Upcoming Madame Antoine Leads Sung Joon and Han Ye Seul are an Edgy Couple in Cosmopolitan Korea

I sure hope upcoming jTBC drama Madame Antoine manages to overcome it’s odd sounding drama title, and manages to capitalize on a ridiculously good looking lead coupling of Han Ye Seul and Sung Joon. Pretty is subjective and there are different types of good looking, but Han Ye Seul and Sung Joon fall into the same type for me – sleek and sexy with a high fashion edge. That they are doing what sounds like a romance drama to me is promising news, especially since Sung Joon keeps acting but hasn’t found a role that is as good as he’s capable of being.

He keeps getting overshadowed by other leads, like Eric in Discovery of Romance or Park Hyung Sik in High Society, but I know he’s got what it takes to own a drama on his own charisma. It’s nice that the duo is getting a head start on drama promotions with this funky and fun pictorial for the December issue of Cosmopolitan Korea. Han Ye Seul pulls off the frizzy hair and dark lips marvelously, and I just want to have a drink with Sung Joon wearing the velvet suit.¬†

Madame Antoine is a about a fortune teller played by Han Ye Seul, who adopts that moniker as her alter ego, but she doesn’t really see the future as much as she’s adept at reading people and situations. She ends up crossing paths with a psychotherapist played by Sung Joon who wants to dispel the hopeful beliefs in romantic love. The drama is being written by the Hong sister who did The King 2 Hearts, so for that I’m totally game to check it out, despite her also having written the¬†execrable Marry Him If You Dare.


Upcoming Madame Antoine Leads Sung Joon and Han Ye Seul are an Edgy Couple in Cosmopolitan Korea — 5 Comments

  1. I get bored by most Korean fashion shoots – or I think a major WTF!!! But this one I love. It is edgy and interesting and still manages to look AWESOME and not at all corny or weird. I really think they nailed it. One of the best I’ve ever seen. Would love to see the whole thing!

  2. Sung Joon is remarkably good at photo shoots but his acting leaves much to be desired. Just like High Society when his photo shoot with UEE sizzled, but the acting chemistry between them was non-existent. I hope he can pull it off with this drama, but I’ve seen watched him in three rom-coms/dramas and I was not impressed with any of them. I believe Sung Joon would do better in other genres. Maybe he should explore that instead of getting typecast as a romantic lead?

  3. I for one is excited to see this drama.Sung Joon has this amazing ability to look old with anyone he acts with..From the pictures above none can tell that there’s quite an age gap between this two.Though the brooding from high society dint help him,I hope it does him justice here.But that role was bad enough anyway.

    • Really? I have an exact opposite opinion. He looks way too young and doesn’t have have enough maturity (life experience) to pull off any of the recent roles his is playing. That’s why his last few dramas are complete flops and he is not anywhere as good as he was in White Christmas and Shut Up Flower Boy Band.

  4. the fact that this guy keep getting leading roles is beyond me. his last high society was a snoozefest I’m sure this one is not an exception. next!

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