First Look at Suzy’s Period K-movie The Sound of a Flower with Award Winning Actor Ryu Seung Ryong

Suzy‘s casting as the female lead opposite Kim Woo Bin in 2016’s highly anticipated  melodrama Arbitrarily Fond by screenwriter Lee Kyung Hee has certainly garnered buzz, but it’s a mixed bag that seems to be the typical reaction following any Suzy casting in an acting role. Her fans can’t wait to see her onscreen while non-fans just want a good acting performance and Suzy has been inconsistent at best. She’s decent in lightweight fare like Dream High and Big but woefully out of her element in even a fusion sageuk like Gu Family Book.

Luckily for audiences who want some barometer to assess Suzy’s current acting skills, she will soon get a chance to prove whether she’s gotten better as an actress as her K-movie The Sound of a Flower (Dorihwaga) will be premiering at the end of November. It’s the real life tale of Joseon’s first female pansori singer Chae Sun, previously only men could perform pansori which is traditional Korean song storytelling, as taught by pansori legend Shin Jae Hyo. Suzy plays female lead Chae Sun opposite her mentor and teacher played by acting heavyweight Ryu Seung Ryung. This movie has awards catnip all over it, and judging from the stills and preview Suzy might not be all that bad. Fingers-crossed.

Synopsis (based on the real story of Shin Jae Hyo and Chae Sun):

“In 1867, Shin Jae-Hyo leads the Dongrijungsa which teaches pansori (traditional Korean musical storytelling). A young girl, Chae-Sun, who wants to perform pansori, appears in front of him. Chae-Sun has dreamed of performing pansori since she first heard Shin Jae-Hyo perform when she was little, but Shin Jae-Hyo turns her down because women are not allowed to perform pansori.

Chae-Sun then disguises herself as a man and enters the Dongrijungsa to learn pansori, but Shin Jae-Hyo doesn’t accept her as his student. One day, he hears Daewongun, the most powerful man in Joseon and the father of the King, is going to hold a national competition of pansori performers known as “Naksungyeon.”

Shin Jae-Hyo decides to teach Chae-Sun who has a true voice to perform “Chunhyangga.” If anyone finds out that Chae-Sun is a woman, Shin Jae-Hyo and Chae-Sun will both face death.”

Trailer for The Sound of a Flower (Dorihwaga):


First Look at Suzy’s Period K-movie The Sound of a Flower with Award Winning Actor Ryu Seung Ryong — 18 Comments

    • I doubt it will snatch big awards with the massive hits (both in the box office and with critics) S. Korea saw this year. Unless it doesn’t qualify till next year and/or it has similar success. And looking at the kind of promotion they’re having, I don’t think the producers have awards in their minds either. As long as they break even and have a nice profit, they’d be happy. Not every movie has to be a wild hit and amass awards to be deemed “successful”.

  1. I watched this trailer before, but it’s nice to have subs. (Here’s the official vid, I think it has better quality if anyone’s interested It’s kinda sad how long int fans have to wait for k-movies, because this one looks like something I might enjoy.

  2. Pansori is the Korean counterpart of Kabuki in Japan where only men are allowed to perform. Since I’m an avid fan of musical and historical movies, I’ll certainly gonna watch this.It has a nice feel.

  3. I would admit to wanting to hear how she sounds or speaks. Because her accent was atrocious in the Gu Family Book. And she is hardly heard in this trailer.

  4. You look a little became interested in writing articles an idol like her? hmm not bad. but she looks different, not just play it safe on the track. maybe i must watch this movie.

  5. For those who are interested…

    Historically the real Chae-Sun is held back in the palace by request of the King’s father, Kim Nam Gil in this movie, until 4 years or so later when he loses power or dies, I can’t remember which, she was thus allowed to leave. By that time her master, Ryu in this movie, had past away and had already penned the song in her honor.

    The song really doesn’t name her but allude to her in the line 24 springs as Chae Sun was 24 by the time he died. Her master was a married man btw.

    I’m very interested in this movie because it has all the elements I like, there is the ancient art that hopefully will get a decent highlight instead of a backdrop to the romance.

    This movie reminds me a lot of The King and the Clown, only without the homosexual relationships, instead we get two also forbidden relationship between a teacher and his student and a King’s father and a commoner.

    I wonder how much of the history are the going to cover. It would be nice to cover it all but then the movie would be too long.

  6. Aren’t people being way too negative and childish with Suzy here? I think she did well in the trailer and will certainly wait for the movie and see how well and convincing she can play it. It certainly helps that she’s a singer, so maybe she was also cast because of that? Also, since she’s young and fresh (?) it seems fitting for the Chae Sun role.

    • People always like that. It’s not only happen to her. Idol-actor who has the ‘visual’ image usually getting hate so easy eventhough they did well. Take examples, Yoona SNSD, Jaejong DBSK even Shinhwa Eric.

    • Yes, I think she was cast because of the fact, she is a singer.
      Well, not being negative, judging from her past works, she is not that great but she is also watchable depends on her role.

  7. This looks really good, love the feel and mood of the trailer. With Ryu Seung Ryung on board, I’m looking forward to watching this. And Suzy looks very natural in the trailer.

  8. Agree with @Kiara
    Somepeople always too negative toward suzy.
    Btw im curious,How kim nam gil make her as his concubine.Reading the novel and it is really emotional.

    • Novel? Novel? Omg share.

      Historically I don’t believe she was ever officially a concubine. He used his power to keep her tied to him since as the father of a young king he was regent and held all the power.

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