Hwang Jung Eun’s Agency Refutes Casting Rumors that She’ll be the Leading Lady in Moon Lovers

When I first heard this possible casting news, my first reaction was to scream “noooooooo”, and it’s not due to any visceral dislike of the actress in question. In the span of a few hours came the entire casting cycle for the female lead of 2016 K-drama Moon Lovers, the Korean adaptation of Chinese period novel Bu Bu Jing Xin (Startling with Each Step) – reportedly Hwang Jung Eum was offered the role of female lead and was considering it seriously. That news was followed shortly with her agency announcing that she was not going to be in the drama.

I’m not sure if that means the rumor that she was offered the role was not true, or it was true but she turned it down. All I know is that the end result is a huge sigh of relief for me. Hwang Jung Eum is so hit and miss for me, when I like her I love her, such as in Kill Me Heal Me and Giant, but when she doesn’t work she’s a major turnoff like in She Was Pretty. But even more important is that she’s totally wrong for the role of Ruo Xi in BBJX in both age and acting aura, so wrong her casting would be the starting the drama off in a giant hole.

I’m very impressed with Hwang Jung Eum’s work ethic, and how she gives 110% in every role she’s taken on. She’s like a hardy work horse who is willing to put in the effort to build up her acting resume. But three dramas in two years, five dramas in three years, and eight dramas in four years is pushing the envelope on overexposure. I want her to take a short breather and then come back with a role that tones down her tendency to overact.


Hwang Jung Eun’s Agency Refutes Casting Rumors that She’ll be the Leading Lady in Moon Lovers — 140 Comments

  1. I suspect that some overeager reporter made up this rumor in respond to the hint that the leading actress is someone who is known for having hit dramas.

  2. Thank God she’s not taking this. She is one of my favorites and I don’t want her to be in this potential mess. Please also stay away from Park Shinhye.

    • Yang Jin Sung isn’t a popular actress so I can’t see her getting the role. It’s unfortunate because she’s great. I think Moon Geun Young, Yoong Eun Hye, and Ha Ji Won are good picks to play Ruo Xi.

      • Not to mention, she’s already the lead in the upcoming SBS morning soap opera “My Son-in-Law’s Woman”…

  3. Thank god!! I was screaming “Nooooooo” when I read it too. She’s not a bad actress but I just dislike her screechy acting….not even in KMHM.

    Rouxi is such a pivotal role that I’m afraid that no actress can live up to expectations. Ha Ji Won and Yoon Eun Hye are great actresses but may be too old. They will look like Lee Jun Ki’s noona & aunt.

    Kang Sora? But she’s gonna be in the drama with Rain. Park Bo Young? Please…..no idols.

      • @juliesean

        He might look young (and he definitely looks in his 30s to me), but you’re pushing it a little too much when you think YEH or HJW will look like his aunt. Lol, exaggeration much?

    • Nope! They all look like they’re in the same age range (30s). If you were talking about let’s say Song Joong Ki, that would actually make sense.

      • They may look like in the same age range to some viewers but LJG tends to have better chemistry with younger-looked actresses compared to him. Especially, his recent co-star LYB. So I’m glad that this plot also needs a younger actress. Hope the PD team could find a suitable good actress fit to the role.

  4. Top choices in terms on acting talent + visual fit:
    Moon Chaewon
    Moon Geunyoung
    Han Hyojoo
    Girl who was the princess wife in Secret Door
    Jo Boah
    Go Ara
    Actresses who are personal biases but might not fit the visuals (inspite of being gorgeous; they still might, I just think they suit a pivotal role with gravitas rather than the main lead, feel like a certain something’s missing, not in terms on beauty or talent, but some indefinable quality)
    Kim Jiwon
    Im Jooeun
    Kim Soeun

  5. @chintu, you are right about what you said about something of indefinable quality. I don’t know what the female lead is supposed to have but she definitely has to have something that has nothing to do with being very pretty.

    I’m thinking actresses that we haven’t seen in a long time on the small screen, my best picks: yoon eun hye, han ga in, and some other actress whose faces are familiar but names, not so much. Talent is the best option here, guys, make it work……….

    • Han Ga In and talent? By that standard, she should be nowhere near this casting, she’s older than Hwang Jung Eum and her acting is really terrible.

    • I don’t remember YEH do seaguk before ( I don’t count Goong as one) nor I think anyone production wants to cast her right now
      And HGI is talented? haha

      • @haha, I get it that you’re a PSH fans and want her to be the most famous actress in Korea (even in the world) but please don’t ever think that just because she’s popular now everything will center around her. Popularity isn’t something that will lasting you know.
        I always astounded by some fans (fandom) who are willing to take the easy route by making their idol looks good by putting the other in a bad light. You have to know that your idol isn’t perfect so is mine but to say that there isn’t any production who want to cast YEH is too much. Have you read news at Korean portal lately or reading her agency statement ? She still has many offers both from China or Korea. She just isn’t making any decision yet.
        Even SHK still got offer despite her scandal, why not YEH…

        Personally I prefer YEH to take project outside Korea for now since I don’t like how Knetz & K media treating her after the “scandal”. But the final decision is up to her.

      • Actually her agency released a statement saying that Yoon Eun Hye has no plans of taking a long hiatus. They said she’s been getting double the offers and scripts from Korea and China. Also that she used to get a lot of scripts and offers before, but after she appeared on Muse Dress she’s gotten a whole lot more so she is carefully reviewing all the offers then proceed to work as soon as possible.credit: JARMY and sportschosun

  6. I would like for Park Min Young to be the lead, or Park Bo Young or Moon Chae Young, Han Hyo Joo is awesome but frankly in sageuks, she’s just doesn’t shine much. She’s got a modern look and does not look good in Sageuks. Point in case – Dong Yi. Very very plain looking.

