Complete Scenes of Jerry Yan and Chen Qiao En’s Cameo in Hit TW-movie Our Times to be Included in Director’s Cut Release

This past summer saw a homegrown Taiwan movie win the box office and the hearts the movie going audience. Coming of age romance Our Times starring Vivian Sung and Darren Wang exploded at the box office and did better than any pundits could have expected, though I wasn’t surprised since the movie looked fantastic from first glance and never stopped impressing in previews alone. I don’t want to ruin the experience watching bootleg copies of the flick so will wait for the proper release on video streaming to check it out, but the box office take of this movie currently places it on the top 6 Taiwanese movies of all time, and might even overtake the only other romance movie on the list with You Are the Apple of My Eye. Vivian and Darren have hit major stardom thanks to this movie, but it’s also been a treat to see established Taiwanese top stars Chen Qiao En and Jerry Yan do cameos. Sadly their scenes were cut in half in the theatrical release due to time constraints but will reportedly show up in the director’s cut release. Included is the scene in this pics showing the two almost meeting but not quite yet. Awwww, I love these types of scenes!

Chen Qiao En-Jerry Yan BTS:


Complete Scenes of Jerry Yan and Chen Qiao En’s Cameo in Hit TW-movie Our Times to be Included in Director’s Cut Release — 13 Comments

  1. I got to see it at the local movie theatre and it was great! Very feel good and the music was beautiful. I was particularly impressed by the acting from the younger couple- enjoyed myself thoroughly!

    Although I concur with some critics who said that there were a lot of unnecessary scenes and side stories that made the movie a little too long, and the ending had an element of deus ex machina, still, overall an A for charm, humor and a kick-ass song from Hebe Tian.

  2. It’s harder and harder to achieve such good results in these youth movies nowadays as they are so common (Alec Su’s Left Ear, He Jiong’s Forever Young etc.). There must be something really standing out in Our Times then. I’ll wait for nucer copies to come out before I watch it too then.

  3. I watched this movie in Taiwan, and it was underwhelming. I think it was because I had high hopes for it after watching the preview and the MV. Even so, it’s a very very mediocre movie. I don’t want to spoil it, so let’s just say that there’s more than just a few unnecessary scenes and they used a really stupid plot device too. The humor was fine but other than that? Nope. It was branded as a movie that’ll resonate with 99.9% of the girls but… meh.

  4. I’m surprised many didn’t like it here. I watched it in the cinema two days back and I loved it. Sure it’s nothing groundbreaking in terms of youth stories but I liked that it had a lotta heart and the young actors were very charming…so much so I didn’t really minded the short cameos or noticed the movie length. I actually preferred the young ‘uns scenes more.

  5. OMG those kind of scenes make me scream at the screen as if they can hear me and turn around and find their true love. hahaha

  6. I got to watch the show at a local theatre and I think there was so much hype around it leading to its release that I’d set myself up for disappointment. I found that it had a really predictable plot with lots of common tropes in taiwan dramas (no surprises given the director is a veteran producer for lots of tw dramas). Was a bit disappointed because I wanted to like the show so much.

  7. Watched it a few days ago at the cinema. I thought it was endearing despite being predictable. Sure, there’s lots of common shoujo troupes but I was entertained and it’s pretty easy to watch. Vivian Sung is a natural actress, I thought she performed well. I also liked her in Cafe Waiting Love even though as a movie, I’ll much prefer Our Times.

  8. Loved the movie! Just watched it last night! The young cast were amazing and Chen Xiao En was her usual awesome self! I really couldn’t see Darren Wang in Jerry Yan so it was a bit of a downer and I wish they used someone like Blue Lan instead.

  9. I love this movie. Even though it kinda reminds me of the Thai Movie Crazy Little Thing Called Love and Vaness Wu’s Autumn Concerto (I don’t know why), but I still think that this movie is awesome. But the way Jerry Yan is acting in the last scene it doesn’t feel like he was the adult version of the main guy.
    TBT, I watched this movie because I’m a Qiao En fan and I really want to see if she will have a chemistry with Jerry Yan (And I don’t think they have.*Mingdao! Mingdao!) I’ve been secretly wanting them to paired up together since Jerry was offered for Blue Lan’s character in Easy Fortune Happy Life. So, my favorite scene is Qiao EN+Andy Lau. Haha
    Anyway, I’m dying to see the uncut version of Jerry Yan and Qiao En’s scene. I hope to see the chemistry I didn’t saw in the little time they had on the movie. Thanks for the news!

  10. Why did they cut this scene? I TOTALLY AGREE WITH THE COMMENT ABOVE saying that we as the spectators couldnt find the chemistry btween older version of Hsu Taiyu and Lin Truly. They shouldnt cut the scene as Jerry Yan had only a scene with the heroine. Although they ended up meeting each other but yeah I’m not satisfied with the ending part!! Lol hahaha. But overall I rlly enjoyed this movie, it reminds me a lot with a Thai movie, a crazy little thing called love.

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