Yoo Seung Ho Starts Filming Two Dramas with Remember and Imaginary Cat

When it rains it apparently pours Yoo Seung Ho, or at least it seems that way in the K-ent weather system. This past week dropped two sets of drama script reading stills both featuring Yoo Seung Ho, he’s the male lead in upcoming SBS Wed-Thurs drama Remember, as well as the male lead in cable network MBC Every1‘s Imaginary Cat. He also has a sageuk movie The Joseon Magician coming out this month, which sets the stage for a potential all kill if each of his projects resonates with the viewing audience.

I’m most interested in Remember, a lawyer seeking justice yarn where Yoo Seung Ho must exonerate his falsely imprisoned father before he loses his super memory. His leading lady is Park Min Young and they look surprisingly good side by side in the script reading stills. She is really having a banner year herself thanks to the surprise cult hit of Healer, and recently finished filming period C-drama Braveness of the Ming. Being Yoo Seung Ho’s drama leading lady is certainly a promising choice to cap things off this year end.


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  1. Has Braveness of the Ming aired? Did it do ok with the chinese audience? I have no idea whether a chinese drama does well or not. As an international viewer, its hard to gauge chinese dramas.

  2. “Being Yoo Seung Ho’s drama leading lady is certainly a promising choice to cap things off this year end”

    Really! I think we should give some love and credit to the ladies as well…PMY herself has always been a main lead and has given more hits in her career…as compared to YSH, who I think has first leading role here…

    • I agree with you.. She has been a long time in dramaland and well known by everybody.. she sort of veteran and I would say its on the contrary. he gains something from PMY

    • Honestly, not to embarrass Yoo Seung Ho’s fans. I really have no idea who he is even I’ve been a Kdrama freak for 2 years. But Ms. Koala talked about him a lot, therefore I sorta know his name. I never watched his dramas before. I watched quite a few PMY’s dramas though. I like her dramas City Hunter, Healer,and Sungkyunkwan Scandal.

      • He’s been on military service for the last 2 years, so understandable that you don’t know him yet. He wasn’t big before he went in to MS but because of the publicity behind his enlistment (joining the army at such a young age is unconventional in the acting industry), he’s received a lot of praise and is touted to succeed the likes of the biggest 20’s stars when they enlist.

        PMY has had such luck when it comes to male leads; she truly is a veteran in the industry.

      • @Drama2015…

        I completely agree with you here. IMHO koala is very controversial and dosen’t make a good blogger. blogging dosen’t suit her at all to say the say least. She is an interesting persona to be friends with in real life since she has unpopular opinions and would be good debates back and forth but thats it. because blogging is not her style she is beyond amaturish and lacks good grace/graciousness if her bias are not doing good which will take it out on these who do? she is very biased and uses her blog as platform were she directs attacks from rather then being subjective.

        YSH was a child actor and never before a lead and this is his introduction to us Ifans and as well to K-fans as leading man and some K-fans have watched his supporting roles so they know who he is but the Ifans know little about him then what we hear on these k-english websites. PMY had part in some of the biggest kdramas that was International hit like city hunter.. other famous works being healer and SS etc etc..

        “Being Yoo Seung Ho’s drama leading lady is certainly a promising choice to cap things off this year end”

        This quote comes off very immature to say the least

      • @Always Dude, WTH?! It’s her blog. If you don’t like it or her, why are you even here? There are a bajillion blogs and communities about k-ent out there…

      • @Always

        I defend ms koala and really enjoy her blogging style. Kindly refrain from negative comments at a blogger who has every right to speak her mind on her own blog.

        Why would one revisit a blog if you find the blogging unsuitable to your taste?

      • @Sere and @Joy..

        I think these who are protesting are speaking the truth. The blogger is lunatic who goes to war with fans. very provocative with her writting. worse then a fanfic and I agree with some she uses this platform to direct attacks from

      • @always
        To say that the Ifans don’t know him?? Lol like I have been a fan 0f him since the legend and the likes.. when the boy made an appearance on t-aras debut single I was more than happy to see him as a young adult. . The boy knows to act and has been acting way longer than PMY. .
        Also I don’t think personally koala was degrading PMY in any way possible but if you have watched I miss you .. you will understand what that means. He literally was the highlight of that drama for me..also personally I am not a big fan of PMY’S acting since personally I find she lacks the connect a good actor has with his/her audience, so I don’t see what all the fuss about her being a “veteran” is

    • This is not Yoo Seung Ho’s first leading role here. I am not saying that Yoo Seung Ho is better than Park Min Young or vice versa. It is just that Yoo Seung Ho started acting as a child actor and he is well known for that in South Korea. He also had hits in his career like: I Miss You, Warrior Baek Dong Soo and Master of Study. And if we compare seniority, Yoo Seung Ho has started acting in 2002 and Park Min Young started in 2006.