    Definitely NO to HJE. Yes on the overexposure, Yes on the overacting and I really need a break from her big time. All that said I would love for Park Seo Joon to step in as 8th Prince. Lee Joon Ki and Park Seo Joon will make for the best love triangle.

  7. I dont see why people dislike her for working hard. Hwang Jung Eum has had a difficult financial period and probably does like working as it pays well. You can simply not watch her dramas if you find her tiring. I like her acting, work ethics and most importantly her personality. As for Korean adaptation of Bu Bu Jing Xin, I loved the chinese one and HJE doesnt fit the character, she may turn out to be a good Roulan but not Rouxi. Cant they cast somebody cross border for Rouxi?

  8. The casting of Ruoxi is so pivotal for this drama to be watchable. Since the drama portrays Ruoxi’s growth, the actress must be very versatile and show a great acting range. She must be able to portray Ruoxi’s younger self, her courageousness, her stubbornness, and her cuteness, without going overboard and being cringey. She also must be able to portray Ruoxi’s older self, her hesitation, her pain, her deep love for Fourth Prince, without looking as emotionless as a wooden stick.

  9. I agree with the first comment it was a ramdom news, someone decided to make noise, maybe because he wanted to hear an official denial “we chose XXX” 🙂
    But still…

    This is the most strange drama lately.

    Princes pop-up one by one, no news about the female lead.

    And WHO will be the 8th Prince????

  10. I read the chinese news apple daily and china express apparently people in China want Yoon Eun Hye as the female lead. They voiced out that they think she fits to play Rouxi’s part the most, however Koreans want Park Shin Hye to play the lead.

  11. NO NO NO to Park Shin Hye. That would be the biggest nightmare… intimate scenes are her bane (unless with her rumored bf) and as someone above mentioned about HHJ looking plain in period dramas, she is worse. Has anyone seen the movie Royal Tailor, she was HORRIBLE in it. Totally miscasted opposite heavyweight Go Soo and even Yoo Yeon Seok. She just has no chemistry with any of her leading men (again except for her rumored bf). At this point I would rather the “older” Yoon Eun Hye


    • And I don’t hope she joint that drama it appeard that will be a mess .
      She isn’t the worst bit she is doing her role according to script .

    • Why with your pretty lips and precious hands are you saying those things..and writing those things? Sigh..such a pity!

      Please mediator live happy and healty… dont bash other people look at yourself first

      • why is PSH the only one to be defended?
        she didnt “bash” PSH she replied to a comment saying koreans prefer PSH while
        explaining her reasons why she shouldnt be casted in a sajeuk drama
        if i didnt see negative comments with justification
        i would agree that this is a specific bashing
        but fair is fair
        PSH does NOT have immunity
        and to be fair she is usually type cast and “tailor” was her first lead role in years and even in that she played a passive with very few and smart lines
        i do like PSH but she is more cute and likable that a smart character actress
        she NEVER EVER get smart lines
        which upset me since i want her to become more mature and be a role model for young female adults

      • @nevi : so the problem is the korean scripts after all …..!
        so why is she mentioning shin hye making her the failure of the failed scripts written by writers who lacks the creativity ……
        She drags shin hye name in article doesn’t mention her name so why all of these propaganda ……….!

      • @Nilechocolate the script is to blame as much as her choosing them or chosen for them
        if she chooses only one type script to keep her popularity then she is making a mistake as an actress bc the industry havent seen her in anything else and have no confident in her ability since she chooses only onetype character to play
        i assume its her choice at least i hope its hers and she have some say in her career

      • and another thing – i only wrote my post bc i saw other names of actresses given bad comments but only when PSH was mention in a negative way again as a reply to some other comment – so yes it is relevant – was there such bombarding of that person which is why i began it with “only PSH being defended”
        for the records i havnt seen all psh project but i did see quite a few and liked her but i havent seen her in anything different than her usual role

      • @nev : I agree her choices needed to be upgraded and she should consider more risky roles but what I can say the quality of roles in Korean drama especially women roles is either angel Idiot cute or bitchy so where is the variations here , I didn’t see korean dramas had been discussing the women issues like Sunny Movie, Miss Granny or Maids drama which I enjoyed alot the building up & improvement of the characters
        How can I blame shin hye’s limited choices which is bcz of limited women Roles .

      • @nev she’s not even the lead in roya l tailor. She and yys are the supporting casts. Did you watch the movie? But before you watch the movie i would like to ask you to read her character description first. Her character is a lonely, full of sadness and longing for the love of the king. She is just not ready to take lead role in movie yet

      • @nev she’s not even the lead in roya l tailor. She and yys are the supporting casts. Did you watch the movie? But before you watch the movie i would like to ask you to read her character description first. Her character is a lonely, full of sadness and longing for the love of the king. She is just not ready to take lead role in movie yet… Her role is certainly the controlled type of role and the least interesting even lee yoo bi role is more meatier and her screentime is just more-less as much as lyb

      • @nev she’s not even the lead in royal tailor. She and yys are the supporting casts. Did you watch the movie to justify mediator’s comment? But before you watch the movie i would like to ask you to read her character description first. Her character is a lonely, full of sadness and longing for the love of the king. She is just not ready to take lead role in movie yet… Her role is certainly the controlled type of role and the least interesting even lee yoo bi role is more meatier and her screentime is just more-less as much as lyb. Funny tht people always attack her for being type cast with similar roles and acting style while i dont see any difference in pmy, ghj, kwb to name a few

