounds Out Main Cast of Yoo Seung Ho, Park Min Young, and Park Sung Woong


I’ll take this casting news with my foot on the optimistic side, overall there are more things going right than bemoaning things not being ideal. Upcoming SBS Wed-Thurs legal drama Remember, to follow after The Village (Achiara’s Secret), has added two more faces to join confirmed male lead Yoo Seung Ho. He’ll be pairing up with noona Park Min Young for the drama, and also get tough guy Park Sung Woong as a fighting for justice legal buddy. My opinion towards Park Min Young has been indifferent (Sungkyunkwan Scandal, City Hunter) to love (Man of Honor, A New Leaf, Healer), so having her cast as the female lead to Yoo Seung Ho isn’t my first choice but also not a bad outcome considering the chance for way worse actresses to land the coveted spot.

The more interesting bit of news comes from synopsis for the drama has added a new twist beyond what I wrote last week about the male lead having the memory condition hyperthymesia (perfect memory for details) – turns out there is a time crunch on his goal to prove his father’s innocence while he still remembers all the details because apparently he’ll start developing early onset Alzheimer’s. Errrrr…..what tha what? Please don’t let this turn from a gritty legal thriller into Thousand Day’s Promise part 2. That does up the stakes since having the male lead with a super memory seems to stack the odds for him succeeding in his quest, but if he’s racing against time that is stripping the details from him bit by bit then I can see where the title of Remember then has a whole new layer of meaning.


All three leads cast in Remember so far will be playing lawyers, so in many ways it’s like a return for Park Min Young to the set of A New Leaf where it was all about lawyers and the law. The leads will also be playing their own teen counterparts as Park Min Young and Yoo Seung Ho’s characters grew up together and ends up both becoming lawyers. Their romance develops later on when she assists him in the quest to clear his father’s name.


SBS Drama Remember Rounds Out Main Cast of Yoo Seung Ho, Park Min Young, and Park Sung Woong — 12 Comments

  1. A good cast. PMY is one of famous young actress with Park Shin Hye, Kang Sora, Moon Chae Won… Her performance in Healer is great with Ji Chang Wook.

  2. YSH is a young talent star. He had good acting in I miss you & God of Study.
    And co-star of PMY is so hot, begin Jung II Woo, Park Yoo Chun-Yoo Ah In-Song Joong Ki, Lee Min Ho, Ji Chang Wook and now.
    I will look forward this drama. OK.

    • I really though he’s 27 that time. His acting skills in I Miss You was really amazing so I don’t question how will he act as a lawyer in Remember.

  3. Off topic but I was thinking of watching a Thousands day promise. But from what Koala said above that might not be such a good idea? Did anyone watch it? Would you recommend it or warn against it?

    • If you like makjang(or the leads) then go ahead. Soo Ae was really good though Kim Rae Won(at least his character) was not so. But he was great in Punch which, by the way, is also about a lawyer in a race against time.

  4. it really is similar to a new leaf (which i dropped, was too boring for me and PMY role was good but minor there from what i watched) hope that drama will be better with YSH. i wonder if their chemistry will bypasss her and JCW cause they were on fire together.

    so nam goon min offered role too? is he going to be the prosecutor? haha. hope he will confirm and get a meaty role like in smelly girl (but not serial killer please)

  5. Probably has to do with the demographics of the target audience. Except a few eps of Kill Me Heal Me, all the Korean dramas I watched this year came from KBS. However, I hadn’t really watch TV regularly since middle school 10 years ago…

  6. Park Min Young is a very good actress all her dramas had good ratings and she received many awards for BEST ACTRESS she has millions of fans all over the world and i think is to much from your part to say that she is somehow a bad actress.After all she is qualified by her success, her many fans and not ultimately by her college degree.Thank you and i hope you will be more considerate with her.

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