Park Shin Hye Looks Enchanting in Fall/Winter Jewelry Ad Campaign

Park Shin Hye has been the spokesmodel for jewelry brand Agatha for some time now, and really all the pictures she takes for the ad campaigns have been lovely to behold. But the recently released teaser for the Fall/Winter 2015 campaign take it to a new level of pretty, and I’m trying to figure out what makes it so captivating for me. I love the way her hair falls around her, the pose is alluring, and paired with a dark colored shirt dress comes a classy casual vibe that frames the jewelry and the model equally well. I even love how the photographer tells Park Shin Hye to lift her chin and dare to show her nose, which is known for being less than perfectly aquiline but I love it because it’s so confidently natural. I hope she picks her next drama soon, I know she’s doing the movie Hyung with Jo Jung Seok and D.O. but I always prefer my pretties to do one accessible drama a year.

The two pictures above are from the Agatha Fall/Winter 2015 pictorial, while the pictures below are from the 2014 collection. Park Shin Hye continues to mature in sophistication even if her style and image never changes drastically.


Park Shin Hye Looks Enchanting in Fall/Winter Jewelry Ad Campaign — 19 Comments

  1. I am waiting her movie her role will be Judo coach , she is beautiful and I am waiting her drama which I hope the story is involving around woman story .

  2. Am loving the photo of Shin Hye in the black dress. Definitely maturing beautifully. Can’t wait to see her and Hong Ki reunite in his solo mv. It’s been 6 years since I last saw them onscreen together. Both have grown up so much.

  3. I saw on Twitter a couple of weeks ago that she and Huang Xiaoming were confirmed for Cruel Romance 2??? Her company hasn’t put out a statement, but it was announced during the CCTV conference announcing the lineup of dramas they would be broadcasting in 2016.

    Does anyone know for sure if its actually happening?

    • her kfans made confirmation with SALT and they said the only confirmed project now is Hyung. I’ll surely flip table if she does tht cdrama. it’s freaking 40 episodes long for season 1 and if tht happen, there’ll be no kdrama next year

      • lmao it’s not an assurance. !st of all they didn’t lie if they are in talk to a cdrama and haven’t confirmed yet. I don’t want it but people aren’t really smart, it seem

        And it’s usually take 3-4 month to film a c-drama so she can still do a kdrama

    • the wait better be worth and hopefully the drama centered more on her character and her character development just like flower boy next door rather than pinocchio or worst heirs. i have just finished rewatching flower boy next door and despite the cleft nose tht people seems to bad talk about, her close-up in the drama is pretttttyyy. tht skin… i wanna cry

  4. She is getting prettier and more elegant but I hope she take it easy for herself too. Filming Hyunng + final semester + helping friends… she looks so tired lately.
    If anything I wish she can do movies more but a kdrama next year is a must even if she will do a cdrama

  5. agatha is one of my favorite pictorial ads she’s doing for this year. they really know how to bring out her beauty and charms~ I am hoping more different cfs/photoshoots to come~

  6. I do not want her to do the cruel romance in China but I want her to do a korean drama.I only watch her korean.drama.Please don’t do that cruel romance.

  7. The second pic where psh wore light pink shirt – i thought she was yoon eun hye.. especially the eyes.. as a matter of fact i’ve always thought psh and yeh looks similar since i started knowing and liking the two of them.. and it shows in this pic..

    • That was actually the whole point, to make her look like the goddess Yoon Eun Hye, but nah her bulging eyes, typical jawlines (not profound,simple) and big nose doesnt even come close!

      • @Stella Maris

        “That was actually the whole point, to make her look like the goddess Yoon Eun Hye, but nah her bulging eyes, typical jawlines (not profound,simple) and big nose doesnt even come close!”

        Goddess? For what? Plagiarism. LOL. As if your unnie is big enough for others to mimic her. So much of envy and bitterness. Now why am i reminded of the famous pun, “Don’t use my name to promote yourself”. Go ahead and use that too, then it will be epic.

  8. she really had evolved to be a classy and elegant lady.I watched all her shows that i can google and find in you tube, a movie or cdrama with Huang xiaoming would be wonderful,i think HXM would love to work with her.

  9. PSH,please don’t do the Chinese drama.just do another korean drama bec.that is the only one I watch that is if you are in that korean drama.stay as sweet and modest as you are . Love you.

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