      • @nev she’s not even the lead in royal tailor. She and yys are the supporting casts. Did you watch the movie to justify mediator’s comment? But before you watch the movie i would like to ask you to read her character description first. Her character is a lonely, full of sadness and longing for the love of the king. She is just not ready to take lead role in movie yet… Her role is certainly the controlled type of role and the least interesting even lee yoo bi role is more meatier and her screentime is just more-less as much as lyb. Funny tht people always attack her for being type cast with similar roles and acting style while i dont see any difference in pmy, ghj, kwb to name a few. Watch first and voice your opinion on her potrayal as a lonely queen. Is it horrible tht much. RT didnt do great at all in korea but thanks to her popularity tht movie did more better than in korea did

    • Sometimes it is hard for people to deal with emotions, especially those you can’t quite put your finger on. There are actresses out there that are good, really good and play their part with perfection but I have such an adverse reaction to them that I can’t watch any drama/movie they are in. I could name a handful of those and you would most likely say ‘are you crazy? She is wonderful etc etc’ More than likely that is your issue with PSH.
      I don’t know why some want to dwell and continue to bring up her former kissing scenes. Some of the most acclaimed actresses in the world don’t really do kissing scenes so well. As they mature they get better. And that is what growing in the industry is all about.
      I have watched Korean/Chinese/TW dramas for years and PSH ain’t the only big name who doesn’t do kissing so well. She is much better than she was years ago but she is growing and maturing. I really don’t blame her because she gets so much hate if she kisses well and so much hate if she doesn’t. Damned if she does and damned if she don’t. And snide remarks are simply hate disguised as “honest criticism”.
      As far as Royal Tailor goes – I think she portrayed the role of the queen with perfection. And if the scene between Go Soo and PSH had been any more intimate the screen would have burnt. There was so much sexual tension in that scene…
      PSH would be brilliant in the role of RuoXi because she can portray emotions so well and can play the age correctly but that is my opinion and your opinion is valid for you. But it really is a mute point because we all have actors/actresses we can’t stand to watch but not everyone takes every opportunity they can find to put that one name or names out there. I think that a lot of people aren’t sure and think because someone writes something with such conviction that the writer must be correct and simply go along with it. Fame and the entertainment industry is a minefield and someone like PSH has to have a strong determined and forgiving soul to stay in the business.
      And so it is each to his own……..

      • It’s not about PSH’s lame kissing scenes or chemistry with her leading men. But it’s her temperament. I don’t see in her the right aroma that the heroine Roxi should have. Besides, PSH’s portray of the transitions of emotions in her past dramas is very monotone. She did better in Pinocchio. But that isn’t credible enough for her to take such a pivotal role. She may do well but I think it’d be a great liability to cast her in that role.

      • Your opinion is your opinion. You look at it differently than I do. Her role in Royal Tailor may have been one of the supporting cast but it was crucial to the overall story. And you know it is easy to say the same things about all the other actresses out there. They are either too lame or their temperament isn’t correct and on and on but it all smacks of dislike. She is very good when placed on a scale of other actresses. I don’t get the need of people to put her down constantly. If you don’t like her or disagree with her style of acting then don’t watch. But it makes little difference when her dramas and movies do well – whether domestically or abroad. We should be supportive of actors/actresses we like and simply not say anything when we don’t like them. Too often people label their comments as criticism when in fact it is a means to an end to put down an actor/actress they don’t like. The question to ask one’s self is why they dislike the person so much? Envy/jealousy?
        I think her transitions of emotions are very good. She keeps me interested and watching along with lots and lots of others. We don’t have to be die-hard fans to enjoy her performances – we just recognize talent when we see it. I might like someone else in a role but doesn’t mean PSH wouldn’t be as good or better. And contrary to your belief she actually is the pivotal role in a lot of her dramas. But calling her a liability does not speak of honest criticism but of hatred and dislike. Sigh and again sigh…..

      • @mediator and other critism basher You said that psh didnt have chemistry with previous leading man… omg,actually his sutradara and producer amaze with her acting that mention everywhere he won award, i read that go soo want to act again with her as leading lady.. so sign sign that you say didnt fact just opinion whow not compatible

    • Just because you have a personal hatred for Park Shin Hye, it does not mean you have the right to say she was horrible in big capital letters. Like someone pointed out above, if you don’t like the actress then turn off. No one is pointing a gun at you to watch her. Park Shin Hye has the sweetest voice, she would be brilliant for this role but personally I hate remakes and especially Korean remakes they are a disaster e.g. Boys over flowers. The production company probably wants Park Shin Hye to take this project because she has a big enough name.

    • I dont want her to be in this messy drama either. Her potrayal as a lonely queen in royal tailor is not horrible as you said. People with clear eyes can totally see her sadness and loneliness in her eyes alone. Say what you want but she’s given the least meatier supporting cast compared to the 2 leads and yys. I can say tht your eyes are blinded with prejudice and hatred during the scene where go soo taking her measurement to make a hanbok. They dont even have any skinship yet tht scene screams SEXUAL TENSION. So where does it comes from if not from chemistry???

