Recent Puff Guo Pictorials as TW-ent Discusses Whether She’s Been Blacklisted by Her Own Agency

There’s news heating up TW-ent and it kinda makes sense – I was wondering what Puff Guo has been up to lately since it’s been so long since she’s popped up in the news feeds. She’s been a hot topic and commodity for the two years prior, doing popular SETTV dramas like Just You and Pleasantly Surprised, cross-border variety shows like We Got Married with Heechul, and winning magazine polls as the hottest Chinese-speaking female entertainer. I like her in dramas and real life, but didn’t notice she’s basically dropped off the main radar until news this week that Puff Guo has reportedly been blacklisted by her own agency for the past year due to her refusal to re-up her contract for another three years and only agreed to sign an additional one year extension.

The rumor is that the agency has refused to allow her to act, turning down dramas and movies, and is only booking her for fashion and CF events that yield greater income for shorter time commitments. Puff has taken to her own FB page to support her agency, saying she’s not been feeling well so the agency let her take it easy. I sure hope that’s true and she’ll be back onscreen soon. Even her pictorials have noticeably decreased, in the last few months she just has a Marie Claire cover and did a Coach fall accessories campaign. Can’t believe I want more Puff since last year I was worried about her getting overexposed. Perhaps like her name sake, Puffs are best in moderation.


Recent Puff Guo Pictorials as TW-ent Discusses Whether She’s Been Blacklisted by Her Own Agency — 7 Comments

    • She remind me of park shin hye somehow. Not just physically but I think they both have the same bright aura, so I do think they look alike sometimes. I miss seeying her acting, she is just so charismatic.

  1. yeah it has been a while since she did a drama (actually aaron yan too) i follow her instagram and it looks like she only does cf and go to fashion shows.

  2. looking at her on the first mag cover where she’s wearing blue .. I almost thought it was Yoo In Young !! she looks a lot like her in that pic ^^

  3. Well then her agency is stupid for not recognizing the value, needs of their clients. Agencies don’t get it that their only good as their clients! Ugh

  4. Well, it’s because of her injury problems (she got hurt during dance practice) and it’s a long-time injury that worsen over the years (she got too busy for the last few years which worsen her injury).

    It was planned that she would participate in a Chinese period drama that stars Nicky Wu but she had to drop it because of her injuries and so her company is giving her CF jobs which are less time-consuming so that she could get a good rest.

    If she’s really blacklisted, she won’t even be appearing on CFs and magazines. Even though it’s been a while since her last drama, her CFs are still everywhere and she signs on to new CF contracts every few months. Plus, I heard she’ll be taking job offers from China next year so there’s no such thing as being blacklisted.

    Apple daily just love to stir things up so I doubt their credibility.

    • I don’t consider myself as a Puff’s fan but I do adore her dramas and I feel really bad for her because Taiwanese media seems to be especially harsh on her.

      Few months ago, paparazzi took pictures of her paying parking fees and driving her car like regular people and the title for that article is 三寶妹 (which is a derogatory term for women, older women (and older people) who are bad on the roads) and there are so many other examples where her article are titled with words that might mislead readers. I guess it means she have offended the media in some way or maybe they just love stirring things up with popular celebrities.

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