      • Lmao!! Are you seriously attempting to compare YSH CV to PMY by saying he debuted before as what 5yr old kid in cameo’s? are serious your not kiddin? This Blog HAS DONE TO THE DOGS

      • Oh yes, agree on that. And going by the hierarchy rules that Korea takes so strictly, YSH is clearly the sunbae, especially when you consider that many of the roles he took on since childhood are not minor or the cameo type at all.

        He clearly outstrips PMY in terms of acting experience.

      • Aw really, he was in Warrior Baek Dong Soo? I just don’t remember which role was he in? I watched that drama for Ji Chang Wook’s sake but eventually dropped after a few episodes. The pace was too slow for me and I don’t like that K dramas tend to spend quite a few episodes on childhood or the past history. What I wanted to say earlier was that, Park Ming Young seems to be more famous to me than Yoo Seung Ho. Therefore, if I take interest in watching this new drama of her and YSH, it’s mostly for PMY’s sake, not YSH. Although some Kdrama fans are critical of PMY, I have no qualm about the dramas she’s cast before, such as those three famous ones I just mentioned. I think an actor/actress has got to be able to act at certain levels in order for his/her drama being appreciated by viewers although scriptwriting and directing are still the most important elements in my opinion. This is all very subjective regarding what we like and whom we appreciate. Just don’t get hurt when our bias or faves are not liked by other people. I’ll give a try to this new drama and hope this is a good one because I’m really curious why Ms. Koala has been giving so much attention to YSH. I don’t agree with Ms. Koala all the time even I’m her regular reader. For example, I know she likes Kim Woo Bin and Park Shin Hyue very much. But sorry I have to say these two are not for me. That’s just my taste. So, here I’m not hesitate to tell other people, I do like Park Ming Young and my liking of her won’t be swerved by others’ opinions.

    • @rachel

      Hmmmm.. I think it is not about who gets the main or second lead or who gets a lot of offer but how an artist being recognize by his/her skills and captivate the audience most even if it’s a second lead or just a flowering in the drama or show. The sad thing here is you will get a lot of offer even if you’re not that good at acting if you’re famous because you’re marketable to the audience. That’s how business works. (I’m not referring to PYM but to some Kpop Idols)

      YSH here is known for stealing the spot light (IDK if it’s the right term to use)from the main lead, just like what happened in WBDS and Missing You. He will grab an offer (even if how small that character is)if he thinks that drama or show will help him hone his acting skills.

      Just Saying..
      Peace and Love. ^-^

  3. Sooo looking forward to seeing both dramas although I like the cat MUCH better as a leading lady. PMY is overrated, I really don’t get the hype about her. Yoo Seung Ho will eat her for breakfast!

  4. Yoo Seung Ho is so young and good looking really excited to see his work, but it would have been better if the lead actress would be someone younger girl. I know pmy have baby face but still 7 year of age gap does show… anyhow will watch it for YSH

  5. Now i miss YSH with Yoon Eun Hye. They look so good together in Missing You. If only they can do a drama together again but now he will get the girl 🙂

  6. Wooah Yoo Seung Ho is ready to attack the A list korean actors by storm. He really works hard. Fighting Seung Ho! U are gonna be the next hallyu king for sure.

  7. lmao I saw the teaser with the cat and it’s slightly comforting to know that not even Yoo Seung-ho has the power to make a grumpy cat lose the bitchface. Everyone is human in front of a cat!

  8. I am getting annoyed with PMY’s fan. Yoo Seung-ho has been in the business for as long I as remember but PMY has became active only after her plastic surgery so she is relatively hoobae as compared to him. I only got to know her in City Hunter with her mediocre acting although I admit she got improved in healer.

  9. Comparing two leads who’s about to do romance in a drama and criticizing the blogger’s OPINION? Just really? Why don’t you just keep your mouth shut and make your own site? You didn’t hear Yoo Seung Ho’s name or drama for two years because he’s doing his MS, so that’s understandable. Watch YSH drama first before criticizing him. He won’t be this big at a very young age if he’s not good.

    • The blogger is lunatic who goes to war with fans. very provocative with her writting. worse then a fanfic and I agree with some she uses this platform to direct attacks from

      • you are a troll cuz i remember your style of writing and you’ve been here so many times with different aliases. Calling other people lunatic for expressing their opinion says a lot about yourself, if you wanna criticize, just do it nice and wisely, no need to call other people name or just do yourself a favor, shut the fuck up!

      • Really? You’re the one who’s making fuss out of nothing. The blogger is just expressing his/her views. What a fantard. If you don’t like or even respect the blogger’s opinion, just get the hell out of here.

      • Nope. Nobody can know all Korean actors and actresses. But when some fans pretend to argue about smth they really don’t know — it’s kinda annoying

  10. Please calm down. I am a fan of both, I have watched YSH in The way home, God of study, Blind, Warrior Baek Dong Soo, Operation Proposal, Missing You, and PMY in Sungkyungkwan scandal, City Hunter, Healer, and I find their acting so decent . Please don’t disgrace either of them b/c they are going to co-star in the same drama anf WILL make it a good one. Be supportive fans.
    After waiching this on youtube, I am even getting more excited about this pairing, and have faith about their chemistry.

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