    • She has no chemistry w her constars yet she has many ships?
      SHe isn’t the only actress that doesn’t get involved much in kissing yet only her get hated for it?
      And in fact I don’t want to to play this role since it’s remake and the writer isn’t great. Nor I think saeguk is her best choice right now
      But she isn’t def not the biggest nightmare. She had chemistry with both GS and YYS even they didn’t really have intimate scenes together. And she can emo and play her part
      And China would pay $$$ for her since they are the main target
      But she doesn’t need this. Nor I think she will do this
      So chill and lay down on your hate.
      One thing for sure, she will get more support and profit than your choice of YEH right now haha

      • I love YEH,but she’s not the best choice.it’s not like she’s a good actress.she’s just servicable.don’t want PSH either.LBY would’ve been perfect for the role,but she just gave birth and she’s not in her 20’s.plus,YEH may be popular due to that fashion program but she’s not up to PSH and JJH level of fame in china.all her dramas flopped badly.china will definately pay more $$$ for psh than YEH.still,I don’t want PSH in the role

      • @dramakid Goong, Coffee Prince, My Fair Lady, Lie To Me and Missing You had good ratings in China check the chinese news articles with the ratings news for all those dramas. The only drama that didnt do well was Marry Him If You Dare. That one was a big flop.

      • PSH is not bad, but she’s boring. Actually I was a fan of PSH before most people knew who she was. I loved her in Stairways to Heaven, Tree of Heaven and you’re beautiful until I realized that she only has one expression: The puppy eyes pout. She uses that to express everything. Even when she’s trying to appear angry, you just want to pet her. The girl has no range, no versatility. Can you imagine her as a villain, as a cop, or in an action drama/movie? Give me something different, and I’ll give her a chance.

      • @nancyD I hope you still love her.. if didnt support her just critism in right way, who give her those character is director and scriptwriter

      • Evidently you really don’t find her boring or you wouldn’t be making an issue of trying to convince the world about how you are her fan but dropped her because she has one expression and is boring. Hogwash!! You have not watched the same PSH that I have watched. She has many expressions and her eyes are the most expressive in the business. And yes, I can imagine her as a villain, a cop, an assassin along with many other roles. She is one of Asia’s romcom queens and producers, directors and writers keep coming to her because she has the ability to show the emotions they want the audience to see and feel. And you know if you hate her that much or are bored that badly, why even read comments and respond to them that concerns her? Again it is hatred labeled as “criticism”. Wonder how you would feel if people that you associate with daily or just occasionally were making snide, hateful remarks about everything you do? You would call it bullying or cyber bullying and be heartsick and appalled. Always remember what goes around, comes around.

  12. Agreed with the fact that HJE’s aura, vibe and age are totally opposite of what Ruoxi would have been and that she is not suitable for Ruoxi.

    But are people also having double standards saying that she is overexposured or what? Park Seo-joon was also in both KMHM and SWP, and is already rumored/almost confirmed to be casted in Hwaryung even before SWP had ended. Jang Na-ra was in four dramas the past two years, and is already up for her fifth drama beginning 2016. But nobody every says they are overexposured…

  13. Actually her agency released a statement saying that Yoon Eun Hye has no plans of taking a long hiatus. They said that she has been getting double the offers and scripts from Korea and China. They said that she used to get a lot of scripts and offers before, but after she appeared on Muse Dress she’s gotten a whole lot more so she is carefully reviewing all the offers then proceed to work as soon as possible.credit: JARMY and sportschosun

  14. It would be wonderful if Kang Sora, Park Bo Young or Park Ha Sun were cast. Though I have not seen Sora or PBY in a sageuk, I believe they have the range to carry off Ruoxi’s emotional journey from the headstrong girl to the woman who has seen suffered so much for those she loved. Really hope whoever is cast will be a perfect fit for the pivotal role.

  15. Wow….so many arguments about Ms. Hwang and even drag other actresses like SHin Hye ad Yoon Eun Hye. I love all of them but after reading the synopsis on the wikipedia (lol), I prefer Moon Chae Won or Han Hyo Joo. Both were incredible in saeguk.

    • Reading through the comments I can now see why PSH draws out extreme emotions when it comes to her casting. There’s people who defend her so manically almost to the level of obsessiveness to kpop stars and those who simply detest her to the bone. I for one was neutral till I saw the onslaught of fanatic comments, kind of a turn off to be honest and drawing me closer to not wanting her in this production as well. Sorry, just calling a spade a spade. Yes to HHJ and MCW too.

      • Ha??? Honey we don’t mention her name and we don’t wish her in this production we defend bcz some tend to drag her name with bad mouthing if you don’t like her just ignore her but some can’t they want to get attention so we have to reply OK.

      • That a pity for you.. you said neutral but drag other name actress and negative comment to her

        Ooo.. i believe she wont pick this project, so congratulation for you, please be happy so you not to botox your face because
        In healty body which healty soul

  16. I think MCW would be awesome for the role but I hope she stays far far away. Got a feeling this will tank. With a huge budget, the tank will just look more massive.

    • I don’t think it will… the director is solid and as long as they stay within the boundaries of the original script and add in power dialogues that kdramas are famous for, with a good cast, the story will do well. Japanese ones almost always fail due to the huge discrepancies in cultures btw korea and japan whereas korean culture has always been closer to Chinese due to them being a vessel state. So far except for the botched The time I loved you, the taiwanese remakes fared decent namely Korean Fated to Love you (which was often No.1 in its timeslot) and Witch’s Romance which did around 1.7% in ratings and close to a double digits translated into terrestrial. Plus this is the first hollywood injected project, I’m optimistic for it.

  17. Umm, but aren’t Chinese dramas usually have screaming leads (especially females)? I can’t stand HJE for the same reason but it’s funny if you don’t like her overreacting when most Chinese dramas leads are like her.

