Star-studded VIP Premiere Red Carpet Lights Up Suzy’s New Movie The Sound of a Flower

Now this is what I call star power, or more aptly Suzy star power. At the VIP premiere of upcoming sageuk movie The Sound of a Flower (Dorihwaga) starring Suzy, Ryu Seung Ryong, and Kim Nam Gil, the impressive line up of Hallyu stars in attendance eclipsed the movie itself thanks to Suzy bringing all the boys (and girls) to the yard. Suzy’s former and future leading men including Kim Soo Hyun, Lee Seung Gi, Yoo Yeon Seok, and Kim Woo Bin all took time out of their busy schedule to support her big movie turn, and not only that even popular K-actresses like Park Shin Hye and Kim Yoo Jung also showed up. It’s amusing how the K-media picked up on how Suzy has so many supportive costars already in her young acting career, and of course let’s not forget her super famous boyfriend Lee Min Ho who sadly was not in attendance, which would have sent the buzz meter into the stratosphere. 





Star-studded VIP Premiere Red Carpet Lights Up Suzy’s New Movie The Sound of a Flower — 87 Comments

  1. Im pretty sure lot of these people came for Ryu Seung Ryong and Kim Nam Gil, i know for sure Park Shin Hye came cause of RSR. So saying all of them came for Suzy is disrespectful ,especially cause shes gonna end up being the weakest link in the movie anyways.

  2. Hahahhhhahaahah. I thought these guys were suuuuuuuuuuuuuuper busy they couldn’t attend the awards some days ago. Hahahhhahahaha. I just can’t deal….hahahahahahahaha

    • Well, YYS was present in the awards and the reason LSG and KWB weren’t was because they had no reason to be. They weren’t nominated for anything. The only one who “should’ve” been there was KSH as the popularity award winner but he was actually busy in China with a fan sign even I think. So yeap, this proves nothing.

  3. I’m pretty sure Ryu Seung-ryong was the one that invited PSH, but I don’t know about Kim Joo Jung. Suzy’s female guests were ballad singers Younha and (labelmate) Baek A-yeon, and idol groups LABOUM and Twice. I don’t think I’ve seen it mentioned anywhere else but she’s close to Park Hyungsik, so he was there for her too.

    • I was forgetting about actress Lee Young Ah, she is Suzy’s BFF so she was probably one of her guests. And of course JYP who, either Suzy invited or he invited himself. I don’t see the pictures here, but the rest of the ‘Uncontrollably Fond’ cast was there. The rest I have no idea.

    • most definitely, “Miracle in Cell no.7” is a smashing big box office hit success than this crappy acting movie of Suzy, which I heard was a big flop, that’s a fact!

  4. Obviously Suzy had a lot of high profile guests, but she’s hardly the biggest star of the drama. Even her fans can’t deny that or they’d be delusional. PSH definitely came for RSR and a whole bunch of other people came for other cast/crew members. Let’s not make this solely about Suzy, hmm?

  5. Of course, Her relationship with her co stars is amazing and long lasting. Don’t be jealous if she’s getting all these people on her side. ahahaha

  6. FYI, bcs i saw some comment above :
    Kim Soo Hyun her costar from Dream High I
    Yoo Yeon Seok from Architecture 101
    Lee seung Gi from Gu Family Book
    Kim Woobin(I dont need to explain bcs you already know)
    Park Hyun Shik(they friend since MissA being a guest on VS Real Man)
    Lee Young Ah (her best friend)
    Younha (singer)
    GG Laboum (one of the member her friends from Gwangju)
    the rest of guest ofcourse from OTHER CAST
    Baek A yeon, Twice & JYP from JYPE.

      • Nothing fishy. She herself said at red carpet that they both decided to not create unnecessary public attention and want to keep it as private as possible.

      • @amyonn “THIS IS FISHY” you say? Ohh gurlss dont look only on the negative side.
        if she invited lee min ho the media will focus on their relationship. This isn’t just “SUZY MOVIE” but involves many other actors staff producer have effort on this movie. I think this is the most appropriate choice.

      • so you don’t want public want public attention by inviting these hotties and leaving you BF out… yeah right!


    lol jk. she’s still young. BUT, can they star as leads in a cute highschool kdrama already? gawd.

  8. Yes,some of them can for the other cast too but we can’t Deny the fact that most of those popular people came for Suzy.You jealous girls saying that it isn’t is not going to change the Fact!!!

