Sina Web Drama High End Crush with Jung Il Woo and Jin Se Yeon Release Cute Promos

You know, this actually doesn’t look half-bad. The preview is out for Korean-Chinese collaboration web drama High End Crush, starring Jung Il Woo, Jin Se Yeon, and Bora of Sistar, which will premiere exclusively on Chinese web portal Sina starting in late October. The rom-com is the definition of short and sweet, airing for 20-episodes at just 15 minutes a pop. It basically has enough time for only the good stuff without needed to manufacture angst to fill the gap.

The story is the typical rich, tall, arrogant male lead falls for sincere and plucky female lead, this time the guy is a top entertainment producer who finds a non-artificial and manufactured beauty straight out of the countryside. He tries to turn the reluctant her into a star and ends up with the love of his life, or something like that. I wasn’t offended by the preview, and found Jung Il Woo nicely charming and Jin Se Yeon cute when doing the requisite rom-com overacting.

Preview for High End Crush:


Sina Web Drama High End Crush with Jung Il Woo and Jin Se Yeon Release Cute Promos — 15 Comments

  1. The teaser was interesting. The scene when Jung Ill Woo’s found Jin Se Yeon change clothes was so funny. I love both facial expression. It’s bad when she didn’t see Jung Ill Woo shirtless in another scene upps… I hope this drama will subbed.
    I think JSY fit with roncom. I watch her roncom movie and found she’s adorable in that movie.

    • Agreed. I think she is cute and adorable in doing rom-com and light roles, please no more heavy roles for her, at least for the time being. Let her gain experiences first, since she is still so young and have plenty of time in the future. Dealing with criticisms on her acting is burdensome and i hope she stay strong.

  2. Cute ,I’m not really into romantic comedy but I’ll try this one .jsy suits comedy more ,I wish she will do more dramas like that instead of the melodrama her company always picks ,I don’t think she has enough experience in the field yet to be in such heavy drama .

  3. aaarrrggghhh. SO trite. SO many tropes, all in one easily-digestible package. This is so neatly packaged, it really should be a satire…but it isn’t.

  4. It reminds me a little of an older version of his FBRS character: rich, overly confident of his charms, and clueless about his feeling. On Jung Il Woo, that works though.

  5. I love JSY. Wud love to see her in action drama again just like her role in Bridal Mask or period historical like The Duo. BM is still one of my favourite drama of hers even though I watched all her dramas.

    • I would love to see her in a action film aswell ,but more like healer or city hunter based drama ,where she’s the one doing all the fighting and stuff ,it would be awesome lol

  6. I am so happy that Jin Se Yeon took on this role. The plot is definitely cliche bu this is Jin Se Yeon’s first at such genre, which, for me, made it refreshing. And once again, I’m so happy that she got paired up opposite another hot male lead, which is, of course, Jung Il Woo.

    I am waiting so eagerly for the episodes.

    I hope someone – like this blog – do recaps about it.

    ‘will be fun to discuss something light and funny for once, don’t you think?

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