    • Screaming leads are usually found in Chinese modern dramas, especially if the female lead is supposed to be poor and headstrong. You don’t really find screaming leads in ancient dramas, the category Bu Bu Jing Xin falls under.

  18. I love HJE and BBJX too. If ever she is cast in this, it’ll be her first sageuk drama. But rest needs to come first. Just let her do a movie next year for a change.

  19. I guess it’s true what they that how fans act makes you view an artist differently.
    I’m not a Park Shin Hye fan nor I am a hater. If she’s in a drama with my bias, it doesn’t affect me positively or negatively. I watch a drama with or without her.

    But seeing her fans being overly defensive and attacking those who expressed their opinions about her acting really disgusts me. I’d understand if you fans defend Park Shin Hye if people made personal attacks against her family or her character, but it isn’t the case.

    As I was backreading all the comments I saw that what started it was when a poster replied at a comment which said that Koreans wanted Park Shin Hye as the lead. Links of those news articles were even posted by a commentator. So since Park Shin Hye’s name is brought up as one of the candidates that Koreans want as a contender, it is not a big deal if her acting is being discussed at the comment section. Why are her fans attacking those who said that they dislike her acting? It is their opinion, they dont have to like her acting.

    She is an actress, so everyone has the right to either praise or dislike her performance. And as for her fans saying that if people dont like PSH’s acting then dont watch her movie or drama…you don’t have the right to say that to the viewers, espescially since PSH is not the only actress in that particular movie/drama, there may be other castmembers that people wanna watch in a particular project that she’s in.

    Her fans need to know when to defend her and when to just take a chill pill and back off. If viewers attack her acting then just grab a popcorn, chill and relax, everyone have different taste and they have the right to their opinion when it comes to criticising her on her profession or even her looks, since it’s part of the industry that she’s in. Now if they say that she is a slut, a loser or made vile comments, then fight for her. Also learn to defend her without putting down other celebrities.

    This is a public blog and comment section, so dont try to control or push your own opinions on other posters. If you can’t handle seeing your bias getting criticized for their acting then stick to posting on her fanclub sites.

    • There are difference between constructive criticism and hatred based comments so we don’t defend every comment but some comments tend to accuse shin hye for failure of scripts or direction not only shin hye , I see people here overreacting even she wasn’t selected as they want here to stay at home .
      The language it self showing that and seriously wrong we are wishing from our hearts she won’t take this drama the role itself will be a mess especially in Korean version so some don’t need to drag her name based on their hatred toward her.

      • @Nilechocolate Park Shin Hye is not the only actress who is being criticized in the comment section here. I see other actress getting criticized as well.

        Hwang Jun Eum is criticized for overacting and being screechy. Han Hyo Jo for being too plain for sageuk, someone said all of Yoon Eun Hye’s dramas are all flops + etc..Han Ga In criticized on her acting and etc. So no one has been spared from criticisms here, constructive or otherwise. I see their fans speaking up for them as well but not to the point of accusing this or that poster of being a hater.

        As for the scripts, the artist reads the scripts and then selects their own projects. So though the blame shouldn’t be placed 100% on the artist for the roles given to them, they have to bear at least some responsibility for it, since they read about the character they were about to play before accepting the project.

        I remember Moon Chae Won once saying that she & her manager and staff read many script offers beforehand…so the artist definitely knows the character they are about to play. So I guess it boils down to the artist picking a project wisely.

      • @Moon_Lover on : But in her case the people tend to overreact why ???
        The article it self doesn’t mention her and some tend to drag her name with their comments to make their actresses perfects , we are her fans didn’t mention her name in 1st place so why these useless comments over a role may or mayn’t be and you know why .
        Ignorance is the best solution if you don’t like someone .

      • @Nilechocolate the way i see it, people really aren’t overacting towards PSH. I mean her name isn’t the only name beig dragged here. I see other actresses names dragged as well, so it’s not like she is being singled out.

    • @moon_lover This is public blog and comment section, so dont try to control or push your opinions on others and you dont try to control or push our opinions too

      • @Darfia, I am not pushing my opinions on anyone. I dont go around calling people haters just because they dont like an actor that I like. It is basic decorum in a blog comment section or any forum to not attack another poster.

      • @moonlover are you sure? I thought you said before.. push your opinion on others, oh.. one more if any fans of actress you said before example han ga in, hwang jun eum, YEH even moon chae in here, want to defend her actress from bad comment, its freely..just speak up like you, if didnt have.. that fact not shinhye fans fault right? base on fans inisiative, just speak up.. its simple, so this public forum more life not just fill with hate comment to psh

      • @Darfia can you please write clearly? I dont understand the point you are trying to make or what you are fighting for here. After reading your comment or the argument you are trying to make it ended up giving me a headache.

    • In my opinion, C history dramas are way better than K sageuk. I just found that out after being a K drama freak for two years. LOL..one historical drama Nirvana in Fire blew me away and turned me around. In C drama, actresses talked and moved with on-point aura for historical setting. I read news somewhere saying that they all have ancient Chinese etiquette experts in historical dramas to guide actors/actresses and correct them for inappropriate manners according to historical records. Well, no wonder, it feels so much different watching C historical dramas than sageuk.

      • The only sageuks I like were Jewel In The Palace, Jumong & Tree With Deep Roots, though I watched a lot.

    • Yup! I always think PSH’s acting is bland and her portrayal of any character is pretty monotone, one dimensional more precisely. Have to be honest although I think she’s a nice person in real life.

