Marry Me or Not is Even Better with Episode 2’s Bickering and Explosive Chemistry

Thank goodness new TW-drama Marry Me or Not got even better, validating that this isn’t a one-episode wonder type of drama and delivering yet another fun filled hour of laughs and swoons. My eyes soak up the beautiful eye candy that is Roy Qiu and Alice Ke looking so beautiful onscreen it might be illegal, with an added layer of excellent storytelling through crackling dialogue. Roy mentioned how he had to memorize so much legal jargon dialogue but his hard work paid off masterfully, the way the lines rapid fire from his mouth in a staccato of jaded insightful musings about the perils of romance and matrimony.

Alice is just as good, I love her “bitchy” character because she’s such a softy inside, everything is just a shell and needs Roy to unwrap it all. I can’t wait for her wedding to get scuttled, as does her hilarious fortune telling mom and everyone else with eyes who can see its a bad idea to marry a guy she doesn’t love. Looks like her rebound is going to be lawyer Justin, and I can’t wait for the sparks to fly even more. Check out all the fun drama stills from the last episode, with a teaser above and below for what’s to come between the leads in episode 3.


Marry Me or Not is Even Better with Episode 2’s Bickering and Explosive Chemistry — 18 Comments

  1. I almost feel guilty for enjoying Alice’s character so much. She is a complete jerk, and yet I keep rooting for her for some reason.

    • Well, she’s not completely a jerk, although it is fun to see her character act super bitchy. It is a change for once for the female lead. There is a reason why she’s acting the way she is and episode one? or two? lets us know there was a misunderstanding between the two girls.

  2. Give me strength. I still haven’t watched it and trying to hold off. But it’s so difficult when they are so many cute shots floating around.

  3. I need someone to explain what happened in that first photo! Sunday can’t come fast enough. This show is so fun whenever these two are in a scene together.

    Maybe I’m reading too much into this, but most of those exes who crashed her wedding seemed like they left her. The guy who went to Dubai, the one who left for a basketball career, and of course freaking Do Min Joon (I love this show’s allusions to My Love from Another Star!). I think that has something to do with her strong front against guys and in her relationship. After all, she was willing to break up with her fiancee because there was no sign of their relationship progressing towards marriage.

    • I bet that top photo is Alice’s revenge after her frenemy ruined the wedding. I’m just falling in love with her character and all the angles she works to save face and create this protective front.

      I wonder how long those sibs can keep there relationships under wraps?!

  4. This drama is sooooooo good – one of the best TW-dramas I’ve seen in a long long time. The slap-stick is still there but the audience is not treated like idiots thanks to what seems like fantastic writing and directing so far. Crackling dialogue and chemistry between the two leads and the menagerie of side characters and some really fantastic dynamic camerawork (ie. the single shot opening scene and the revelation of filming technique in the BTS..) I’m totally rooting for Huanhuan to get her happy ending even if she is such a biatch, on the surface anyway. Unnie are you gonna be recapping this?

    • And may I just add that I’ve never seen Roy Qiu so hot. He’s always been this pretty boy and I still remember him from his debut days and his mumbled enunciation. But now, hot damn, Mengmeng, despite all his strange quirks, is one fine specimen. And fantastic comic timing too.

  5. I loved the second ep so much it was one of the funnniest, best for written TW eps I have seen. Justin is such a hoot for a serious, cynical lawyer. He got real petty bickering with HH.

    HH has such soft inside, Justin sister ruined the friendship for nothing. I root for despite her bitchy facade. I can’t wait to see two strong personality fall in love for real. They are so tough already, I can’t picture them becoming soft for their lover. HH was clearly faking to marry, look good.

  6. I’m loving the series – the overt snarkiness…and a female lead with some sass! Hope the zippy tempo keeps up. There’s also a great cameo by Bolin Chen, where I think it’s implied that his character from “In Time With You” is seeking divorce advice

    • That was unholy imo how dare they joke about divorce between the couple in by the best TW drama i have seen rom com or otherwise ๐Ÿ˜›

  7. I’m in love with this drama! First, the camera work has definitely upped since I’ve last watched a TW drama, it’s so pretty! Everything is sleek and the fashion is nice. Both lead’s character are awesome!

  8. Ok… I’m IN! Just read Koala’s post and all your comments here and found myself wanting more. I will add this Tdrama on my oh-so-growing-soap list to watch, lol. Thanks for the review you guys! Have a bless Thursday! Ugh, why do I have to be at work… ๐Ÿ™

  9. watched today the 2 episodes and i loved it! i love hao hao and hao meng and even like sheng nan.
    I have a feeling sheng nan missunderstood hao hao (probably the guy hit on her and in exactly that time the friend saw that and sure after that hao rejected him but she missed it). I can’t hate sheng nan completely even if she ruined hao wedding, as we saw she doesn’t really love the uncle, and that deed will lead her to our roy hehe..

    ironically, sheng nan doesn’t want her frenenemy to be her aunt but in the end she will be her sister in-law lol

    can’t wait for ep.3. i loved the teaser!

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