    • Most of the Miss A members were overseas or busy.

      Jia did send supportive messages a week before and also after the event.

      I don’t think its necessary for them to go out of their way to prove to people if they are close or not. Most people will think it fake anyway.


    • Lmao whats with Yoona shade? I’m pretty sure Yoona would have more impressive list as she is close friend with Gong Hye Jin,Kim Tae He, Son Ye Jin,Lee Min Ho,Yung Il Woo, Lee Young Suk, Yoon Eun Hye etc. And mind you she never worked with any of this people in dramas , they just befriended her cause shes awesome.

  10. OMG. I just saw pictures of Lee Min Ho at the airport wearing black mask, like in his Girlfriend Suzy new MV. A guess he is telling the world again, even from afar , suzy is my woman, the only one, and I support her. Congratulations Lee Min Ho for take the courage again.Luck Suzy , Lee Min Ho is really ,really in love with you. THE MESSAGE IS CLEAR. Please fans, support them.

    • Choiza , a real man, standing up for his girlfriend. Can tell they are a true couple, really , really in love . And both deserve all the love and respect of their fans and more , because they show they are normal human being, and show respect and sincerety to their fans. Really admire and will always support them. Courageous couple, nothing to hide.

  11. Well, that chicken lmh has been proving that he has no ability to face public when it comes to important moments. No attending to support your gf’s movie because of not wanting public attention? Such a stupid and clumsy excuse, Suzy.

    • Agree. They are in open relationship, the all world know. Maybe this event is not important to him. He flow from China to receive his award, that tells all.

  12. Are you stupid? he has been busy shooting for 2months now without rest! and is not obvious they want their relationship private?when yoona and lsg were dating she didn’t come for his premier and no cared but respected their privacy…if you are suzy fan and saying this then you should be ashamed,i bet you will what a relationship like choiza so every one will be all up in their business and your girl will get hate…they are in relationship together and any decision made is made together.

  13. This does look like a major production…..wonder how much they’ll have to make at the box office to call this a hit? Because Inside Men is still cleaning up really well at the box office despite Lee Byung Hun’s scandal and his reputation basically being mud, and even The Priests (3 week old movie) is still doing solid business. Sound of a Flower will have to have some serious box office chops to do well in the face of that.

    • For 25.11 inside man came up first with really huge gap followed by park boyoung’s you call it passion, the priest and sound of the flower.

      • Male Main star did well with their past movies, maybe Suzy just have to stick with singing and she can sell more albums. Not even the VIP guest can help. Not too rounded, I guess.

  14. @sopy: Me? Stupid? Nahhh. This chicken couldn’t manage to come to support his famous gf’s movie while the other guys did. Do you mean the other guys were not busy with their own schedule? You compare lmh’s act with Yoona who didnt come to lsg’s movie. Didn’t you also mean your chicken behaved like a woman? Ok, cool, keep your love life private from public, lmh, just show it at hotel dating times like last time, lol. Seems korean media/ paparazzi haven’t bothered much to care. There haven’t been that many reports from their dating since it became public.

    Yeah, I feel ashamed for Suzy, who seems to always be the one who covers for that chicken bf’s womanly acts.

    • @Tamarine LMAO!why so hurt,is it your relationship?i had a lot to say but realized the team you play in,get a life you butt hurt hater stop getting fever over how other people choose to date or live their life,get well soon.

  15. Minzy haters back off! just because real Hallyu King didn’t choose your so called Hallyu queen so this fact rubbing your asses? They are in love and respecting each other. To prove love it doesn’t mean to show it whole world because hater like you never stop criticizing them together either way.

  16. Too much hoopla, but got less impact. “You called it Passion” less hoopla but better impact with the box office. Too bad, a Major Titanic.

  17. LOL why PSH had involved with Suzy always
    BF suzy is min ho but BF PSH is LJS .

    LMH and PSH never had met after SBS drama awards 2013 ends . They not have private relationship or close off screen anymore .
    Shippers , you don’t get bored

  18. So this is Suzy Power. Shame. Shame. Shame. After all these hype and mediaplay everyday, still the box office result is not good. A FLOP MOVIE. JYP why don’t you just buy all tickets this weekend so you can continue with your mediaplay and hype. ???? What a power. Hahahaha

    • Totally agree, well, a drama is up and coming, hopefully that will not be a double flop for her. A beautiful face is not enough anymore to be called a mega talented star. She doesn’t have a hype power to bring in and to be called an A list.