      • As for me pmy is way monotone but people still love her playing the same bubbly cheerful girl (almost in every drama) who need to be saved from threats *cough*healer*cough*cityhunter

      • @queen. PMY is not sophisticated enough to be korean Rouxi either. In my honest opinion, I’ve not found any K actress able to ace the role. LOL…Perhaps I’m wrong. But as a lover of historical dramas and have watched many sageuks, I don’t think this remake will outperform the original BBJX unless they make it totally deviate from the original storyline to fit a typical sageuk setting. But that won’t be a remake anyway. It’s just ancient Chinese culture is still in large part very different from Korean culture. There’s no slavery system in ancient Chinese although there does exist certain stratification of social classes. But women in C period dramas are more free-spirited, smarter, and bolder. I’ve not seen anything like that in the K sageuk I’ve watched (there’re many) so far. Not even Dong Yi. So I’m more pessimistic about this K remake unless the scriptwriter and the PD are extremely talented and can make it unique.

    • I watch other lead actresses all the time and some of them are a total put-off but I don’t bitch about that actress to the degree of saying she is ‘HORRIBLE’. I have better things to do then stressing over a bad actress. I just choose to turn off that program and watch another. Yes, this is a public forum, so why throw all your hatred on one actress. This is how terrorists arrive because of brain-washing. Some ppl here probably have not seen all of PSH drama and then they are unfairly criticising her acting. You can say ‘I have a personal thing against xxx…’ because it is personal opinion after all.

      • Jeez…Are you seriously comparing people in this Drama forum to terrorists? What’s wrong with you?

      • I watched the following dramas of PSH:
        You are beautiful
        Flower boy next door

        These are all decent dramas except for Heirs that has a crappy plot and scriptwriting. If she is boring then she is boring. I have no particular reasons to be critical of her acting because I actually like her in real life. She improved in Pinocchio. But that’s it. Her convey of emotions is very monotone. She still needs a lot of work to get to the level being able to play a role like Rouxi in BBJX.

      • @nancyD so why throw all your hatred on one actree? Oh.. oke you can say freely those not hate comment but critism, whatever lah
        Many cyber bullyng here who say its critism.. i have any question? Do you want her to suicidal or give up in act after read all of your critism bullyng? oh.. sorry in your dream
        Why with your pretty lips and precious hand.. you said and wrote those things,that a pity
        keep happy

  20. People need to stop complaining about her screechy acting. It’s simply because the last two dramas she was in were comedies and her characters were more eccentric, which her style is a more exaggerated comedy style. But if you watch her other dramas, such as melodramas, she is NOT screechy.. geez. Clearly Moon Lovers will not be a comedy.

  21. @andsoitgoes
    It is difficult to communicate in a rational way with people who have such strong bias because they have tunnel vision. I absolutely do not hate PSH. Why would I? She’s done nothing to me. She is not in demand because of her great acting abilities. She is in demand because she’s popular amongst individuals who wouldn’t know good acting if it hit them in the face. To criticize someone’s art is not bullying. The moment you put it out there for the public, it’s open for them to see it as they please. No need to be so sensitive about it. Personal attacks or nasty gossip…that is bullying. And I love hearing other people’s opinion about my art, the good and the bad. They are free to express it and I always use it to my advantage. If you truly had faith in your bias’s acting ability you wouldn’t take it so personally. The fact that you are so defensive shows me I hit the nail on the head. That said, just because I am currently underwhelmed by her, it doesn’t mean I’ll not give her chance. People may surprise you.

    • So agree with you. We are not being critical of her bcos of her personality or anything else more than her acting skills and lack of right temperament for Rouxi in BBJX. Her fans need to be calm down and don’t be overly defensive.

    • Ahhhh….you win. I give up. It’s my bad that I thought saying bad things just to make a point was ok.
      Seems like in today’s world no one cares if you say rude and crude about someone whether they are a public figure or not. It’s ok because hell..it’s your right to say what ever you want. And then just to make sure it’s acceptable diss the person that says wait – don’t say mean things just
      because you can label it as criticism and it is suddenly honest and aboveboard.
      When falsehoods are told as truth the speaker is not hurt only the innocent suffer from falsehoods.
      So I said don’t watch if you don’t like her. Watch it if you want for the others….I don’t care. Blast away because I care naught for what others think. I was simply responding to comments that smacked of meanness. Bet you have watched shows like ‘Mean Girls’ and thought how cruel. And yeah bullying is often done in the form of criticism.
      On the news, one bully girl said if I don’t tell them they are ugly who will? Sigh – and every time we condone meanness it becomes more entrenched in our society.
      I am not a die-hard joined the fandome PSH fan. I enjoy her work but every time her name is mentioned on these ‘public forums someone feels the need to inform all and sundry that she is bland, plain, ugly, no talent and on and on. That is what I was commenting on. Your criticism of me is of no
      value because like you I am faceless because it is a forum as such.
      I meant to remark on the comments about YEH also but because I had school I had to wait till I had time to check this forum again. YEH is by no means washed up or mediocre. It’s as if she is thumbing her nose at us while having a blast acting. Good for her. But she can be hurt the same as PSH by cruel remarks.
      That said this is the first and last time I join a public forum to make a comment that I thought was to say don’t bash someone just because you don’t like them. That goes for any actor/actress.
      Public figures aren’t immune to hurt feelings and sometimes we need to think about the things we say before saying or writing them.
      My Grandmother always said if you tell a woman she is beautiful she will blossom but if you tell her she is ugly she will always remember that……words are ugly too – and in this hate filled world
      we find ourselves in aren’t words as cruel as weapons?

