Jung So Min is a Modern Victorian Lady for InStyle Korea

This pictorial feels like one of those perfect timing pairings – the right moment with the right mood. Jung So Min is in the pages of the December issue of InStyle Korea modeling a series of modernized Victorian garb that fits seamlessly with the winter dawning winter aura. I’ve tabled her current cable drama D-Day for when I feel like in the mood for a medical disaster drama, but it seems to be well received and honestly I’m just happy that she’s continuing to develop her career.

Jung So Min never quite got as much buzz as her freshman season as a newbie actress when she landed a breakout role in Bad Guy followed by a high profile lead in Playful Kiss. She’s so talented and uniquely pretty I have no doubt her career will continue to build at its own pace, but ever since PK I’ve been longing for her return to a classic K-drama rom-com. Hopefully that will be her next project, something light and fluffy, unlike the heavy ornate garb she’s wearing so masterfully in this spread.


Jung So Min is a Modern Victorian Lady for InStyle Korea — 14 Comments

  1. “She’s so talented and uniquely pretty ” Spot on! She did a goob job with her satoori accent in D-Day. Hope she’ll make it big someday.

  2. Hope she will be a great drama soon. She appears to have great chemistry with her co-stars and well liked by the directors she has worked with.

  3. “Light and fluffy” is actually a great description of the OTP in DDay. They were so cute and sweet, their interactions provided humour as well as romance. The Drama was not a heavy watch at all, and she was very good in it.

  4. She is the only saving grace on the Kang Ji Hwan drama. What is it call again? ‘Big Man’? I absolutely adore her in that.. so, I always keep an eye for her project. And yes, I wish for a rom com drama again.

  5. Korea really is bad at doing medical drama ! They are always about power and politics more than medical. But I really like her, she was good and was surprise to see that she’s really flexible :p

    • Ditto. I was hoping for Code Blue (but with better acting), instead we got yet another boardroom politics drama in a medical setting. What a waste of good actors.

      • Code Blue is actually quite a pain to watch now (mainly because of acting lol). Funny that they have like 3 of stars that just got even bigger after the show. But yeah, i always think that japan dramas is essentially better at such stuffs.

  6. She’s a cutie pie and adorable to boot. She seems to have mad chemistry with her costars. I wish for bigger and brighter things for her future.

  7. Whoa! She’s beautiful as ever and a great actress too. She seems to have great chemistry with his co-actors. I enjoy her interactions with Kim Young Kwang and Lee Seongyul in the D-Day. Hope to see her again in a romcom and wish she gets the biggest break as an actress.

  8. idk, I’ve never gotten why she’s so highly rated by international fans, beyond her unconventional beauty and unfair difficulty finding leading roles (unfair considering the competition, that is). She’s not bad (except in Playful Kiss, where her performance was truly awful), but she’s not all that good, either.

  9. I don’t think she is a unique beauty, because I think she looks like Yoon Eun Hye. Like 80%. They are both super pretty though

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