Im Joo Eun and Im Joo Hwan Join Kim Woo Bin and Suzy in Arbitrarily Fond

Next year K-drama Arbitrarily Fond just turned into the mashup of a Heirs reunion with a What’s Up? with the casting of one new female lead. Im Joo Eun has been confirmed as the second female lead in the drama, which makes it the second time she’s done a drama with the similar sounding in name Im Joo Hwan, who has been inked as the second male lead already. They costarred in college musical drama What’s Up? a few years ago, and that was a positive turn for their acting careers even if the drama was mostly underrated.

Along the same reunion veins, Im Joo Eun was also in Heirs with Kim Woo Bin, but I don’t recall them having a single scene together, which isn’t all that surprising since that drama had a sprawling cast with multiple narrative arcs going on. The news of Im Joo Eun’s cast also confirms what I reported a few weeks ago, which is Arbitrarily Fond will start filming in early December, regardless of what final time slot it gets on KBS. The four leads have reportedly met already for discussions with screenwriter Lee Kyung Hee. Eeeks, I can’t wait!

I think this drama is going to such a treat to watch with this cast, and hopefully Suzy ups her game being surrounded by these three fantastic acting talent. Kim Woo Bin eats up the screen, maybe he’ll transfer the sizzle to Suzy and together equalize out the sparks so it’s neither too intense or too flat. I report on the ever changing premiere dates of dramas I’m looking forward to, but these days it’s impossible to know for sure until the time gets close.

That’s especially true if KBS has on deck dramas which are pre-filmed such as Descendants of the Sun and now Arbitrarily Fond. If the dramas are ready to go then the network can decide which one to air based on various other factors. Some fans are already chuckling about AB being filmed in the dead of winter in cold cold Seoul, but if it airs in late spring or early summer 2016, it’s going to be incongruous to see all the sweaters and cold breath onscreen when outside it’s hot and muggy already.


Im Joo Eun and Im Joo Hwan Join Kim Woo Bin and Suzy in Arbitrarily Fond — 23 Comments

  1. Just realized she had a big character in Heirs she was a teacher? Two timing Kim Tan’s big brother Choi Jin-hyuk and her tutor student Kang Ha-neul.

    This drama is going to hit the roof nothing is gonna stop it. everything is destined for this drama. hope the best for them

  2. Hi Kola,

    You have mentioned Im Joo Eun as the Second “Male” Lead. I am assuming this is in error or she is playing a cross dressing second male lead and making it much more awesome!

    • Sigh, you are not the only one. Two of the most overrated Korean actors are leading, two of the most underrated ones are pushed to secondary roles yet again.

      • AMEN TO THAT!! Agree wholeheartedly with these two comments. Can’t believe these two are playing the second leads under kim woo bin and suzy for crying out loud! Ok kim woo bin is a charismatic actor but suzy? SUZY???

    • I’m also wishing for a secondary couple story for them .. OH plese writer-nim make it happen ..

      how awesome it’d be if it’s like High Society, although that drama was kind of messed up but the fact it had two different lovelines and gave both main leads and second leads same amount of screen time was interesting .. let’s hope this one will be like that too ^^

  3. Oh yesss i like her and i have a feeling i’ll like the second leads more. pretty please make them a couple in the drama and not a puppy second leads who run after the leads..i’m rooting for Im couple! and it’s nice their names are almost similar lol

  4. A What’s up reunion ! I really loved this drama and this actors. Im Joo Eun was great in this role. So I’m happy to see them in another drama. I only have doubts about Suzy. I like her in Dream High but not in the other productions. So I’m curious.

    • She was beyond awesome in what’s up, hands down the most epic female character in a kdrama ever. That was the closest i ever came to a girl crush. And she played her wonderfully. I wish we could get more such girls/women in kdrama. I loved whats up, but even if one didn’t like it, it was worth watching it for her alone. Well, and jo jung seok 🙂 i’ m gonna watch this for the second leads.

  5. Im Joo Eun is criinally underrated! I just wish she’s get more leading roles instead of supporting ones. She’s such a good actress (and much better then Suzy who’s charming but a charismatic leading lady not)

  6. Im Joo Eun!!! I’m sooooo happy! It’s been ages since I last saw her in a drama!

    Every time a new drama season arrives I search the news to see if she’s back yet.

    I’m looking forward to this drama!

  7. Is this melo?? I can’t imagine Suzy trying to muster up angst and heartbreak. I know Woo Bin has the goods on that if anyone has watched him in School 2013 (??? Is the year correct)? He was awesome in the bromance with Lee Jong Suk.

  8. If there is any drama I always imagine Im Joo Eun and hope it will be her instead. Suzy is trying hard but she arent capable just yet but popularity and demand in the industry make her lucky like this.

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