      • I’m sorry you feel that way and please continue to comment. Your opinion is appreciated. It’s just sometimes people have to agree to disagree; it’s not about winning an argument. It’s about having an interesting discussion. There are so many movie and book critics out there that are held to high regard, but no one ever accuses them of bashing anyone, even if they might disagree with them. If someone criticized my bias I’d disagree with them, but accept that sometimes people see things differently. It’s just their opinion. And you definitely don’t need others to say you are beautiful for you to blossom; Others should not dictate how you feel about yourself.

    • “She is in demand because she’s popular amongst individuals who wouldn’t know good acting if it hit them in the face.” it’s not like you have phd in acting study field to say this. Good or not it’s up to the public to judge and if the public likes her then she’s good for majority of the the public including those who’re not exposed to kdrama. Even if they dont watch kdrama certainly the watch other movie/drama from other country to judge

    • LOL. It is very presumptuous of you to think other people don’t know what is good acting. Acting is a form of art, is it not? In art, whether it is photography, painting or films, it all depends on personal tastes. PSH’s acting draws emotions into people that’s why she has many fans. The others who don’t see it this way just don’t like that type of subdue acting but that is your opinion.

      • Well, popularity does not equate talent and standards can be pretty low when it comes to the masses. It’s meant to be that way. The purpose in most dramas is not quality but to get as many people as possible to spazz over the stars. Look how popular Boys over Flowers or The Heirs is. I’m sure you can think of plenty of actors/actresses/idols who are immensely popular even though it’s obvious that their acting is just ordinary. I might not share the tastes of the masses, but if that’s something they enjoy, all the power to them.

      • NancyD, don’t know what you mean by popularity does not equate talent because even if some actor or actress has the best talent in the world, without hard work, luck and fans him/her won’t get anywhere in showbiz.

  22. Actually..i think lee yu bi really fits the roll..her chemistry with junki in swwtn is amazing but somehow certain people would deny her acting talents..as for me she did very well as yang sun in swwtn ..she has wide range of expression and can really immerse herself while portraying the character..unfortunately the character in swwtn was not fully fleshed out..look at how she nailed it excellently in gu family book. However..it’s a slim chance that she would be casted in the moon lovers since they had just acted together.

  23. my guess it going to be PSH. she very poplaur in china so the pd would be wise to cast her as the lead woman. it cant be suzy she busy with her other drama. it cant be iu she have child scandal.cant be kang sora she busy with her drama. cant be YEH korean still hate her. cant be HJW she too old to play the role.cant be LYB. she just have a drama with the lead guy. so the only one left to fit LSS rol is PSH.

      • @Drama2015
        can you name k actresses who is not monotone, bland and boring by your standard at PSH age group because I could not find any. I admit her acting was mediocre in ‘Heirs’ I could not stand that drama anyway, but she shined in pinocchio.

        This moon lover in my opinion is a trainwreck in the making and I dislike sageuk so I don’t fancy PSH to be in it.

      • @Drama2015 I seee you want moon chae won. As people make fuss out of it, im watching TPM and now ep 7 already and all i see is the monotone, bland n boring lady se ryeong. I still dont see the strong female lead in lady se ryeong as people said.

      • Honestly, I’m not interested in this K remake at all. In my head, I haven’t find any K actress who would ace the role of Rouxi as the Chinese actress did, to be honest, unless they make the entire series totally deviate from the original inside out. No offense to any K drama fans. After being a K drama freak for two years, I’m getting a bit fed up with K cliches. Now I’ve turned my interest to C dramas.

      • @Darfia. You’re air-headed? Jealous? Why should I? LOL…I have a very decent job with good salary and happy family life…I’m here to kill my time. What the heck a mere S. Korean celebrity has to do with me? LOL…You got nothing to defend your fave so that’s the only crappy idea you could come up with to mock me? Hahahahaha…so childish.

      • That’s right. The remake may ruin her fame and her acting may ruin the drama. Double ding! LOL

      • @drama2015 Do you really happy? I dont think so.. if shinhye make comeback with drama next year I believe you’ll watch her and say again her act is bla bla bla. You just hypocritical jealous.
        Have many fans.its mean many people love her, why? Please think again, because her beautiful? I think korean have many more beautiful actress than her.. so not because her beauty, her attitude? Many program charity from other actress too, because her personality? I doubt that people around the world who love shinhye know her personal, fans who defend and love her because know shinhye from pervious her act in drama, people around the world rely on her act.. that fact you can logically

      • @Rinas, O my goodness. See how you generalize to such an emotional extent. It must hurts to know quite a few readers here are not so much for your fave. LOL…There’re no particular reasons for us to be critical of her other than her acting. That’s it. She still needs a lot of work to be able to convey subtle transitions of emotions of many drama characters. We rationally expressed our opinions and explained the reasons why she isn’t the best for Rouxi. But you guys just can’t take it bcos that sorta negate your assessment of good acting whatsoever. Well, take it or not. Your grumpy defense would not change our views.

