New Drama Sneak Peeks at Descendants of the Sun

I really don’t want to overly up a drama but I’m genuinely super excited about Descendants of the Sun. There are new stills from the drama and all I can do is squeal in delight. Even if Kim Eun Sook delivers intermittently as a screenwriter nowadays, the prospect of Song Joong Ki returning to my screen trumps everything else. If the drama ends up sucking then so be it, I can’t control the quality, but it is nice to keep my faith on something I care about and let the good times roll or falter as it may.

KBS continues to keep the cards close to the vest with this drama, which has nearly completed filming already, with the overseas portion in Greece completely done with only a smattering of domestic scenes left to film, along with the hefty post-production work. The drama is still on the KBS schedule for February 2016 even if there was reports that it was getting pushed back to April, which KBS quickly refuted. I think this one remains in flux realistically since DotS aims to air concurrently in China and SARFT approval is beyond the control of any agency but the notoriously mercurial group in China.


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