Taiwan Gets Double the Hallyu Love in the Same Week with Visits From Yoona and Song Seung Heon

Taiwan got a double dose of Hallyu candy this week, with Song Seung Heon and Yoona both making short but sweet stops on the island. This probably isn’t all that newsworthy other than I like them both and they happen to be looking exceptionally pretty at their respective events. Yoona was there for a H:Connect event as a brand spokesmodel, rocking the hat + gloves look that has been out of style since the shoujo manga heroines of the 1990s, yet she manages to look fresh and flirty rather than too saccharine. She’s also not as gaunt as she sometimes get, looking healthy and quite happy to be there.

Song Seung Heon’s visit was for his fan meeting, making it the fourth time he’s met his Taiwanese fans and sold out event clearly shows that his star power remains strong on the residual love from Autumn in My Heart. That fact that he’s dating Crystal Liu probably doesn’t hurt, oppa maybe marrying a Chinese girl might resurrect the dreams of a Taiwanese fan or two. Neither Song Seung Heon nor Yoona had a drama this year, but their drama careers have a neat common thread in Lee Bum Soo as a former costar. I hope Yoona and Song Seung Heon never do a drama together, that would be like the blind leading the sorta blind, but keep picking projects with stronger actors to take the lead.


Taiwan Gets Double the Hallyu Love in the Same Week with Visits From Yoona and Song Seung Heon — 7 Comments

  1. ‘………. that would be like the blind leading the sorta blind’ lol Koalas. I actually think for her lack of experience Yoona is much better actress than Song Seung Hun. I liked her acting in PMAI, i think she is very likeable and charismatic in rom-coms. SSH remains eye candy but his acting is always below average.

    Also i love Yoonas entire outfit her, she looks effortless and chick.

  2. You probably have no idea that the Taiwanese public hold a less than stella opinion of the Chinese or Chinese stars. That Song is dating a Chinese star has actually hurt his popularity in Taiwan, and initial sales of the tickets particularly the more expensive ones (likely to be bought by older fans) were slow. Long-time fans do not particularly like his choice nor the high-handed, coolish way Crystal Liu has handled the dating topic, versus Song’s over enthusiastic declarations of love.

  3. Well if yoona could have chemistry with lee bum soo who was 20 years older than her, she could have with SSH too..rather than that i’m curious to see how will he act alongside big name like lee young ae. what is sure is that he good to the eyes.

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