      • @drama2015 i dont feel hurt or something because you just nothing, didnt influence anything

        Remember you said before that dont try to push this public forum but finally you speak up want to change our view, lol

  24. PSH not suit with Rouxi cause too yong and can’t melodrama good enough .
    Rouxi has two husband in her life. unhappy life and betrayed her lovers .

    i can’t hope with this drama casting is disappointed and don’t trust writer. it’s same Dr Jin

  25. @queen – i watched the “tailor” and actually bc of PSH if i need to read a description in order to understand it – it means the actor is doing a BAD job which you just admitted to
    do you need to read her character description in order to understand her acting?
    never heard of such a thing
    the problem with PSH fans that they are fanatic and any even the smallest dislike can make them go on a lynch frenzy
    PSH fans are very scary

    • Rarely see rabid fandoms like this in the Western showbiz. We simply voice our honest opinions based on actors/actresses’ performance and acting latitude. I did not expect such frenzy reaction from PSH fans. Even great actors and actresses have their hit and miss due to bad scripts/directing/other cast or other reasons. I really think PSH is not an A-list actress who can ace Rouxi role in BBJX unless K version revises the adaptation to a large extent to suit her temperament. PSH only impressed me a little bit in Pinocchio. But I mainly credit her improvement to Lee Jong Seok. LJS used to have great chemistry with her leading ladies (Dr. Stranger may be the exception but still ok). I really think PSH stans better not push her to a job she’s not yet ready for and make her flop.

      • I said I wouldn’t comment again but I heard a girl say to another girl at school that she was a no talent, ugly girl that should just
        kill herself if she wanted to do the world a favor. I thought of this column and you in particular…..words kill you know?

        Not sure what in my comments would make anyone think I am a ‘rabid fan’? I didn’t say anything in particular that would qualify as such.
        I just tried to say that mean words are simply mean words. The anti-fans are always a puzzle to me no matter which artist they want to put down.

        You know you really are a bully. You may say you are happy, just passing the time here etc etc but this is a message from a high school girl that sees bullying everyday….you say some of the same things the bullies do….and with the same words – they say
        “I am not bullying but am just making honest statements.”
        When you have kids and one of them is bullied with the same sort of “honest” statements I hope you remember as you get upset
        and want to say something back to the bully or expect authorities to make it stop that you are not the best person to tell a bully anything.
        And once a bully always a bully. And children tend to do the same things their parents do because they learn by your example.
        The comment ‘sticks and stones will break my bones but words will never hurt me’…..
        words hurt and they hurt a lot.
        And your comment that fandoms in the western showbiz aren’t fanatical….where on Earth do you live?
        Fans in Europe and US are crazy mean when they start on an actor/actress/singer …..
        Example – Anne Hathaway and the hate she gets….don’t know about it? Read up on it…..
        Spouting hate and dislike is so middle schoolish but the words still hurt. I couldn’t not say something after reading where you
        continue to spew mean comments disguised as just your honest opinion. Go ahead and say mean things to me because I know that it
        will come back on you someday and I hope you remember that what you say does have consequences. Our pastor said that in today’s hate filled world where people are so intolerable that they mock and kill others in the name of righteousness simply because others don’t agree with their way of thinking and doing that we should pray for those people…..scary, scary world for those of us that want good role models to look up to and when we find them someone decides to ‘throw down’ on that role model with hateful and mean words that are really nonsense in the overall scheme of things.
        Please be at peace because this world has enough hate to last forever.

      • @andsoitgoes, stop preaching and work on your school to get in a nice college program! Besides, if you’re not sure you’re a better person than Pharisees, don’t just randomly quote any church doctrines to mock others. I never thought of checking out this thread again since it’s been a long while until a reader referred to the comments again. Your reaction doesn’t really look like from someone with healthy mentality.

        You really sound butthurt. As I traced back to all my comments including my response(s) to your comment, I still don’t see the reasons why different opinions about a mere K celebrity would prompt you to compare me with a bully. I guess you may be too much emotionally attached to this one particular actress so that you are empathetic with her deeply and take all criticism on her as yours personally. It’s definitely not healthy for you to have such emotional reaction to any open discussions that are definitely subject to various opinions. I hope you grow up and learn to deal with different ideas and opinions more rationally. Don’t just single me out bcos I repeatedly and honestly said that I dislike your fave as an actress (look, not as person). You go back to all the comments in this lengthy thread and will find out I’m not the only one who question her acting caliber. Simply my repeatedly saying I dislike her acting made me stand out as #1 antis? C’mon, grow up! That won’t change the fact that many readers of this blog do not like her either.. Also, I’m not a fan of those actresses mentioned in this thread. I just judged who would fit the role better and it’s ALL MY PERSONAL OPINION.

        Kid! Learn to respect and accommodate opinions different from yours. Did I say I would kill PSH? What the heck did you relate those girls in your school to me and call me a bully just bcos I criticize her acting? Give me a break ok! They by your standard, all the readers as well as Ms. Koala are in the same bully league as I because I saw their comments labeling other fans “rabid” as well. If you can’t take different views without getting all worked up like this and must write up lengthy preach, just quit blogging. Spend your precious time write your school essays instead.

    • Seriously we are scary and you Guys ???
      I accept criticism but in constructive manner , The article didn’t mention shin hye so why some of you make her the main dish of hatred based criticism we know she steps slowly in her acting career so she took the roles which suite her age safe and not risky .
      She doesn’t consider herself as an A list actress but working hard to be one of them beside she is learning many things beside her acting career.
      The Rude comments towards her bcz unnecessary overreaction and they didn’t cast her yet to make the main causes why park shin hye shouldn’t be in this drama ??
      Of course most of her fans are silent they don’t drag her name in the articles belong to this drama but it shows that some actresses fans want to drag her name with bad comments and make her acting is the worst nightmare … seriously what do you call this ??? with mentioning her fave actress at the end !!!!
      so we should agree with their should be called opinions or replying to their hatred based which have many intentions .
      As for Rouxi role her fans doesn’t want her to take it or to be part in it bcz one thing the remakes were proven to be a failure in south korea and it won’t add to her career any way so please ignore her presence .

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