Yoo Seung Ho Steals the Look Thunder in First Teaser for Sageuk Movie Joseon Magician

I’ve always thought Go Ara was one of the prettiest Korean actresses around, and the reason I’m mostly indifferent to her is solely because of encountering her probably too early in her career when her acting was pretty darn bad. If I saw her first through Answer Me 1994, I would probably reverse my opinion of her – Go Ara isn’t very pretty but her acting is quite convincing. So in thinking she looks so much like a living breathing porcelain doll, who now can act, it’s quite shocking to see her get the the pretty card completely stolen by Yoo Seung Ho in the first teaser for The Joseon Magician. She also looks very pretty as the princess, but Yoo Seung Ho is on fire here. I find my baby boy always gorgeous onscreen but he’s hitting a whole ‘nother level in the way the camera caresses his every glance and hair wave. This movie may or may not be good, but it’s certainly not going to be a visual chore to watch.

Teaser for Joseon Magician:


Yoo Seung Ho Steals the Look Thunder in First Teaser for Sageuk Movie Joseon Magician — 14 Comments

  1. If you look closely he has a tone more make up than her plus i think they did something to enlarge his eyes ,like eye contacts. They put minimal make up on Ara and she still looks like a doll.

  2. I’m a girl but I have a major girl crush on Ara, she’s the prettiest k-celeb to me. She totally gets my attention here and so excited to finally see her again <3

  3. I used to think Go Ara is so pretty but not so much anymore. Although, I actually like her better now.

    As for YSH, he is so captivating and charming on screen. I simply adore this beautiful boy!!

  4. Never thought Go Ara as beautiful but definitely like her eyes…. YSH as always makes my day with his smile, Fighting!!!

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