Namgoong Min and Nam Bora in Talks as Second Leads in SBS Drama Remember

Don’t get typecast Namgoong Min! I have major fondness for SBS drama The Girl Who Sees Smells, despite a story that mostly made no sense and bumbling police work, the acting and chemistry of the cast made up the deficiencies and turned it into a fun watch for me. One standout was the chef character played by Namgoong Min, always so deliciously creepy and intensely charismatic. Loving him as the ultimate baddie doesn’t mean wanting to only see him as the ultimate baddie, but that might be happening again soon.

Namgoong Min is reportedly in talks to play the second male lead in upcoming SBS Wed-Thurs drama Remember. The drama has already secured leads Yoo Seung Ho and Park Min Young, and is smartly extending an offer to a great character actor like Namgoong Min to round out the cast. His agency refuted the earlier news that he was already cast but confirmed he’s considering the role as the antagonist to Yoo Seung Ho’s lawyer male lead who is on the quest to exonerate his falsely accused father before Alzheimer’s wipes out his super memory.

The second leads in Remember might be a Nam-Nam duo, as child actress turned rising young female lead Nam Bora is also in talks to join in a supporting role. Remember is shaping up nicely, especially if both Nams end up doing the drama.


Namgoong Min and Nam Bora in Talks as Second Leads in SBS Drama Remember — 14 Comments

  1. Please yes to Nam Goong Min.

    Please God – Not Nam Bo-Ra. She is beyond bad. She was beyond bad in My Heart Twinkle Twinkle. Let her not ruin yet another drama. And as a couple with Nam Goong Min? Are they crazy. She does not deserve him.

    Please – do not destroy the first Yoo Seung-Ho comeback drama with Nam Bo-Ra.!

    • Well she was really annoying in the beginning of the drama but she was ok later. so why not? she was one of the bearable things in that mess of a drama beside Bae soo bin.
      and she had nice chemistry with Lee pil mo so i’m not against her having loveline with nam gong min. she is second lead anyway..

  2. I love him, but why is he such a perpetual second lead? Why? He’s so great he could easily carry a main lead position. Even so, I’ll be glad to see him back, in any position.

  3. wait, why don’t Nam Goong Min paired with Park Min Young instead? Nam Bora and Yoo So Hyuk can be a good pair though.. emmm only in my imagination..

  4. i dunno but i think, he better consider lead role in cable tv.. jbtc or tvn but tvn nowadays cast many popular and senior actors,, daebak.

    he’s such a great actor and deserve lead actor title. emm.. i wonder where he lacks for getting that title. he’s better than some other lead actors, sigh. charisma??? look?? emm.. i wonder.

  5. some actors are just meant to be second lead or supporting actors no matter how great they are.if all supporting actors want to be lead actor then which good actor r going to support the dramas.some times supporting actors r great n take the sportlite from the leads that is the beauty of production,they all play importance role to make project good or great.

  6. i watch these telenovelas LO QUE LA VIDA MI ROBO n the cast was good like really good n do know what made the show standout it was the cast because the show have been remake over and over again througt these past years but this remake was just great. the supporting and extended cast the were just wounderful,they made the shows rememberable even duo the leads were great,the supporting cast help carried the show,they were all good with their acting and the make their caracters unforgetable.there is only three caracters that stole the show but the thing is they all stole the show .DIMITRO,GRASELIA N ADOLFO it was fun and nice to walk trough their caracters jorney, wanting to know how they will end up.sorry for the long comment, am just stating a point that before a show is called a great or even a good show,the actors need to be good with their acting coming from leads ,supportings cast ,extended cast n also the cameos.they are all importance in a way. sorry for the long comment again.

  7. If he says yes, then hell yeah I’m watching this! Yoo Seung Ho, Park Min Young AND Nam Goong Min?! I can’t remember the last time I loved a potential cast more.

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