    • I’m sure JP tried to buy as much tickets as he can of the flopped Dorihwaga. But he did the best he can which is called his buddies to stop the bad press of the big flopped .
      Minzy fans – you are so delusional . Have you seen your Minzy couple since March ? All the real couple managed to be seen together either with events or photoshoot. LMH protecting the relationship ? Really ? Then why doesn’t he mention Suzy’s name publicly at all ? It’s because it’s all business and they can’t make him say it publicly with his own lips . It’s not part of the fake relationship contract. And where are the couple items that Koreans are so big on? They may be dating bit it’s not with each other .

  19. @sopy: Me? Hurt?lol, wtf? Say it out, instead of behaving like a coward like your chicken. I have been witnessed how stupid this chicken and his minoz everywhere are, and keep wondering if there is even just one who is thoughtful enough. Come on! And Couldnt attend gf’s movie premiere because of being busy at filming(in korean, not even overseas). Oh yeah, recycle this reason for breaking up in the future. Would be nice.

    • Jeez the amount of energy this person is using to poke nose into other people’s relationship can be used to do something productive.who broke your heart dear?lol don’t take it out on lmh,celebrities don’t gain anything in showing off there relationship,of course he supports her no need to show the world he does. they made the right decision for minho not to come it would be totally unfair to her co-stars,don’t assume things.
      Congrats to suzy on her movie I hope it is doing well and wow the amount of hot guys in her premiere and psh looking classy and beautiful as always.

  20. Seriously you ppl come up with such child excuses that film is not leading in box office so it means its Suzy fault if this is true than it means Tailor film was not a box office topper because of Park shine in it and its her fault than… but than her insane fans come with excuses that it was not her fault other ppl who were involve in film, script, direction blah blah all matters if this is valid for her than why not be rational here, no one is criticizing suzy acting every one appreciate it… so better get your fact straight and don’t act like dumb and suzy drama already sales to China with highest amount even more than your bias drama… Korean are already anticipating this drama so wait and watch before spiting out

  21. Here’s the facts – Tailor was against Ode to my father.
    3 days after it open:
    The Sound of Power -563 screens
    Daily gross (total) -$253,862 ($763,523)
    Admission(total)-39,984 (131,269)
    The Tailor- 444 screen
    Daily gross(total)- $644,988($3,203,802)
    Admission(total)-92,749 (466,557)
    Unless the fans have to watch it 5 times in a day for a week. it will make a dent. But we’ll wait and see. Her aegyo will not make her a movie star, but kudos to her fans, through thick or thin.

  22. Thoughtful to who?LMFAO and yes you sound so hurt for whatever reason,chill go get your own relationship his relationship and how he choose to deal with it is his business and not anyone’s and am pretty sure his gf ain’t complaining either,so leave the chicken lmh and his chicken minoz alone,go play with your delusional team and if in the future they choose any reason to break up it ain’t your business TOO!
    Too much kdrama messes with some people’s head lol,no shame anymore.

  23. @Scar99 then go and make your suzy to break up with him cos trust me you will be doing us a great favor,she can finally get to date a ‘real man’ like choiza oh wait an idea she should break up with lmh and sulli can hook her up with one of choiza’s band mates so you can hear all the details about their private life and get her new bf to attended all her events,you know for support so that some childish suzy’s fans can be happy…and ps don’t cry like babies when the knets hates comes.

  24. Ok is official Suzy’s fans are annoying,i have started to dislike her because of them and maybe your girl did not want him to be at the event,have you thought about that?but no she is the victim always and let’s all blame lee min ho,Tsk!

    • Hi dear,those people are just trolls not suzy’s fans,her real fans knows how much she want’s to keep her relationship out of the media and understand their situation especially after the london date so don’t let people who are not even her fans or shippers change your opinion of her she is a nice gir let’s cheer them on.

      • Does not seams like Suzy wants to keep the relationship out of the media, because Suzy talks about Lee Min Ho all the chance she has with the media, but Lee Min Ho does not even acknowledge her or just ignore however the media ask him about her. I would say perhaps, again, perhaps he wants to keep private, if they are really in a relationship. BUT, even though is none of my business, i found strange when he publicly support his friends male and female, even the one’s he was rumor with, and nothing about his number 1 lady in his life. A little woman pride,please Suzy.
        They are public figures ,i can talk about them anyway i want, within the law, if you do not like do not is my right

  25. Then you should know that during her movie premiere a reporter asked if her boy friend was coming and her rep replied that suzy does not want her relationship to affect her movie so he is not coming,then again you wouldn’t know this because you are an anti/shipper pretending to be a suweetie and I hope lee minho’s fans don’t take you seriously.
    Just so you know suzy has only talked about her relationship twice miss a cb and happy together and you claim she talks about it with any chance she get’s,why lie?she wants her relationship private deal with it. You said she needs a little woman pride?girl you are the one you needs a little pride and self respect not her,stop fabricating lies from your delusion as much as they are public figures they deserve their privacy too and if you don’t like how they do it then kindly unlook! STOP TRYING TO GET HER HATE AND MAKE HER FANBASE SEEM BAD,really hope everyone will ignore you from now on.

  26. @scarbar99 It so much seems that you are suffering from asymmetric information illness IT WAS MEDIA WHO ASKED SUZY ABOUT LMH, it was never suzy who intentionally used LMH. Even when media asked her she gave one line answer, if she so wanna use his name she have number of chances where she can, and can talk prolong about him but she never used and media never ask question to lmh about suzy. They are public figure you can talk but don’t accuse as false accusation just prove your doltishness.They both want to keep it private. There is always difference between person you love and person who are in your friend zone so supporting friend out loud doesn’t create much fuss in fandoms and media and that so called rumor person LMH himself called her CHILD so LMH never think her as women in that prospect only consider her child or a friend it was her delusional fans who think that way. if you really respect your bias don’t try to bring her name with guy who already have perfect gf it will only dwindle her respect.

    • Do you really ready the media? Just visit your bias social media, ready drama fever,and koala’s block and others, after you cool off, using a little intelligence, then i might talk to you.Your lack of knowledge and understanding is beyond believe. I support my family first, they are my first friends, since i am having a chance, for your knowledge. Maybe you are from the group of coconut tree like your bias. Start reading and ask for someone to explain to you. Everything i said, it is based on facts, black and white on the media. I AM NOT ACCUSING OR FALSE ACCUSING NOBODY OF NOTHING, stop try to make your bias look like victim.
      PS= By the way, i really want to know who is this person, that you said is my bias, that LMH call my child. LoL .It is news to me, never heard , do not know, and would like to know.

      • A guess, this so called, per you, my bias that LMH call his child, now has become LMH’s girlfriend child.Lol. luck her.Hope she is younger than

  27. What is more interesting to me is how the writer is so into Suzy – talk about kissing ass . More like kissing Suzy and JYP’s ass . You my are good knocking down bad acting . Why don’t you write about how this movie bombed for bag acting . . Got paid by JYP koala ?

  28. Koala is playing in the Suzy and JP playground .Here a bone – go catch Koala. Talk about one sided journalism if you can call it that .

  29. All you Suzy fans – the Minzy relationship is fake . If LMH really want yo declare his love – he would have personally dedicated his songs to Suzy . Get a grip – he won’t even mention her name publicly . It’s not that he is protecting her- he won’t play along with his agency nonsense . Whether he is with PSH or some other girl – the truth is – he didn’t come to her premiere because he will be admitting that he is really dating her .Minzy fans – Live in your delusional world but the relationship has an expiration date . Both are famous in their own right and don’t need each other . Suzy needs someone who had the same maturity level .

    • NOMB and has nothing to do with the issue in this article. Not want to make nobody feel bad. But I hope , PSH , as a good Christian, daughter, someone that has work so hard to successed in the hard entertainment world, that is seen by many , young kids as a whole model, worldwide, will never let herself getting into a situation of dating someone,that his actions , will make the woman he is
      dating, looks like she is doing something wrong, look cheap, as third part, without any shame or honor, acting like a rat, for however reason, that eventually when , if
      there is a true, is knowing , it might not be forgiven by many. So, please do not bring PSH name into this mess . PSH is a honorable, honest, woman, Christian , and daughter. PSH deserves the best, a man that will be by her side, protecting her and honor her as the great woman that she is.

  30. I like all of them , I have nothing against nobody. I think they work hard , they deserve their privacy etc. But be honest and do not mislead the fans that love them all so much.

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